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incorporated in November 1995 as a wholly-owned
Government institution under the Ministry of Finance

focuses on discovering and developing new
technologies to help businesses compete better
through quality and innovation

is a champion of quality and a recognised technology
partner. As a premier total solutions provider. helping
local communities raise their incomes by improving
their businesses and trade practices

and enhance health. safety.• • • • As a Leader in Quality and Technology Development. SIRIM Berhad must: Efficiently deliver customised technology and quality solutions to MISSION industry and government and support inclusive growth through innovations Enhance customers' business competitiveness and growth through applied industrial research and technology Facilitate trade. environment and customer confidence through quality. standards and conformity assessment • A Premier Total Solution Provider in Quality and Technology Innovation VISION VISION AND MISSION .

SIRIM-Corporate Presentation 2015.ORGANIZATION CHART Figure 1: SIRIM Group Structure Source: Mimi Mastura Ahmad. . (2015).

ORGANIZATION CHART Figure 2: SIRIM Subsidiaries Source: Mimi Mastura Ahmad. SIRIM-Corporate Presentation 2015 . (2015).

an independent association of industrial research organization established under the aegis of the United Nations . SIRIM is also the secretariat of the World Association of Industrial and Technological Organizations (WAITRO).SOURCES OF RAW MATERIALS SIRIM gain their knowledge based on research papers published by research institutes and universities. SIRIM is one of the nine founding members of the Global Research Alliance (GRA). a cooperation of the leading knowledgeintensive technology organizations from nine states in four continents.







• help companies determine the best solution for their business needs .

Green-Blue Packaging Programme • packaging materials that is economically robust and provides benefit throughout its life cycle. . polluting the environment. It is a safe and sustainable product that can be disposed at landfills without treatment as well as useful for energy recovery • used non bio-degradable polystyrene food containers. which contains toxic chemicals and has been choking the drainage and sewerage system of towns and cities.

END PRODUCTS THAT SHOW THE WORK OF SIRIM AND SMES products are from the recycle papers and it has gained in the form of green packaging that reduce carbon footprint throughout entire life cycle. Example of Packaging and Labelling Products Source: Mimi Mastura Ahmad. SIRIM-Corporate Presentation 2015. (2015). .





9 billion SIRIM’s biogas project was established on Carey Island in cooperation with Sime Darby’s East Oil Mill in 2010.MARKET SHARE SIRIM BERHAD HAD COLLOBERATION WITH THE GRANULAB (M) SDN. BHD • GranuMas was commercialized especially for the medical field and demanded from the hospitals around the Malaysia. • It is a synthetic bone material based on a biocompatible material called hydroxyapatite. The project captures and stores the methane released by palm oil mill effluent (POME) so that it can be used in other applications fuel for natural gas vehicles . The local market for medical devices is expected to grow by 15.9 per cent annually and the estimate price in 2017 is RM8.

and that is the gap we aim to fill . These businesses face significant technology challenges.COLLABORATION SIRIM BERHAD WITH O&G INDUSTRY (PETROCLAMP SDN BHD) • Malaysia would like to start analysing some parts of its O&G sector • SIRIM serve Malaysian O&G vendors which would like to design and produce their own. made-in Malaysia high-end components.

COLLABORATION WITH MALAYSIA’S SEAWEED INDUSTRY • • • SIRIM has been heavily involved for recent years in seaweed. SIRIM could help on raising the incomes of rural communities in Semporna and Tawau in Sabah . which is an important source of “Carrageenan”. vegetable based alternative to gelatine that is used in various foodstuffs. toothpastes and shampoos and cosmetics Mainly centred off the coast of Semporna in Sabah and its surrounding areas High value commodity and because of the potential impact. Specifically. Eucheuma seaweed. A halal.

There are many project or research conducted by MoSTI and SIRIM such as:  Biomethane project in Carey Island  (myREMAP) Biomass that reduces the emissions of palm oil industry. GREEN TECHNOLOGY AND WATER (KETTHA) to develop a sustainability framework for Malaysian businesses Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) services and the National Eco-label Scheme . PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT & DELIVERY UNIT (PEMANDU) SIRIM already has quite a number of Entry Point Projects (EPP) that have been funded by PEMANDU. Alam MINISTRY OF ENERGY. but also gives the country an extra source of natural gas. TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION (MOSTI) MoSTI has driven the development of high-quality and high-value products in the country. such as the Energy Efficiency Testing Laboratory in Shah .MINISTRY OF SCIENCE.

SIRIM is the secretariat of the World Association of Industrial and Technological Organisations (WAITRO). We are also a founding member of the Global Research Alliance (GRA). an independent association of industrial research organisations. a cooperation of leading knowledge-intensive technology organisations from nine countries.A PARTNER WITH A GLOBAL NETWORK • • • • SIRIM is recognised worldwide as a global research and standards development organisation. .

. learning and collaboration with other agencies. • SIRIM is considered as information entrepreneur due to it has produced many products and services based on the knowledge. SIRIM is one of the most successful organizations in the field of entrepreneurship even these organizations are also trying to move to engage with a wide range of innovation and research to produce products and services that are useful to all organizations and individuals throughout the country and internationally • SIRIM is also the entrepreneurship in the field of knowledge as it also provides many courses and seminars for entrepreneurs out there in making business and produce the best product and services for a long time.CONCLUSION • In the nutshell. SIRIM has conducted various studies and numerous innovations in products and services under its own brand without the need to rely on international product and try to bring honour to the country. Mimi Mastura Ahmad.mosti. Available on 15 June 2015 from SIRIM (2015).my/about-us/ SIRIM.REFERENCES Mohd Firdaus Zahrin. Available on 14 June 2015 from http://www. Empowering Science. Portfolio of services. (2015).0. SIRIM Berhad.sirimtraining.facebook. (2015). Technology and Innovation (STI) for sustainable socio-economic development and shared properity. Available on 14 June 2015 from https://www. Available on 14 June 2015 from http://www.6581j0j7&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=0&ie=UTF-8#/ . (2014). Rynz Skincare. About (2015).com.

Access on 14 June 2015 from SIRIM Training Services Sdn Bhd. (2013) SIRIM Training Services Sdn Bhd.sirimtraining.SIRIM Training Services Sdn Bhd. Certified Quality Engineer. (2015). (2015).sirim. (2014).my/services/standards-quality-and-technical-services/ . Available on 14 June 2015 from http://www. (2015). Total Quality Management. (2015). Available on 14 June 2015 from SIRIM standard and quality and technical services.sirimtraining. Available on 14 June 2015 from http://www.sirimtraining. Introduction & Implementation ‘Total Quality Management’ by TQM SIRIM STANDARD towards TQM SIRIM SIRIM Link: driving innovation through technology and quality. Available on 16 June 2015 from http://www. Access on 14 June 2014 from SIRIM Training Services Sdn Bhd. Master of Quality Management System.