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Emotional & Rational Advertisement Content &

its continuum effect on emotion, perceived
& attitude
The Hartwells’:
a house of dynamic
marketing managers…

Naimul Kader
Arzu Tabassum
Tanvir Tamim
Sumon Kumar
Tasnur Asad

Agenda Research Methodology. Product Category & Company Profile Theoretical Aspect Theoretical Implementation Research Finding(s) 1: Analysis of Emotional Content Research Finding(s) 2: Analysis of Rational Content .

such as cash-in. utility payment. ATM money withdrawal through mobile technology devices  launched 13 commercial ads in the market on mobile banking out of which we conducted our research on 4!  successful advertisement campaign 1-1 . & mobile banking  Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. salary disbursement. government allowance disbursement. & Company Profile  online survey using Survey Gizmo  20 random respondents  services: retail banking. merchant payment. & Mobile banking: banking and financial services. corporate banking.Research Methodology. foreign remittance. cash out. Product Category.

source attractiveness based on familiarity  combination of primacy & recency effect  use of one sided message  relation to mood maintenance theory 1-2 . positive image toward the service  indirect source. increased presentation.Theoretical Aspect  four advertisement: independent variable  persuasion matrix: message easily comprehended. enhances the appearance of the ads.

Theoretical Implementation  emotional advertising is most powerful  marketing research based on neuroscience & behavioral economics has transformed measurement from rational aspect to consumer emotion  rational response as a poor witness of thoughts & feelings  emotional/rational advertising: a continuum method 1-3 .

Research Finding(s) 1: Analysis of Emotional Content  1-4 .

Research Finding(s) 2: Analysis of Rational Content  1-5 .

older market Rational appeal. when to use. what to use: i) Market maturity: Emotional appeal. & then select appeal 1-6 .Managerial Implication & Conclusion  good researcher’s technique: combine balanced emotional & rational approach to provide clients with actionable commercial insights  As a part of marketing campaign.emotional appeal Conclusion(s):  Both rational & emotional appeal has its place in marketing arsenal  Challenge is to know which is right for the advertising campaign  Build relationship with your customer.younger market ii) predisposition: Creating positive disposition ought to be part of marketing strategy resulting in increase in effectiveness of subsequent advertising campaign iii) Level of involvement: High involvement.rational appeal Low involvement. gain insight.