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Certificate of
Game Board
Letter to Pi

Present a certificate of
recognition to Pi Patel. Think
of the words that you will
include in the citation of
honor. Let it signed by each
members of the group.

Create a game board to
fit the story and

Write a letter to Pi Patel. Tell
about your group’s thoughts
and feelings about his amazing
experiences in the movie.


Musically Yours..

Using the title of the film :
LIFE OF PI, create an
acrostic that summarizes and
highlights the significant
human experiences shown in
the movie.

Group Reflection

Think of three songs that can
be used as soundtrack of the
movie Life of Pi. Perform a
mash-up of these songs in

Write a group journal that
reflects on the theme and
values shared by the film.


Photo Essay

Brief Movie Review

Create a photo essay that
highlights the plot of the film.
Identify the most interesting,

Write a brief review of the movie,
highlighting what you liked about
the film and why you would or
would not recommend this story to

Religion is one of the themes
of the film, Life of Pi. Create
a group collage that

Gita Patel rudely. Realizing that he must feed the tiger to protect himself. a sailor with a broken leg.Large population of this animals were present in the floating island that Pi sought refuge. the cook kills the sailor to use him as bait and food. 10. Pi's mother pushes him to safety on a smaller raft. Richard Parker killed the zebra and the orangutan. insurance agents for the Japanese freighter come to hear his account of the incident. he eats raw fish. he replies that he lectures in Kabbalah at the university. 2. the tiger. 4. Suddenly Richard Parker emerges from under the tarp. Finally back on land. Pi realized that taking care of Richard Parker was keeping him alive. They book passage with their animals (to be sold in North America) on a Japanese freighter named the Tsimtsum. In a nighttime encounter with a breaching whale. 3. He tries to find his family. near the end of their strength. from the rough sea. He is raised Hindu and vegetarian. But at night the island transforms into a hostile environment. he makes a board ladder for the tiger to climb back into the boat after it had jumped off to hunt fish. On board the ship. an immigrant from Pondicherry in India living in Montreal. he is introduced to Christianity and then Islam. Pi.) when he begins secondary school (Gautam Belur). At one point. the hyena also mortally wounds the orangutan in a fight. He is rescued by a group who carry him to hospital. He also realizes that caring for the tiger is keeping him alive." When asked if he is also Jewish. requiring them to leave the island. to ensure a good future for his children. Pi finds himself in the lifeboat with an injured zebra. A local novelist interviewed Pi because he was looking for a material for his novel. "And so it is with God". Pi begins fishing. Pi was named after a swimming pool. and Pi takes an interest in the animals. and the cook stabs her as she falls overboard to the sharks. but he weeps that the tiger had walked away without him. To Pi's distress. Pi asks him which story the writer prefers. 7. Pi let Richard Parker starved in the boat. 5. Canada.Country where the swimming pool that named after pie was located. SCANNING 1. Pi's father gets into an argument with the ship's cook when he speaks to Pi's mother. the ship encounters a heavy storm and begins to sink while Pi is on deck marveling at the storm. The tiger returns to the lifeboat at night. Pi’s family moved to Canada to build their own zoo. Pi tries to feed the tiger. In a later struggle. Hindu.The Insurance agents for the Japanese freighter did not believe Pi’s account of the incidence. Glancing at a copy of the insurance report. but at 12 years old. 9. killing his family and its crew. too weak to follow. 5. lies in the sand. Pi relates an extended tale: His parents had named him Piscine Molitor after a swimming pool in France. He answers with a less fantastic but detailed account of sharing the lifeboat with his mother. Pi's father. Faced with starvation. Christianity. his father decides to close the zoo and move his family to Canada. and a large population of meerkats. Islam and Judaism. Pi followed four religions. digesting all the dead fish that died in the pools. Pi returns to grab the knife and kills the cook. supporting a forest.The animal that caused Pi to lose much of his food supplies. with the fresh water turning acidic. and ask him to tell them what "really" happened. and sell the zoo animals. named Orange Juice. was Pi himself. even repeating numerous digits of pi. Pi realizes that he can no longer live on the tiny raft and trains the tiger Richard Parker to accept him in the boat. and to teach him the reality of the tiger's nature as a carnivore. 8. Later. Santosh Patel forces him to witness it killing a goat. Richard Parker stumbles away from Pi and stops at the edge of the jungle. 2. 6.The place where Pi was born. who lost her offspring in the shipwreck. and the cook. The floating island where Pi and Richard Parker found refuge in the day was actually a dangerous place at night. the writer notices a closing comment about the remarkable feat TRUE OR FALSE   1. Pi loses much of his supplies. fresh water pools. is approached by a local novelist who has been referred to him by his "uncle" (a family friend). the zebra was the sailor. In hospital. the hyena was the cook. Both Pi and Richard Parker eat and drink freely and regain strength. Pi’s family experienced discrimination inside the ship. One night. The lifeboat eventually reaches the coast of Mexico. He changes his name to "Pi" (the mathematical symbol. In the present. In this story.SYNOPSIS OF THE FILM LIFE OF PI Pi Patel. but instead he looks into the jungle for a while and goes in. endangering himself to being attacked. but a crew member throws him into a lifeboat. and is joined by an orangutan. After many days at sea. he chooses the one with the tiger because it "is the better story". 4. he watches helplessly as the ship sinks. They find his story unbelievable. especially a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker because of a clerical error. and Richard Parker. with some success. He builds a small raft of flotation devices so that he can stay at a safe distance from the tiger. When Pi is 16. they reach a floating island of edible plants. believing that Pi's life story would make a great book.   Why did Pie Why did Pi’s family How was Pieable to   changehis name? moveto Canada? survive in theocean with atiger? Why did Pi follow more than one religion? Do you agree with him? What are the challenges of having Richard Parker in thesame boat with Pi? Why does Pi give two accounts of his ordeal? . to which Pi responds. if only for the credibility of their report. After the storm. 3. and kills the zebra. and starts to follow all three religions as he "just wants to love God. Pi finds emergency food and water rations on the boat. After weeks longer at sea. and kills and eats the hyena. He also collects rain water for both to drink.The name of the cargo ship Pi and his family took that will bring them in Canada. A spotted hyena emerges from the tarp covering half of the boat. His family owns a local zoo. because he is tired of being taunted with the nickname "Pissing Patel". the writer notes parallels between the two stories: the orangutan was Pi's mother. Pi expects that the tiger will turn toward him and acknowledge him. Pi finds a human tooth inside a plant flower and concludes that the plants are carnivorous.

