Are you ready for Ramadhan?

Ramadhan in NTU 1428 H


Hear the good news of Ramadhan
• Fasting is a shield (to protect you) from Hell, like your shield in a battle (narrated by Imam Ahmad)

Ramadhan in NTU 1428 H


Why Ramadhan?
• Ramadhan is basically a place to study (madrasah) for a Muslim to renew their bond with Islam, taking an opportunity to cover what they lack before (because of the sins, etc) • Muslim will learn how to control themselves against all that not permitted to them while fasting
– In the future, they can use this knowledge to control themselves from all things that Allah’s Ramadhan in NTU 1428 H forbid

Eminence of Ramadhan (1)
• Increasing taqwa to Allah Subhanallahu Wata’ala
– By doing fasting, a man will consistently remember to his creator, thus he can protect himself from what have been forbidden by Allah, control their desire (al hawa’), and put it by the law and the rule of Allah Subhanallahu Wata’ala
Ramadhan in NTU 1428 H 4

Eminence of Ramadhan (2)
• Allah SWT, forgive a man’s sins if he do Ramadhan in fully faith (Al Iman)
– For those who do fasting in Ramadhan with fully faith and hope for reward (by doing it sincerely), (Allah) will forgive their past sins

Ramadhan in NTU 1428 H


Eminence of Ramadhan (3)
• We can do ‘amal which will be multiplied by Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala
– Our age is shorter than previous ummah, they can do ‘Amal shalih for hundred of years, but our age is only 60+ years – Allah give us a chance to do shorter ‘ibadatu but considered as thousand of Ramadhan in NTU 1428 H months of doing the same ‘ibadatu


Eminence of Ramadhan (4)
• When Ramadhan come, Allah close Hell’s door, and open Heaven’s door (hadits narrated by Imam Bukhari) ‫إ ج رمض ن فتح أ ْو ب جنة َغلق أ ْو ب ن ر‬ ِ ‫ِذَا َاءَ َ َ َا ُ ُ ّ َتْ َب َا ُ الْ َ ّ ِ و ُّ َتْ َب َا ُ ال ّا‬ ‫وصفد شي ط ن‬ ُ ‫َ ُ ّ َتِ ال ّ َا ِي‬

Ramadhan in NTU 1428 H


What Next?
• Of course, fasting, prevent from doing eat, drink, do sexual intercourse (for those married people) is the main thing to do in Ramadhan • But that’s not enough, we cannot waste chances given to us to do a good thing in Ramadhan
Ramadhan in NTU 1428 H 8

• Prophet Muhammad said, “The best shadaqah is shadaqah in Ramadhan”

Ramadhan in NTU 1428 H


Give Ifthar
• Frequently we go to mosque to get ifthar, and we do ifthar together, but rarely we give ifthar to others, while Allah has promises us with good rewards (hadits shahih narrated by Imam Tirmizi and Imam Ahmad)

Ramadhan in NTU 1428 H


Tilawatul Quran
• Try as hard as you can to finish (khatam) reading Alquran Al Kariim
– Prophet Muhammad always read quran more than usual in Ramadhan (hadits narrated by Imam Bukhari) – Try to avoid your MP3 players contain musics, change it to murottal, listen it while you are in MRT, Bus, etc

Ramadhan in NTU 1428 H


Save your words
• “And what is the best words other than give exclamation to Allah” (dakwah) [Al Fushshilat: 33) • Prevent your mouth from ghibah, crab words, etc
– A lot of people doing fasting, but they got nothing from their fasting except hunger and thirst (hadits narrated Imam Ahmad)H Ramadhan in NTU 1428


Be active and do some works
• Ramadhan is not time to be lazy • Ramadhan is not hibernating time
– No excuse because you hungry or thirsty

• This is the way Muslim being tested, if you failed, then all fasting eminence and rewards is useless for you
Ramadhan in NTU 1428 H 13

Happy Ramadhan
• Barakallahu fiikum !

Ramadhan in NTU 1428 H