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5. Good chance to meet people 4. Great for your college apps. 3. It's fun. 2. Skills to stay with you forever. 1. You can win.

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What Speech and Debate Is All About...

EVHS is part of CHSSA—the California division of the National Forensics League (the NFL) Members of the NFL are eligible for scholarships, awards, and much more.

There are numerous league tournaments on the circuit we will be attending, including some for first year novices. We will also be attending some invitationals, maybe even including the Stanford Invitational, Berkley, SCU, Long Beach, and more.

Your Commitment

EVSD is another team of EVHS. Members will be required to attend weekly meetings and participate in tournaments. Everyone will be required to compete in at least 2 speech tournaments and 2 debate tournaments.

You will be expected to keep up with current events. EVSD members will be expected to follow all rules set forth by the team and the National Forensics League.

Parent Involvement

Right now, we have a group of parents supporting EVSD. However, ALL members' parents will be required to judge at tournaments, carpool, and help support.


Team members are encouraged to compete in at least two tournaments a semester. Team members must meet their school’s standards for participation in extracurricular activities. Team members are expected to attend team meetings regularly. At the coach’s discretion, a student’s eligibility for certain tournaments may be dependent on the level of his/her attendance and participation in team meetings and practice sessions. Contribution per family of $350

Academic eligibility requirements are governed by school policy. Students must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher at the last grading period, have passed at least 20 credits in the previous semester, and be currently enrolled in 25 or more credits.

Team members must prepare adequately for their events.

Prepared pieces must be wellmemorized at least two team meetings prior to competition.

Debate cases and Congress speeches must be written in time for scrimmages the meeting before competition.

Sep. 8- Demo Day @Los Altos

Tournaments We Plan on Attending

Feb. 8-10 Stanford Invite Feb. 16-18 Cal Invite Feb 19- Script reading

Sep 29- Fall DBS #1 @ St. Francis HS Oct. 14- Fall DBS #2 @ presentation Oct. 19- Novice Fun DB8@ Pinewood HS Oct. 20- Novice IE @Washington HS

Feb 23- Winter DBS #2 @ Lynbrook or Presentation Mar 1-2 State Quals IE #1 @ Westmont Mar 14-16 State Quals policy & LD @ Leland Mar 19- State quals Congress @ Fremont or Menlo Atherton Mar 21- Good Friday Mar 23- Easter Mar 28-30 Nat Quals Debate and IE @ Bellarmine Apr 1- Reg due for state 2008 Apr 5- Nat Quals Congress @ Homestead Apr 18-20 State 2008 @ Santa Clara U May 8, 10-11 CHSSA Novice invite @Lynbrook May 13- ELD tourney @ Leland June- NFL nationals in Las Vegas

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Oct. 30- Fall Congress @Palo Alto

Nov. 11- Veteran’s Day

Nov. 17- Fall IE @ DeAnza (tentative) Nov. 18- DBS #3 @ De Anza Dec. 1- Novice DBS #1 @ Homestead *noon start Dec. 7-9 SCU invite Jan 12- Winter DBS #1 @ Leland Jan 18-20 Logan invite Jan 21- MLK Jan 27- winter IE @ Gunn (tentative) Jan 31- Winter Congress @ San Lorenzo Vly
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Feb. 2- Novice DBS #2 @ Evergreen valley

YOUR 2007-2008 Officers
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President: Melba Mathew.........................Senior Vice-President: Melbin Mathew........Sophomore Treasurer: Aaron Salhotra................Sophomore Public Relations: Achal Soni.............Sophomore Debate Captain: Nishal Gupta..................Senior Speech Captain: Akash Gupta.........Sophomore
For more information, and to view the handbook or download an application, please visit our new official webiste at http://evhs.sd.googlepages.com/ or you can email the officers at evhs_debate@yahoo.com. Also, join our Yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evhs_debate/

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