Abdul Sattar Edhi

Proud of the Nation of Pakistan

About Edhi
• Born in 1928 in Bantwa, Gujarat, India. • Edhi’s family belonged to the industrious Memon community. • From a young age his mother taught Edhi to be kind towards others and to help the poor.

The Early Life
• In 1947 the family migrated to Pakistan and settled in Karachi. • That was a time of great emotional trauma and social and political upheaval. • Edhi became involved in social work and began working with welfare organisations and soon started his own dispensary, providing medical aid to the poor.

Poor Man’s Van
• He bought his first ambulance, an old van which he called the "poor man’s van" and went around the city providing medical help and burying unclaimed bodies. • His van became his advertisement and soon he came to be known for his work with the poor. As a consequence, donations started pouring in and his operations expanded, employing additional nurses and staff.

Marriage and Commitment
• It was here that Edhi met his wife Bilquees who was a trainee nurse at the dispensary. • They were married in 1966. Bilquees became the ideal wife for Edhi, totally committed to welfare work.

Whole Day Routine
• A typical day for him begins at five in the morning with Fajr prayers. • His work starts thereafter answering any calls for help, organizing and meeting people in need while afternoons are spent at various centres and hospitals all over the city. In the evening he dines with hundreds of poor at his "langar" [free community meals common among Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs] at another Edhi centre in the city. • His Fridays are invariably spent at homes for the destitute children where Edhi personally helps bathe the ones who are physically handicapped, before joining them for Friday prayers. • Occasionally, when he is able to, he also takes them out for picnics.

Edhi’s Vision
• Edhi's vision is to create an institution that will carry on his life's work and survive for a long time to come. • His dream is that of a Pakistan as a modern welfare state, which provides a safety net for the poor and needy while providing basic health and education with vocational skills. • A welfare state Edhi feels is the only way to tackle Pakistan 's myriad social problems. • He hopes that one day, Pakistan will be a model for other developing countries.

Services in 2010
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Baby Cradles Cancer Research Hostel Destitute Homes Missing Persons Service Welfare Centers Edhi Homes for shelter of animals High Ways Project ( 25 KILOMETER) GRAVE YARD SERVICES WARE HOUSES Edhi Emergency Posts FIELD AMBULANCE SERVICES PRISONERS AID Air Ambulance Services Refugees Assistance Marine And Costal Service International Community Centers

Awards (International)
• Ramon Magsaysay Award " for public service from Philippines , 1986. • Paul Harris Fellow " from Rotary International Foundation 1993. • Peace Prize from USSR (former) "for services in the Armenian earthquake disaster in 1988.

Awards (National)
• Nishan-e-Imtiaz "from Government of Pakistan 1989. • Human Rights Award " by Pakistan Human Rights Society. • Khidmat Award " by Pakistan Academy of Medical Sciences. • Shield of Honour " by Pakistan Army (E & C). • Silver Jubilee Shield " by College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan.(1962-1987) • Recognition of meritorious services to oppressed humanity during eighties " (1989) by Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Government of Pakistan. 45 Years Of Selfless Service. • The Social Worker of Sub-Continent - 1989 " by Government of Sind • Pakistan Civic Award 1992 - by Pakistan Civic Society. and hundred of other  numerous awards...!

Pride of Nation of Pakistan
He is Truly the hero of Nation of Pakistan.

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