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Burn out

Measures to
manage stress.

. . . STRESS POSITIVE -Stress at low rate can motivate an individual to achieve what he wants to achieve.Concept of stress .One’s physical and mental respond towards a situation that could cause discomfort in life.Associated with mental health. NEGATIVE Stress at high rate could cause harm such as falling ill or having bad relationship.Pressure which is very common in life.

Occurs when an individual imagines of a negative or frightful things.Refers to a situation when a teacher reacts to an expected situation.Is a feeling that could reach at its peak at certain duration. Reactive Stress . Negative Stress . Happens naturally.occurs due to our past experiences and events. ‘Anticipation’ Stress . Imaginative Stress .Stress that occurs at that particular time.Types of stress ‘Here and Now” Stress . .

Occupation Relationship Life style CAUSES OF STRESS Environment Financial Personality Spiritual Life Events Bubble Map .

LIFE STYLE Unhealthy eating discipline Unable to manage time (work vs. family) Unable to manage systematic sleep pattern .

FINANCIAL Insufficient salary to accommodate with self and family expenses Having a bad financial discipline problem. cars. etc. (credit card) Bad financial planning (marriage. house.) .

PERSONALITY Having the attitude to talk more than listen to others Always in a hurry to complete the task given Always making decisions without thinking rationally .

SPIRITUAL Easily blaming others Do not easily accept things that happen to oneself Lack of patience in dealing with difficulties .

Feeling that God is not being fair. This situation would cause one to feel bored and stress. .LIFE EVENTS One who has bad memories that keep haunting his life Always feeling lonely.

ENVIRONMENT Feeling suffocate because too many family members living in the same house Having problems with neighbours. Uncomfortable and unfitting bedroom for rest .

RELATIONSHIP Feeling that your close acquaintance cannot understand you Having problems to communicate with working colleagues Feeling uncomfortable to mix around with the community .

OCCUPATION Likes to procrastinate work Feels that the class time table given is burdening Having problems to control students while teaching .


.  Feel bored and does not experience any job satisfaction.  A feeling of frustration. pressured.PSYCHOLOGICAL  Easily worried. a decline in intellectual function and lose of focus. anger and hatred.  Mentally tired. confused and angry.

self withdrawal and depression. Loss of spontaneity and creativity  Decreased self esteem  Lack of effective communication  Keep things to oneself. .

 Suicide or attempted suicide. vandalism and crime. avoid from doing any work and shows the behaviour of sabotage in working. .BEHAVIOUR  Likes to procrastinate.  Abnormal eating behaviour ( weight gain or weight loss)  Increased aggressive behaviour.

 Increased use of alcohol.  Declining quality relationship with family and friends. . drug and banned subtances. Increased high risked behaviour. including getting careless in driving.

blood pressure and tendency of suffering from cardiovascular disease.PHYSICAL SIGNS  Increased heart rate.  Headache.  increased injuries and accidents to the body. Pain and muscle tension. .  Physical fatigue and likely to suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.

. adrenaline and noradrenaline)  Disorders of the skin  May experience interference of gastrointestinal including irritable bowel syndrome. Increased secretion of stress hormones (example. inflammation and ulceration of colon wall.


BURNOUT~~~!!! .

. PISMP 8. A condition caused by depersonalization. physical and mentally fatigue due to extreme and prolonged stress.4 : BURNOUT AMONG TEACHERS An individual becoming lost interest and motivation to continue to perform the duties and tasks of everyday life.TOPIC 4.09 An emotional. fatigue and a declining achievement. INTRODUCTION Circle Map Prepared by: Ain and Rose.

TOPIC 4.4 : BURNOUT AMONG TEACHERS Temperamental Cynical Lack of productivity IMPLICATIONS OF BURNOUT Feeling helpless Feeling useless Bubble Map Prepared by: Ainand Rose.09 Faint hearted . PISMP 8.

PISMP 8.4 : BURNOUT AMONG TEACHERS BURNOUT Physical signs Behaviour signs Emotional signs Tired all the time Pull out of responsibilities Feel themselves fail Low immunity Isolate themselves from others Having self-doubt Changes in sleeping and eating time Using drugs or alcohol to solve problems Lack of satisfaction Headache Muscle ache Transfer frustration to others Coming to work late but going back from work early Tree Map Prepared by: Ainand Rose.09 Negative image Self-withdrawal .TOPIC 4.

one works so hard without rest.  In the social aspect.  Experiencing stress at a long term  Requirements exceeds the capabilities of teachers  Numbers of teachers are small. having no time to  Socialize.CAUSES OF BURNOUT  Feels not appreciated even though you have given your full commitment in work.  Lack of mentoring culture – new teachers usually will need guidance from the senior teachers.  Teacher’s personality is also the cause of burnout.09 . unclear job expectations . lack of sleep and support. unsystematic working environment . given lots of work without getting any assistance. PISMP 8. Prepared by: Ainand Rose.  No recognition and awards given.

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN STRESS AND BURNOUT BURNOUT STRESS       Excessive involvement in activities Would cause anxiety and hyperactive Lose energy Resulting anxiety Physical injury Would cause an early death       Refuse to get involved Produce disability and despair Decline one‟s motivation and hope Cause isolation and depression Hurt feelings May feel like life is meaningless .

WAYS TO OVERCOME BURNOUT  Time management workshop  Stress management workshop  Financial management workshop  Nutrition and recreational training  Increased levels of self-endurance  Create a culture of mutual understanding  Create a conducive working environment  Enhance teacher‟s emotional intelligence  Celebrate festivals of the different races .

TOPIC 4.4 : BURNOUT AMONG TEACHERS Effective time management Faint hearted Get advice Avoid drugs and alcohol Rest a while Positive thinking Bubble Map Prepared by: Ain and Rose. PISMP 8.09 Eat healthy food STRESS MANAGEMENT Learn to say ‘No’ Reduce interference Do meditation .