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Учитель английского языка МОУ «СОШ №3 г. Ершова Саратовской области» Сладкова Людмила Алексеевна

Reading makes a full man. Francis Bakon Reading is to the mind what exercises to the body.

Richard Steele All books are divisible into two classes: the book of hour and the book of all time. John Ruskin
Чтение для ума — то же, что физические упражнения для тела. Все книги делятся на два класса: книга на час и книга на всю жизнь. Чтение делает человека знающим.

Find the Ending of the Proverbs
Tell me what you read We are Choose an author Don’t judge a book Bad books are worse than useless They are harmful As you choose a friend What we read And I will tell you what you are By its cover

by Ivy O. Eastwick Look in a book and you will see words and magic and mystery. Look in a book and you will find sense and nonsense of every kind. Look in a book and you will know all the things that can help you grow.

(translated by V. Kadantsev) Загляни ты в книгу И увидишь Волшебство И таинство явлений. Загляни ты в книгу И найдешь Юмор, радость И увеселенья. Загляни ты в книгу И сможешь узнать Все то, что поможет Тебе взрослым стать.

Do You Know the Words?
1. the main character 2.author of the novel 3.climb high mountains 4.in the stormy sea 5.adventure land 6.be famous all over the world 7.enjoy the beauty of nature 8. fairy-tales and fables 9. imaginary lands главный герой автор романа подниматься высоко в горы в бурном море страна чудес быть знаменитым во всем мире наслаждаться красотой природы сказки и басни придуманные страны

Answer the questions.
1.What is the world of books full of? 2. Do you like adventure books? Why? 3. Do you enjoy reading fairy-tales and fables? Why? 4. What do they teach us? 5. Do you like to travel to imaginary lands with the heroes of adventure books? 6. Have you read books about famous people?

1.“Romeo and Juliet” 2.“Robinson Crusoe” 3.“Oliver Twist” 4.“The Hobbit” 5.“Peter Pan” 6.“Treasure Island” 7.“Mowgli” 8.“Gulliver’s Travels” 9.“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” 10.“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

a) D. Defoe b) W. Shakespeare c) R.L. Stevenson d) R. Kipling e) M. Twain f) L. Carrol g) J.R.R. Tolkien h) J.M. Barrie i) J. Swift

To read or not to read - that is the question)) I wonder how many people here like reading books..what genres d'you prefer?? what's the latest book you read and liked/disliked?? do you read books in English?? Bizarra 22  Hi! I don't like to read, except some books on psychology, especially about relation ships between man and woman :). So, my last book was about it. I don't want to tell you the title :). It's too personal :). In English I read Tolkien The Lord of the rings. It's hard to read, but I liked it a lot. And what about you? Libran, 21

For me this question is quite clear - definitely to read. Reading broadens your horizons, so the more your read, the more doors you can open. Of course I'm talking about the doors of creative thinking, of a new concepts and perspectives in your life. Life is a constant process of getting something new and if you don't get it a long period of time, your life becomes an empty automatic reflex. Reading books is a way to find that doors which are still closed for you. It's not the only but proven way to do this, that's why it'll never die. Blink, 20

I like reading. But I can't say what genre is my favourite, it mostly depends on my mood)). So last I've read are by Fauls and Gavalda. It was a real pleasure to read them. And in English I read Nice work by D.Lodge now. It's so interesting and funny!!! Funnyghost Well, I like books. I like reading books in original... In my spare time I like translating articles from magazines, and what I see in russian translations of books - sometimes the translation is so awful) so I prefer to read in To read or not to read?.. Certainly, to read! I am English. reading now "Three Leon,17by Андре Моруа. But Dumas" this is not the main matter. The matter is that my 11 years old granddaughter likes reading very much, though she is not against the PC. This honey girl has read Mark Twain, Arkady Gaidar, Vitaly Bianky and many other books. We (grandparents) are very pleased of that. Poseidon, 63

To read or not to read?
1. Books can tell us a lot about life of famous people, latest news and so on. 2. Books help to learn about all in the world and solve life problems. 3. It is the perfect way to spend free time.

 “A home without books is a body

without soul." Marcus Tullius Cicero  The Word library comes from the Latin word 'liber', meaning 'book'

Great Libraries
Library of Congress, USA

British Museum Library

Moscow State Library

William Shakespeare.
Name: William Shakespeare Born: 1564 Place of birth: Stratford-upon-Avon Parents: Glove-maker and leather dresser. Education: The local grammar school. Dream: He wanted to become an actor , when he was a boy. Famous tragedies and plays: “Romeo and Juliet”, “Julius Caesar”, “Hamlet”, “Othello”, “King Lear” and “Macbeth”. Comedies: “ A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Twelfth Night” and so on. Historical plays: “Richard III” and “Henry V”. Work: Writer and actor at the Globe Theatre in London. Died: 1616


The works of Shakespeare.


“King Lear”

“Twelfth Night”

“Richard III”

Robert Burns.
Name: Robert Burns. Born: 1759 Place: Alloway. Parents: Farmers. Hobbies: He helped farther, told folk-tales for children and read much. Favorite writer: William Shakespeare. Age, when he began to write: 15 years old. Death of father: 1784 He wrote hundreds of songs and poems, mainly on country life, love and national pride. Died:1796

His poems are known and loved by people all over the world!

get new information

learn more

learn something new

do homework

We read to …


learn the world


remind us of what we know

to solve the problems of our life

to study better

Books help us…

to learn more

to make new friends

I think reading…  What about me I prefer …  I agree that books …  I consider that …  To my mind books …  As for me I’m fond of … (is important/boring, help(s) to relax/to educate, takes too much time, hurts eyes)

       

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