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July/August 2015


Editors Thoughts
Intelligent Luxury
Thinking, reading, writing and gift bags. Luxury is
knowing you are safe with yourself, your soul and
those that love you safely.
Temple University 99
Peace on earth and getting rid of bad people in your
life and on Facebook works!

Stephanie Taylor


The new trend in America is

backyard agriculture. Start a
garden and raise farm animals.
Check local laws before they get
confiscated by the police!

Sports Intellectuals

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Athletic intelligence.

Thinking to write.


Science Brain

People who make style trends.

Scientists lives and experiments.

Business & Intellect

The Luxury Explorer

Business people think about their past and


Travelers find luxury in

The University


People reflect about their College &

University experience.

People driven to assist the world

through civic engagement, politics, law
and philanthropy.

camping to fine dining.

Intelligent Tech
Products that make you tech.

Art Abilities
Visual artists tell stories.
Spice, Stir & Eat
Chefs and cooks give us instructions
for us to duplicate.


The Luxury Explorer

Travelers find luxury in
camping to fine dining.

By Stephanie G. Taylor
Exercise is interesting in different aquatic environments where its you against the water, the wind and
the wake of various boats and ships. Paddling by bridges piers, piers, lighthouses, trees, and skyscrapers
behind pre-war buildings.

The Luxury Explorer

Travelers find luxury in
camping to fine dining.


Extra trees are

needed for Women
who shop on the
city to lean on to
fiddle with their
Urban planning to include women
like places by planning more
company sponsored bathrooms at
retail locations. Women, meaning me,
Stephanie thinks concrete and steel is
cold. Are women thought of when
urban landscapes are planned?


Crdit photo Piero Biasion

Co ch
ns er
ta on
Mr. Aurel Bacs and Ms. Livia Russo Firm run the Phillips watch department. Mr. Aurel Bacs, Senior
Consultant is the former Head of the International Watch department at Christie's is there to answer
questions about the watches for horology amateurs and professionals. Ms. Livia Russo co-founded the
watch consultancy firm with Mr. Aurel Bacs.
Vacheron Constantins watch, the Mtiers dArt Mcaniques Ajoures, A press release from
Vacheron Constantin revealed the new watch is similar to large European railway stations symbolising
the golden age of the industrial revolution. Vacheron Constantins Mtiers dArt Mcaniques Ajoures
enameling is Grand Feu. 1755 is when Vacheron Constantin in Jean-Marc Vacheron made the first pocket
watch, the first timepiece modern horologist discovered by the artisan watchmaker.
After pocket-watches, it began producing openworked movements for wristwatches as of the 1960s,
constantly pushing the boundaries of its art by openworking such complicated calibres as minute
repeaters, perpetual calendar and tourbillons including in ultra-thin variations, wrote
Vacheron Constantin.

A Hallmark of Geneva certified timepiece with Caliber 4400SQ in developed and manufactured by
Vacheron Constantin a mechanical, manual-winding, inside is 28.60 mm (12 ) diameter and 2.80 mm
thick as the 40 mm diameter, 7.50 mm thick case watch keeps time for maybe 65 hours power reserve
with 4Hz (28800 vibrations/hour), Mtiers dArt Mcaniques Ajoures 127 components is 21 jewels and
hand-engraved openworked caliber on front and back. Mtiers dArt Mcaniques Ajoures has a 18K
white gold watch case with a transparent sapphire crystal caseback, is water-resistance tested at a
pressure of 3 bar (approx. 30 meters). The Dail red Grand Geu opaque enameled external ring
surrounds Roman numerals. The strap is Black Mississippiensis alligator leather strap with alligator
leather inner shell and a 18k white gold buckle clasp to close the watch around your wrist. You receive
a magnifying glass when you purchase this art.

