The ozone layer is a region in the stratosphere, situated between 17 & 25 km above the earth surface

The ozone layer contains high concentration of ozone molecule, Oз that absorb ultraviolet radiation and shield organisms from its damaging effect.

Increasing use of CFC for: Cooling agent in refrigerator & air conditioner. Propellants in aerosol spray. Foaming agents in making of styeofoam packaging.

Once in stratosphere, Highly reactive CFC are broken down chlorine radicals by ultraviolet rays. CI are release The chlorine radicals breaks down ozone molecule,Oз in a chain reaction

Excessive entering of ultraviolet radiation to the earth surface. Lead to higher risk of skin cancer, cataracts and sunburns due to prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet radiation. Reduce the nutrient content and crops yield due to the ultraviolet radiation.

Reduce or stop using CFC. ex: reduce the usage of air conditioner, use the fan instead. Replace CFC with hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) or hydrofluorocarbon (HFC). unlike CFC, these gases break down in the atmosphere and return to the earth in the form of rainwater.