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Secrets Of Mc Donalds

Why it is ???
1. Famous
2. Successful
3. Profitable
4. Satisfied employee & High morale

1.Mc Donald Background
2.How did Mc Donald gets there?
a. Keywords
b. How can we apply?
4.2nd Self Quality Projects
Back ground:

McDonald's Corporation
Is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food resaturant, serving nearly 47
million customers daily.

McDonald's revenues grew 27% over the three years ending in 2007 to $22.8
billion, and 9% growth in operating income to $3.9 billion.

Products: McDonald's primarily

sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken products, french
fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes, and desserts.

Worldwide Unit is 30000 stores.

How did McDonald's Get There and You Can Too!

Transparency of The McDonald's System

The fact that the whole organization comprised of owners, franchisees, suppliers,
and employees from all levels meet in gatherings of thousands to discuss all kinds
of business issues, and they all treat each other with friendship and respect, is a
clear show of that transparency.

Key Words.
1.Openness & trust
2.Open communication & discussion at all levels

How can we apply?

1.Good traceability of parts from incoming, production, warehousing & shipment
2.Transparency & Effective monitoring of output, tool life, line NC, efficiency
3.Provision of Good WI in the line
How did McDonald's Get There and You Can Too!
These original core values established more than half a Century ago are the solid
foundation of McDonald's.

1.Speaking truth based on FACTs
2.Consistency of Actions, values, principles, outcome
3.Commitment ignites action – important factor to success

How can we apply?

1.Do what you say, support with action
2.Sense of Commitment
3.Sense of Urgency
How did McDonald's Get There and You Can Too!
Thorough Selection Process
Every year, more than 7,000 applicants ask McDonald’s for an opportunity to
have a restaurant of their own.

Only 1% of them comply with the strict rules.

That is some natural selection system if we have ever seen one.

1.High Standards
2.Only the Best survive

How can we apply

1.Aim high standards to meet the good results
2.Target good quality before set-up,
How did McDonald's Get There and You Can Too!
Never Be Satisfied!
McDonald’s philosophies keep the business going.

Substandard performance, or not being the best, is not accepted

Mc Donald Games
One of the main characteristics of the McDonald’s
system is being in a continuous search for perfection.

They would take drastic actions all the way to the

point of closing a store on the spot because it was

1.Continually improve
2.Never stop thinking ahead to stay ahead, makes you stay ahead
3.Substandard is not the characteristics of the company

How can we apply?

1.Search for best solutions or actions
2.Don’t be contented with what we have
How did McDonald's Get There and You Can Too!
The Promise
A system is in place. The whole system is a promise to the customer.
That promise comes from the foundation and is about quality, cleanliness, and

1.Working on system to satisfy customer
2.A promise – assurance of quality

How can we apply?

1.Follow the set of procedures ( basic ) to accomplished our job
2.Systematically do our job
3.Work for a system to increase our confidence level
How did McDonald's Get There and You Can Too!

Know your Team

One of the key elements that have been present at all times is a thorough
communication so that each member can know exactly how to interact in their

They all are encouraged to invest time into learning who their teammates are, and
how to better interact with them.

The relationships are built on trust and cooperation, as well as focusing on the
organization’s goals.


How can we apply?

1. Coordination, collaboration and cooperation to accomplished our task
How did McDonald's Get There and You Can Too!

Education and Training are NOT an Event, They Are a Way of Living at
One more of the Key Elements that make McDonalds an authentic Role Model in
the Business World is without a doubt, the emphasis on education and training
present in the group from the very beginning.
How did McDonald's Get There and You Can Too!

Education and Training are NOT an Event, They Are a Way of Living at

Hamburger University, The Largest Training Facility in America!

Speaking of Importance of the Hamburger University: It is considered that
McDonald’s is the U.S. largest training facility, - surpassing even the U.S. Army.

McDonald’s Innovation Center.

In this place there are a great number of experts always working on the way to
improve the processes and keep updating with the recipes and new ideas of
associates from all over the World.

They also help them be better prepared all the time by analyzing their daily sales.
How did McDonald's Get There and You Can Too!
One of a Kind in The World!
The McDonald’s Hamburger University is one of a kind in the whole World.

This state-of-the-art facility founded in 1961 runs, year around, classes on many
specialties, including of course Leadership and Management Strategies.

As simple as it may seem, the principle here is Standardization.

A good system followed by each and every one in every place where the golden
arches give customers the confidence they will get what they know.

The brand tells people they can trust: food quality, cleanliness, and customer service.
How did McDonald's Get There and You Can Too!

New Products All The Time!

New products are constantly launched and standardized here so hat every store
will follow through with the same quality to the consumer.

This is a great responsibility. Education and Training are a key element in the
success of this institution and any business should take this example.

Education and Training can turn a “regular” business into an Exceptional one.
How did McDonald's Get There and You Can Too!
What is Quality?
There is a concept that defines quality better than anything else:

"Quality is what the customer says it is!

And quality means everything in each franchise of McDonald’s.

To Summarized why Mc Donalds get to the top

1.They believe on VALUE -

a. Transparency
b. Honest, Integrity, Commitment

2.They follow a SYSTEM

a. Tough selection process
b. Never satisfied ( Continuous Improvement Cycle )
c. There system is a Promise to the customer

3.They believe in TEAMWORK

a. Know your team –

4.They invest on TRAININGS & UPGRADING

a. Hamburger University
b. Mc Donalds Innovation Center
c. Education and Training are NOT an Event, They Are a Way of Living at

1. Standardization of Documents on the Production FLOOR

a. Board
b. What documents need to post?
a. WI
b. Target output
c. Caution point
d. PCP
e. Certified operator
f. Quality & Customer Complain
g. Before & After Tag
h. Scrap bins
i. Scrap labels
j. Etc..

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