Mtiers dArt Mcaniques Ajoures by Vacheron Constantin. Photo: Vacheron Constantin

Prince Albert of Monaco supports the 6th Edition of the Only Watch 2015 auction. The Association
Monegasque contre les Myopathies, the Monaco Yacht Show, Phillips auction house and Bacs & Russo
sponsor the auction in Geneva. The auction sells 44 watches. Thats it. Horology lead to innovative
digital watches like the Apple watch, and hand made wonders like the watches to be sold at
Only Watch 2015. The Only Watch 2015 is November 7, 2015.
Vacheron Constantin is showing a Mtiers dArt Mcaniques Ajoures timepiece. Calibre 4400SQ and
Grand Feu enameling. The Roman Numerals are like large railway stations of late 19th century Europe
the press release from Vacheron Constanin stated.

Photo: Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin
Mtiers dArt Florilge

Tulip and Rose Centifolia Mtiers dArt Florilge timepieces are new to the Mtiers dArt Florilge
are Hallmark of Geneva certified timepieces run by Caliber 4400. Mechanical, manual-winding 28.6
mm (12 1/2) diameter inner is 2.8 mm thick surrounded by a case in 18K white gold thats 37 mm in
diameter and 8 mm thick.4Hz (28800 vibrations/hour) is the Mtiers dArt Florilge movement due to
its 127 components its powered for an estimated 65 hours. The dial is 18K gold. Hand-guilloch and
Grand Feu cloisonn enameling are part of the watches details. Transparent sapphire crystal
caseback and watches feature diamond-set bezel (64 round-cut diamonds for a total weight of about
0.89 carat) or 21 round-cut diamonds for a total weight of about 0.22 carat. Water-resistance tested at
a pressure of 3 bar (approx. 30 meters) is safe for showers and maybe baths. A strap thats shiny
colored Mississippiensis alligator leather, square scales and stitched-tip. A magnifying glass as well
as a dedicated brochure to better showcase the craftsmanship and the technicality behind these
Mtiers dArt creations, Vacheron Constantin writes. Gather these limited edition of 20 individually
numbered pieces. NX/5 engraved on the back of the timepiece, stated Vacheron Constantin.


Photo: Vacheron Constantin


Photo: Vacheron Constantin

...naturalism and to
the art of 19th
century British
Vacheron Constantin
The Temple of Flora by Robert John Thornton is a 1799 book depicting flowers similar to
the Vacheron Constantin Mtiers dArt Florilge. Independent miniature painter Anita
Porchet painted the watches faces. (IF to VVS) clarity and superior (D to G) color
diamonds are used for this watch.
The bezel welcomes no less than 60 baguette-cut
diamonds (totalling 1.40 carats) in the five-piece
limited edition exclusively reserved for Vacheron
Constantin Boutiques, and 64 round-cut diamonds
(0.89 carats) on the 20 watches comprising the main
collection. The precious stones are individually set
around the rim of the bezel and lend the final touch to
this masterful creation.- Vacheron Constantin



Curved Renealmia by Vacheron Constantin

Photo: Vacheron Constantin



Photo: Vacheron Constantin


A vodka that is easy to drink. Finally, something to sip before dinner. Lychee
Lemon is our favorite of the two we tasted at Shoprite Liquors. The Enchanted
Apple is good, just perhaps we expected it more like Schnapps martini. You try
and tell us about it on facebook. Search facebook Intelligent Luxury.
DeKuyper Pucker Sour Apple Schnapps. Pleasant suburbia supermarket
Shoprites wine store inside has chalk board signs and tastings of new spirits. We
also tasted wagon whiskey. Lychee is a tropical Chinese fruit.

Wagon Whiskey
Kansas Clean Distilled whiskey
was good by itself. A clear liquid
in a clear bottle.



Kattri Yellow Gold, Black & White Pearls with Diamonds


Spice, Stir & Eat

Chefs and cooks give us instructions for
us to duplicate.

