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Final Year Project(s)

1- Define your personality Style
• Your interests, skills, values and
behavioral traits.
• This is the most important step, as you will
gather descriptive information about
yourself that will later be used to identify
possible career options to explore and
later still to select a final career goal.
• Please do not rush through this step!
2- Identify possible career options
• The focus will now change from looking at
you to looking at occupations.
• Your objective in this second step is to
produce a list of occupations (job titles)
that you believe match the interests that
you defined in Step 1.
3- Research your career options
• In this third step, your objective is to increase your
understanding of the true nature of each career options
identified in Step 2.
• You will accomplish this by visiting an Internet website
where you will read a report on each occupation.
• For each occupation on your list you will review such
information as:
– duties and responsibilities
– required or recommended training
– entrance qualifications
– typical advancement opportunities
– projected employment need
– typical salary
• This step will help you reduce your list of possible career
options down to those that are most desirable, and
prepare you for selecting a specific career goal in Step 4.
4- Select a career goal
• If you have arrived at this step it is
because you narrowed down your career
options in Step 3
• to two or more occupations.
• This step will now guide you in selecting a
final career goal from your remaining
career options.
5- Develop a career plan
• Congratulations on selecting a career goal!
• Now you will agree that the work involved in getting to
this point in the program was well worth your effort as
you now can feel more confident that you've made a
wise and potentially rewarding career decision - one that
is based on solid information about your personality style
and occupational options.
• Now, your task in this last step is to identify those steps
(decisions and tasks) that you should take, and in which
order to realize your new career goal.
• Careful planning is now as important to your ultimate
career success as was the task of selecting a career
Is it too late now ?
• No
• Each and every step you do in your
lifetime defines you, and it is only you who
can make things happen !
• Your FYP should reflect what you are, and
it should embed your career path within it.
• Select your FYP, aligned to your career
Information security related projects
• duties and responsibilities
• required or recommended training
• entrance qualifications
• typical advancement opportunities
• projected employment need
• typical salary
1- Intrusion Detection System,
with analysis engine.
• Snort ( will be used as IDS;
• Knowledge on building protocol anomaly detection programs and
Network Behavioral Analysis System will be required (and provided
by us).
• This project involves protocol learning and few scripting in
Perl/Python or any other.
• This is an excellent project if you want a good career in Information
• SNORT® is an open source network intrusion prevention and
detection system utilizing a rule driven language, which combines the
benefits of signature, protocol and anomaly based inspection
• With millions of downloads to date, Snort is the most widely deployed
intrusion detection and prevention technology worldwide and has
become the de facto standard for the industry.
• Time required including learning, development and documentation = 6
2- Implementation of an online project management system, based on
cloud computing (Java). Or Facebook APIs (PHP)
Keeping the benefits of cloud computing in mind, students have to
implement a cloud based project management system.
System shall be hosted on public (well known / free) servers over the
internet for pure cloud computing demonstration.
The system shall coordinate, prioritize, and manage IT projects.
Features include:
– Create Projects and invite your friends to join
– Create Milestones and Tasks to track the progress of your
– Assign Tasks to yourself and your friends
– Upload Files and link them to specific Tasks and Milestones
– Post discussions within your Projects
– Link discussions to Tasks and Milestones
– Fine tune your notification settings to receive Project alerts
– Set permissions within your Project
– View the Project Overview Dashboard
– Access the Project Log Dashboard
Time required including learning, development and documentation = 7
3- Implementation of a Security Information and Event
Management system, with logs management support
and anti-forensics prevention.
OpenSourceSIM) will be used as reference implementation.
• Appropriate background knowledge and System design will be
provided to the students.
• Tools include but not limited to Perl, Python, PHP, ASP.NET, C#,
• Protocol anomaly detection and other core components will not be
in the scope; however available solutions have to be integrated by
the students.
• Report generation, log analysis and alerts will be the core part of
this system.
• This project helps in the career building towards information security
management, and forensics investigations.
• Time required including learning, development and documentation =
7 months.
4- Implementation of application layer firewall
by packet inspection of a standard protocol.
• Packet filtering firewalls have limitations.
• Students will be provided detail background knowledge
and appropriate design documents.
• This project is the core for the development of career in
Information Security Research and Analysis.
• Tools may include but open for the choice of students:
C/C++, Java, Python, Ruby, Perl or C#.
• Additionally Operating systems knowledge and support
of different platforms with be provided to students.
• Time required including learning, development and
documentation= 6 to 7 months (depends on selected
5- Implementing a lab of virtual routers, demonstrating Layer 2
and Layer 3 (including routing) security controls.

• This is a networking project.

• GNS3 will be used as virtualization platform; however
students may use any other closed-source platform
• nmap, hping and other security tools will be used by the
students for testing the environment.
• This is a good project, for the career development in the
field of Networks and Networks Security.
• Appropriate knowledge of the system, tools, router
images, design and internals will be provided to the
• Time required including learning, implementing and
documentation= 6 months.
Thank you