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The Satellite town & Garden City

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General Concept
Why Satellite Town?....
Satellite Town & Suburb
Example Of Satellite Town


is basically a residential area along with basic needs of
life, located outside the parent city.
New Town planned and built to serve a particular local industry, or
extra town for people who work in a nearby metropolis.


but dependent on the parent-city to a certain extent for population and major services.More comprehensive definition TOWN self-contained and limited in size built in the vicinity of a large town or city to house and employ those who would otherwise create a demand for expansion of the existing settlement. 4 .


there will be high rate of crime. the characters values will be destroy and the life of people will become difficult and full of miseries”. a new city should be constructed in nearby of the original city so as to minimize the load on original city. 6 . If it is not done .Reference Saying of Omar (r) about that satellite town is. “If the population of certain city exceeds certain limit so that it is out of control.

Why Satellite Town???.. 7 .... The term satellite is used to indicate a body under the influence of a more powerful body but possessing its own identity....

8 .Characteristics of Satellite Town  It is located outside the green belt of main city.  It is physically separated from the parent city by rural territory.  It is not self sufficient & depends on parent city.  It is residential area having local shops & school for children etc.  It is partially independent from that metropolis socially.

 Although it is complete town .  As it is only residential area . but is also not like a village or suburb. so it has no zoning. 9 .  It size and development are controlled in such a way that it does not become a rival to the parent city.Characteristics of Satellite Town  It is connected to the parent city by roads or highways.  A satellite town has its own local government & corporation life etc.

Disadvantage The main disadvantage of satellite town is the necessity of long journey for the people of town to go to the parent city for different needs however this drawback of satellite town may be overcome by an efficient transport. 10 .

Satellite towns of Pakistan • • • • North Nazimabad (satellite of Karachi) Shahdara (satellite of Lahore) Rawat (satellite of Islamabad) Satellite Town. Gujranwala (satellite of Gujranwla) • Satellite Town. Rawalpindi (satellite of Rawalpindi) • Satellite Town Mirpurkhas (satellite of Mirpurkhas) 11 .


self-contained communities surrounded by "greenbelts" (parks).The Garden City The Garden City Movement is a method of urban planning that was initiated in 1898 by “Sir Ebenezer Howard” in the United Kingdom. Garden cities were intended to be planned. containing proportionate areas of residences. industry and agriculture 13 .

due to the fact that many workers' settlements were located next to the industrial areas or within the cities. as more and more farmers became workers in the factories. 14 .  The problems occurred.Background  The Garden City Concept was introduced to reduce and solve social problems and to reduce load on existing city.  The living conditions became worse.

Garden city…England 15 .

The basic idea Inspired by the utopian novel “Looking Backward” Howard published his book “To-morrow: a Peaceful Path to Real Reform” in 1898 which was reissued in 1902 as “GARDEN CITIES OF TOMORROW” 16 .

Can be a possibility 17 .

another garden city would be developed nearby.Howard idealization of the idea. public parks and six radial boulevards. The garden city would be self-sufficient and when it reached full population. His idealized garden city would house 32.000 acres (2. Howard envisaged a cluster of several garden cities as satellites of a central city of 50. planned on a concentric pattern with open spaces.000 people on a site of 6. extending from the center. (37 m) wide. 18 .000 people..400 ha). linked by road and rail. 120 ft.

usually a wide. is type of road.A “boulevard” … A boulevard (French)often abbreviated Blvd. multi-lane arterial road. divided with a median down the center. often with an above-average quality of landscaping and scenery. 19 . and roadways along each side designed as slow travel and parking lanes and for bicycle and pedestrian usage.

A comprehensive definition A garden city is a town designed for healthy living and industry. of a size that makes possible a full measure of social life. but not larger. 20 . the whole of the land being in public ownership or held in trust for the community. surrounded by a rural belt.

The 3 Magnets 21 .

low rents. namely. no smoke and social opportunity. bright homes and gardens. no slums.The idea of 3 Magnets • Ebenezer Howard mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of town life and city life on the respective two magnets. where will the people go? • These attractive features were natural beauty. 22 . town magnet and country magnet. • On the third magnet he wrote the attractive features of town life and country life and posed the problem.

surrounded by a commercial. • During the weekends the core was supposed to be the cultural and recreational center.The Garden city structure • The Garden City consists of different zones. 23 . the idea of the Shopping Mal came up. cultural and administrative zone. • Here. street types and green part. as Howard wanted to develop a " Crystal palace" where goods such as hand craft produced by the inhabitants could be sold protected from weather. • The core is in the center contains a central park.

24 . • The outer ring is supposed for small scale industries and manufactories to keep the inhabitants away from emission and a green belt and a circle railway mark the border to the countryside. • Every family has a house of a minimum size of 6m x 30m with a shared or owned garden.The Garden city structure • Six magnificent boulevards connect the center with the circumference.e. dividing the city into six parts. • Social infrastructure (i. schools) is located along the Grand Avenue .

The Garden city structure 25 .

• City is owned by all citizens on co-operative basis. and gardens around all houses and factory • Population neither too small nor too large (Howard’s limit b/w 30.Features of a Garden city • Open spaces buildings. • Need not have rapid transit arrangement. • Principles of zoning strictly applied 26 . • Surrounded by green belt. and have its own civic life and afford all daily • Self sufficient unit having its own industries.000 to 40. • Independent needs.000).

• The area was 1527 hectares. 95 factories and more than 28000 people 27 . • In 1903. It contains 8500 houses. • It was steadily grown with great success.A Practical application • Howard was fortunate enough to apply his theory in actual practice. the First Garden City was planned 48km from London at LETCH WORTH.

Letch worth 28 .

Letch worth 29 .

Letch worth community 30 .

Comparison of Garden City and Seattleite Town feature Garden cities Satellite towns 1 Dependence Self-sufficient unit Depend on the parent city 2 Gardens Around all houses and factories Not compulsory 3 Green belt Surrounded by green Situated outside green belt belt of the parent city 4 Industries Permitted 5 Rapid transit Not necessary arrangement Necessary in the form of local trains and buses 6 zoning May or may not have Essential Not permitted 31 .

Assignment Keeping in view the situation in “of your city” what is the best option. A SATELLITE TOWN or A GARDEN CITY? Explain 32 .