“Or Torah” synagogue in Acco also known as “El-Gribba”

(Jarivah) or, the “The Tunisian

Acco, an ancient city steeped in
history, has a lot to offer its visitors.
One of the city highlights is a unique
building outside the Old City walls,
the Tunisian Synagogue. The inside
walls are completely covered in
mosaic pictures which are all based
on biblical themes and were all
made at the mosaic workshop of
Kibbutz Eilon.
The synagogue is situated at 13
Kaplan St. Visiting hours are
Sunday-Friday between 9:30 a.m.
and 12:30 p.m.
It is advisable to
arrange the visit ahead of time by
telephone 050-6822781. Ask for
Yaffa. There is no entrance fee,
however visitors are expected to
make a small donation, depending
on the size of the group.

Even the courtyard wall is a work of art, hinting
at what can be expected inside…

Immediately upon entering the entrance hall, the visitor is struck
by the awesome sight: all the walls, as well as the ceiling and the
floor, are completely covered with magnificent mosaic.

On the ceiling, a scheme of the Temple can be detected

Also on the ceiling are depictions of the
High Priest breastplate, and the altar tools.

On the floor, pictures of birds, flowers, fish,
.and more



Honey sucker


Two Stripe Damselfish

There are two prayer halls. The central one, on the
second floor, is more luxurious. From the women’s section
above it one can observe the hall as well as the Wheel of
Fortune mosaic on the ceiling.

The “Eastern Wall” (which faces south, in this case) is full of
decorated Torah cases (Arks). Above them – more mosaics.

A look into the Arks and the Torah scrolls inside them.
The curtains covering the Arks

The brass doors of the holy Arks.

The walls and the ceiling are covered with huge mosaic pictures,
.with Jerusalem serving as a central theme

Between the mosaics, gorgeous stained glass

The candelabrum also appears in many

The staircase leading to the lower hall is also decorated from
. top to bottom

The lower hall is also covered in mosaics, including
the floor and the ceiling. On the ceiling – a huge “carpet”
depicting a “map” of the north of Israel.

On the floor, colourful pictures of a great
variety of plants and animals.


Jacob’s dream
Stained glass panes

The sacrifice of Isaac

The Exodus from Egypt

Remember Amalek

The Meidva map

).Jerusalem on the map of Meidva (Jordan

The exodus from Egypt

The spies

Sarah and the angels
Ruth the Moabite

Daniel in the lions’ den
The Ark of the

You will be able to see all the rest of the sights if
.you take the trouble to go to this very special place

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