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Managerial Analysis

Presented by:

Faria Mahjabin
Zaman Arfin
Zarin Mahmood
Azmain Fairooz

Unilever At A Glance

One of the worlds largest consumer goods

companies. 400 brands, spanning 14 categories of
well-known Foods, Home Care and Personal Care
Former Name Lever Brothers
Company Type Multinational
Founder - William Hesketh Lever(late 19 century)

Short History

In 1930, Lever Brothers merged with Margarine Unie,

creating Unilever
In 2004, Unilever focused on of 21st century consumers
by introducing Vitality mission to capture Who we are
and what we stand for. Also updated and relaunched
World-class business expertise is applied internationally
to serve the needs of our consumers and customers
Operations in nearly 100 countries around the world,365
manufacturing sites across 6 continents, strong roots in
local markets and first-hand knowledge of local cultures.

Unilever in Bangladesh

Constantly bringing new and world-class products

for the Bangladeshi people to remove the daily
drudgery of life. Over 90% of the countrys
households use one or more of our products.
Unilever - 60.75% shares, Government of
Bangladesh - 39.25%
Providing employment to over 10,000 people
directly and through its dedicated suppliers,
distributors and service providers. 99.5% of UBL
employees are locals and have equal number of
Bangladeshis working abroad in other Unilever
companies as expatriates.

Our vitality mission will focus our brands on meeting
consumer needs arising from the biggest issues
around the world today ageing populations,
urbanization, changing diets and lifestyles.
We see growing consumer need for:
A healthy lifestyle
more variety, quality, taste and enjoyment
time, as an increasingly precious commodity


We work to create a better future every day.

We help people feel good, look good and get more
out of life with brands and services that are good for
them and good for others.
We will inspire people to take small everyday
actions that can add up to a big difference for the
We will develop new ways of doing business that
will allow us to double the size of our company
while reducing our environmental impact.

Unilever: Logo
In 2005, Unilever decided to change their logo to
represent their new theme of vitality. The new logo
was also planned to coincide with the 75th
anniversary of the company. The new logo tells the
story of Unilever and vitality. It brings together 25
different icons representing Unilever and its brands,
the idea of vitality and the benefits Unilever brings
to consumers. The icons are represented below

Sun: The primary natural resource. All life begins with the sun- the
ultimate symbol vitality. It evokes Unilevers origin in port of sunlight &
can represent a number of Unilever brands.
DNA: The double helix. The generic blueprint of life and a symbol of bioscience, it is a key to healthy life. The sun is the biggest ingredient of life
and DNA is the smallest.
Bee: Represent creation, pollination, hard works and bio diversity. Bees
symbolize both environmental challenges and opportunities.
Hand: A symbol of sensitivity, care and need. It represents both skin and
Flower: Represent fragrance, when seen with the hand, it represents
moisturizing cream.
Hair: A symbol of beauty and looking good. Placed next to the flower, it
evokes cleanliness and fragrances; placed near the hand it suggests
Palm Tree: A natural resource, it produces palm oil as well as many
fruits. Coconut and dates are also symbolized paralyze.

Spoon: A symbol of nutrition, tasting and cooking.

Bowl: A bowl of delicious smelling food. It can also represent a
ready meal, hot drinks or soup.
Spice & Flavors: Represent chili or fresh ingredients.
Fish: Represent food, sea or fresh water.
Sparkle: Clean, healthy and sparking with energy.
Bird: A symbol of freedom. It suggests relief from daily chores,
getting more out of life.

Recycle: Part of commitment to sustainability.

Lips: Represent beauty, looking good & taste.
Ice-cream: A treat, pleasure or enjoyment.
Tea: A plant or an extract of a plant, such as tea, also a symbol of
growing and farming.
Particles: A reference to science bubbles and fizz.
Frozen: The plant is a symbol of freshness, the snowflake represent
freezing, at transformational symbol.
Wave: Symbolize cleanliness, freshness and vigorous icon.

Liquid: A reference to clean water and purity.

Container: Symbolizes packaging- a pot of cream
associated with personal care.
Clothes: Represent fresh laundry and looking good.
Heart: A symbol of love, care and health.
Sauce or Spread: Represent mixing of stirring. It suggests
blending in flavors & adding taste.

Product categories:

Care, Fabric Cleaning,

Skin Cleansing, Skin Care, Oral Care,
Hair Care, Personal Grooming, Tea
based Beverages.

Food brands:


Home care brands:

Wheel power white

Wheel lemon white
Surf excel

Personal care brands:

Close up
Fair & lovely


Dominate the whole country.

Skilled workers & specialists.
Provide a wide range of products for customer to
Higher profit thus higher quality of product.
First moving consumer service.
Maintaining quality of the product
Offer products for all class of people.


Its productivity depends on the availability of the raw

Unilever yet could not expand their food section.
Substitutes are very much available in the market.
Unilever is so huge that it is difficult to keep tract of the
information regarding the company.
As Bangladesh is a developing country so people faces
financial crisis and they tend to spend less beauty
Local business produce cheaper product but unilever
cannot compromise with its quality thus sales falls to
come extend.

Agreement of Unilever
Govt. has a part in unilever so in case of
making any important as per
agreement a govt. official has to be
present in board of members.

Major competitors
Unilever is dominating in its own field so
does not have any major competitors.
But if we compare its revenue we have
a competitor which is square ltd. and
proctor & gamble ltd.

Swot analysis

In depth industry experience and insight.

Largest amount of share in the market.
Having a good number of established brands.
An excellent distribution network.
Competitive advantages.
Reputation all over the world.
Huge man power.
Established factory.

Swot analysis

Reliance on outside raw materials.

So many substitutes available in the market.
Lack of control in the market. If any disruption arises
between company and distributor then the whole
market suffers.
Lack of informational reliability, since the market is too

Swot analysis

Participation within a growing industry.

Utilization of changing lifestyle of people for
increasing demand.
Scope of expanding the market vertically and
Application of new tactics and surprise packages.
Niche marketing.
New product innovation.

Swot analysis

of the market challengers.

A negative effect on peoples
spending because of the current
financial crisis.
Existence of political unrest though out the

Objectives of Unilever

in market share
Clearer product differentiation
Long term brand value to customers
Creating and launching new products /
services Innovation

Unilever Bangladesh limited is one of the leading multinational companies
in Bangladesh. During our site investigation, We got an opportunity to
observe the overall activities of managing retail environment. This
report has provided some interesting insight into what kind of service
the customers and retailers are getting and what is their expectation
from Unilever Customer Development Department. It also analyzed
the perceptions of retailers like how it has helped to build the
relationship with UBL as well as increase the sales. As it can be seen
that the relationship with retailers has already strengthen now, UBL
should try to attract the customer who are not fully satisfied and bring
them to the positive side of the road so that strong relationship with
the customers should be maintained. UBL should also provide
more value to its loyal customers. Finally, we would say that this report
at UBL has increased our practical knowledge of Business
Administration and made our BBA education more complete
and applied.

Thank You !