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Syed Mustafa Ali Shah

CIIT, Abbottabad
CEE-309 Introduction to Architecture & Town Planning



Turn over your work sheet and write down as many things as you can ! 2 .Think ??? Think of all the things you would find in a Town or a City.

OK … s Ofc s e e e i n i r H s s o o u S u t s H e c B s O a PS F S s K e R A s P m n i P a l ace t r e wor s of Ent s h t s i t p n a n r u a e t s Re 3 .

 “Land  Use” is the human use of land.Introduction  Land is gift given by the Allah (‫) جل جلله‬ to the mankind hence it is the basic resource of human society. because it provides mean with living space. Land is necessary for human survival. with food and with number of raw materials which are used in the satisfaction of his wants. 4 .

FAO 2. (1968) 5 . P. A. (1975) 3. “Land use is any kind of permanent or cyclic human intervention on the environment to satisfy human needs”.W. United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization. A. “Land use is the surface utilization of all developed and vacant land on a specific point at a given time and space. activities and inputs people undertake in a certain land cover type to produce.Definitions and Theories 1. change or maintain it“. “The arrangements. Vink.“ Freeman T.

Human activities that shape a city 6 .

Natural environment into built environment 7 .

 Different models are described in this Lecture. and geographers have developed several models.  Sociologists. economists.  8 . explaining the growth pattern of cities.The term Land use and Urban structure Urban structure is the arrangement of land use in urban areas.

Urban Structure with different units 9 .

Pattern of growth Complexity due to functions As urban areas have grown over time they have become increasingly complex. Each urban area has a variety of functions Human way of land use changes (with time) The different activities that take place mean that the way which humans use the land changes throughout the urban area More complexity (more models to identify the pattern) Due to the complexity of land uses found throughout a city a number of models have been created to identify patterns of land use 10 .

11 .To simplify the complexity we need simple models to be developed.

Complex pattern and simple model A model is used to simplify complex. real world situations. and make them easier to be explained and understand Land use models are theories which attempt to explain the layout of urban areas 12 .

residence. consumption.The Land Use Land use can be represented as formal or functional Formal land use representations are concerned with qualitative attributes of space such as its form. pattern and aspect and are descriptive in nature  Functional land use representations are concerned with the economic nature of activities such as production. and transport etc.  13 .

Chicago real growth pattern 14 .

The growth pattern with time 15 .