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Andrew Goodwin identified

5 key aspects within music
videos, there are:

Thought beats (seeing the sound)

Narrative and performance
The star image
Relation of visuals to the song
Technical aspects of the music videos.

Thought beats Seeing the sound in

your head
1st: We must look at the music itself, taking into account
the structure of the song. This means analysing the chorus
and each verse.
2nd: Then we must look at the main voice of the song. An
artists voice is unique and works as an identification or
trademark which works well with the star image.
3rd: The story of an artist which is being conveyed through
the song. Songs can be seen as stories and the artists as a
storyteller, this makes the music video a communication
device, by showing the audience the video through the
vocals of the song.

Narrative & Performance

Goodwin explains that music videos should
ignore common narrative. It is important in their
role of advertising. Goodwin believed it was
important for an artist to be involved in the
music video by performing and acting out a role
as the main character or singer. This helps to
make the song look more realistic.
However, some music videos go against this
theory. For example, Rudimental ft. John
Newman & Alex Clare Not Giving In. John
Newman or Alex Clare are not shown singing
throughout the video.

However, in other music videos, such as

Adele Rolling in the Deep. Adele is the main
character and shown miming the lyrics,
creating a more authentic feel.

The star image

Star image is
another vital
aspect of
music videos
and makes
videos more
appealing to
the audiences

as it brings a unique style to the video in the

way the artist is portrayed to the audience. For
example, Beyonce is presented as confident,
fierce, sexual and a diva.

Relation of visuals to the song

There are three ways visuals are used to promote a
Illustrate; music videos use certain images and shots to
illustrate/explain the meaning of lyrics to their song and
the genre.
Disjuncture; the meaning of the song is completely
ignored in the music video, it tries to create a whole
new set of meanings through abstract imagery.
Amplify; this is when the images and camera shots are
manipulated and shown repeatedly through out the
music video and is drummed into our vision.

Goodwin stated that music videos also promote a song

by the way it analysis's the lyrics. For example, in Ariana
Grandes song Break Free, she is shown multiple times
defeating the baddies and breaking free from certain
obstacles when it comes to the this is the part where I
break free, and Im stronger than Ive been before.

Technical aspects of the music video

Goodwin believes that the technical aspect
helps to hold the music video together through
the use of mise-en-scene, special effects, sound
and editing.
Lightening and colour helps to set the mood
and create emphasis on significant parts of the
song to create a dramatic effect. In addition,
mise-en-scene is also vital to the production of
the music video, it helps the artist gain
authentication and attracts the audience.