no matter which religion or form it comes to him.   3. Beautiful images . 4. 19-year-old Indian actor. A young Indian boy. On paragraph 3. So much so that there’s sometimes comedy in his suffering and his reflections easily can make you shed a tear. he only breaks character once. Based on the novel of ____________ B. but also self-discovery and adventure. Irrfan Khan who plays older Pi.   2.Movie Review of the Life Pi that takes us on an of Pi’ is one of thoseof stories 1. _________ 2. 4. ‘Hulk’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain’. Full of 1. does the writer have a positive or negative feeling about the integration of the theme of religion in the film? Explain your answer. Life of Pi A. Hidden Dragon’. The movie has a steady pace. This isn’t only a story about survival. has won a number of literary awards and was adapted to the big screen by director Ang Lee who’s done a bunch of diverse and memorable films such as ‘Crouching Tiger. Peter Parker aka the tiger is obviously important to the story. with a shaky start it became a best-seller. The story’s main drive is spirituality because Pi is a curious boy who grows up to be just as curious about everything and he finds some comfort in God. 5. Suraj Sharma is amazing. narrating the story is also key because he gives us much more than a narration. Directed by ____________ C. The movie is based on Spanish born novelist Yann Martel’s book. because without him the film wouldn’t be the same. Every scene has stunning images that will keep your eyes glued to the screen. What is the writer’s over-all impression about the central message of the story? 3. he gives a necessary dose of danger and the interesting connection between the two. What did the writer say about the actors’ portrayals of their characters in the film? Was he satisfied? 5. but no matter how you see it this is an extraordinary story and there’s an interesting take when speaking about the different religions. he provides extra emotion to connect the public to the film. With this one the director uses all of his previous background to produce a film that’s mainly all heart. Outlining I. This can be a family film for older kids who will surely enjoy the story as well as Examining the Structure 1. full of beautiful images and a surreal story. but it’s bearable because of the added hallucinations or florescent images we see. it does get stretched out and slowed in the middle. What information did the writer include in the beginning of the film review? 2. nicknamed Pi (Suraj Sharma) survives a shipwreck and is left with a Bengal tiger as a companion. ‘Life amazing adventure with its tale full of fantasy and spirit. but for the majority of the film he’s able to convey the struggle this boy is in not only physically but also mentally. This might strike a cord with many believers and might be a bit annoying to non-believers. There’s a lot of fantasy in this film and it poses a question that might make some think afterward. Does the film reviewer positively recommend the film? Cite evidence.

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