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Who Is The Dajjal / Al Dajjal ?

Does The Dajjal Exist At Present ?

Has Anyone Seen Him Before ?

What Are His Attributes ?

What Will Cause Him To Appear ?

What Are The Mistaken Beliefs

Concerning Him ?

The WordDajjalIn Arabic

MeansDeceiver Or Liar.

Allah Created The Dajjal To

Test People's Faith.

Where is the
Mention About

Every Prophet Has Talked About


Dajjal Has Been Mentioned In The

Previous Scriptures

No Direct Mention Of Dajjal In The


Details Of Dajjal Are Found In

Mutawatir Hadiths

Signs that Will

Precede the Dajjal

Big War Followed ByThe Conquest

Lake Of Tiberias (Sea Of Galilee) Will Dry
The Great Famine
Arabs/Muslims Will Be Small In Number
Few Religiously Knowledgeable People

Emergence and
His Followers

After conquering Constantinople, the Muslims

will hear a false rumor that the Dajjal has come
to Syria. However, after reaching Syria, the
Dajjal will truly emerge.

Dajjal will be accompanied byDemons, and

sorcerers/ magicians. He will first claim to be a
Messiah and then claim to be God.

There is a Hadith that says the Dajjal will travel

the World riding awhite donkey (or mule),the
two ears of which will be forty hands apart,
moving at super speed, as fast as a cloud
driven by winds (this "donkey" could be in fact
asupersonic airplane).

His staunchest followers will most likely be

Zionist Jews/Christians.

Places for



Masjid Al-Aqsa

Masjid Tur-Sinai

Prophet Mohammad
"I warn you regarding the Messiah (the
Dajjal). He will remain on Earth for 40
mornings. His dominion will reach
everywhere. He will not come to 4
mosques: the Ka'ba, the Messenger's
Mosque, Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the

Attributes of

Relativelyyoung, fat man, reddish in

complexion, with a broad chest,and biting teeth.
Resemble Abdul Uzzah bin Qatad from the tribe of
Will havecoarse, curly hair with a shining
foreheadand a hairy body.
On his forehead, theletters (Ka),(Fa),(Ra)
(which mean unbeliever) will be appear written
between his eyes
He will walk briskly and will have no children.
Allah's Messenger made a mention of Dajjal in the
presence of the people and said: Allah is not oneeyed and behold that Dajjal is blind of the right
eyeand his eye would be like a floating grape

Length of Dajjal's

The length of Dajjals reign will be of 40 days,

but they will different from other days.
Prophet Muhammad said :
"He (Dajjal) will rule on Earth for 40 days, but they will not be
like other days. They are: 'Forty days, one of these days will
be like a year, another day like a month, yet another like a
week, and the rest (the remaining 37 days) will have the
same length as normal days '.The companions who were
always concerned about the matters of faith and worship,
asked Prophet Muhammad :'O Messenger
of Allah, for the day which is like a year, will one day's
prayers be sufficient?' He said: 'No, you must estimate the
time and observe the (regular daily) prayers'.(Sahih

The Fitnah
Caused by The

The Dajjal's Trickery, Deception, and

Super-natural Acts

Believers in Allah Will Face Hardship

While The Believers In The Dajjal will
Temporarily Rejoice

Dajjal's Rewards & Punishments

The Earth Will Uncover Treasure At

his Command

The Dajjal lures Women

Protection From

Knowledge of Allah's Attributes

Safe Haven of Makkah and


Seeking Refuge in Allah

Reciting of Sura Al-Kahf

Staying far away from Dajjal

The End of
Dajjal by

Prophet Mohammad SAW said: " In the meantime,

while the Dajjal will be busy doing this and this, Allah
will send down the Messiah son of Mary (Jesus). He
(Jesus) will descend in the eastern part of Damascus,
near the white minaret (tower), dressed in the two
yellowish garments, with his hands resting on the arms
of two angels. When he will bend down his head, water
drops will appear trickling down, and when he will raise
it, it will appear as though pearl-like drops are rolling
down. Any disbeliever whom the air of his breath
reaches, and it will reach up to the last limit of his
sight, will fall dead. Then, the son of Mary will go in
pursuit of the Dajjal, and will overtake him at the gate
of Lud and will kill him." (Sahih Muslim, Tirmizi,
and Ibn Majah).

Prophet Mohammad said: " Then Jesus will

descend, and Allah will cause the Dajjal to be killed
near the mountain pass of Afiq [ in Palestine, few
miles from Lake Tiberias (Sea of Galilee) ] ."

The End of The

Followers of

The Muslims will kill all of the Jews and the

followers of Dajjal.
Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger
as saying:"The Last Hour will not come
until the Muslims fight against the Jews and the
Muslims kill them to the extent that the Jews will
hide behind a rock or a tree and the rock or the
tree will say: O' Muslim, the servant of Allah,
there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but
the Gharqad tree ( Boxthorn tree) will not say that
because it is the tree of the Jews."(Sahih Muslim)
The Jews are currently planting lots of Gharqad
trees in Israel to protect them.

n With the death of Dajjal, all wars will
end. Jihad will be stopped; peace,
harmony, and tranquility will be on
earth. The earth will produce abundant
crops and fruit. The people will follow
Islam. There will be total peace around
the world.

After this, the signs of the Judgement

Day will start and the world will
eventually come to an end.