The Power of Thought as revealed by “The Messages from Water”

Dr. Masaru Emoto & Water Crystal photography

Dr. Emoto is a doctor of Alternative Medicine from Yokohama, Japan. Having been introduced to Magnetic Resonance Analysis (“micro-cluster water”) technology in U.S. he started an extensive research on a new water evaluation technology starting 1994. Took pictures of water as it freezes (at 5 ̊ C below zero) to form crystal structures.

Clean & pure water

from Yusui Springs

from Shimanto River

Polluted water

from Biwako city lake in Shiga

from Yodo city river, in Osaka

But Dr. Emoto’s experiment went beyond just photographing the molecular structure of clean & polluted water…
He photographed water samples before and after being exposed to certain kinds of MUSIC.

Beethoven’s “Pastorale”

Heavy metal rock

Furthermore, Dr. Emoto’s experiment went beyond the effect of sound vibrations on water molecular structures … What if we expose water to certain WORDS (placing water in bottles with labels overnight) ...?

“Thank You”

“You make me sick. I will kill you”

“Love & Gratitude”

“You fool” (Japanese) vs. (English)

Water crystal structure of water from Fujiwara Dam before & after being prayed over by a Shinto priest for one hour:

Before prayed over

After being prayed over



How many percent of water is the human body?

How many percent of water is the whole planet Earth?


How much then can you affect your self, your children, the people, and the world around you – with your words and your thoughts?

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