Brick Lane Curry

34 Franklin Avenue Ridgewood, NJ 07450
Intelligent Luxury enjoyed selections at the buffet. except fish dishes. Always try the lunch
buffet to sample new dishes before going for dinner to order what you liked from the lunch
buffet. Chicken Tikka Masala. Saag Paneer. These two dishes were sampled by Stephanie.


Captain Darryl D-Day Walker
Captain Jesse D. Hayes, IV
(Retired) Chief Warrant Officer 4 Leroy Taylor


Captain Darryl



Darryl D-Day Walker is a native of Kittery, Maine.

He enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1985, as an Air Traffic Controller and
graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science
Degree in Professional Aeronautics. In October 1990, he was commissioned in the Navy
through Aviation Officer Candidate School and in May of 1992 he earned his Wings of
Gold as a Naval Flight Officer.
After leaving Pensacola, he reported to VS-27 Sea Wolves for training in the S-3B
Viking. Upon completion of the FRS, he reported to the World Famous Maulers of VS32 and deployed onboard the USS America (CV-66) in support of Operations Southern
Watch and Deny Flight.
In October 1996, Captain Walker reported to Commander, Sea Control Wing Atlantic for
duty as an S-3B Natops Evaluator for the east coast, serving as NFO Standardization
Officer and Maverick Subject Matter Expert. Upon completing his tour of duty at
CSCWL, he was assigned as the Flag Lieutenant to the Commander, Iceland Defense
Force and Commander, Fleet Air Keflavik.
In March 2002, he completed studies at the U.S. Naval War College Captain Walker
again reported to the World Famous Maulers of VS-32 as a department head and
deployed on the USS Enterprise (CVN-65), in support of Operations Iraqi and Enduring
Freedom. Captain Walker then reported to Commander, Naval Personnel Command as
the Viking Community Assignments Officer, and later serving as the Deputy Director, to
PERS-43. He was selected for Aviation Commander Command as an EA-6B direct entry
Executive Officer and was slated to the Cougars of VAQ-139 and deployed on board the
USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76).
He assumed Command in March 2009 and again deployed the squadron in support of
OEF with a 100% combat sortie completion rate and the commands recognition as CVWP
Prowler Tactical Excellence Award winner for 2009.
In May 2010, Captain Walker reported as the Diversity Directorate to Commander,
Naval Air Forces and detached in March 2012. Captain Walker reported to CVWP as
Deputy Commodore in September of 2012. He assumed command of CVWP in January,
His awards include the Meritorious Service Medal (two awards), Strike Flight Air
Medal (two awards), Joint Srvice Commendation, Navy Commendation Medal (two
awards), Navy Achievement Medal, and various unit and campaign awards. He has
accumulated over 3,000 hours and 686 carrier arrested landings.

Jesse D. Hayes, IV

Jesse D. Hayes IV, System Safety Engineer for The

Boeing Company an Eagle Scout and a 1985 graduate
of the United States Air Force Academy. As a senior
navigator, he rose to the rank of major and logged
over 3,300 flying hours in C-130E/H and HC-130P
aircraft including 150 in combat during the Gulf War.
Educated in Astronautical Engineering, he has led
design, test and analysis projects for Space Shuttle,
International Space Station and Constellation
Programs at NASA Johnson Space Center. He is
currently a lead engineer for development of the new
USAF Tanker the KC-46A and the Boeing 777X.
Growing up in Houston, TX, he was first introduced to
aviation at the age of 6 by the Bronze Eagles Flying
Club in 1968. His first solo was at the age of 15.
He remained connected to general aviation while in
the Air Force and helped start a new chapter of Black
Pilots of America (BPA): the Arkansas Thunderbirds.
While living in Waco, TX, he started the Bronze Eagles
Flying Clubs Waco Region and the annual Waco
Youth Fly-In.

Now a resident of Washington State, he has introduced BPA to the Puget Sound area . As President of
the Red-tailed Hawks Flying Club (RTH) BPA, he leads the RTH Youth Program that uses aviation to
promote STEM education. He is also the Youth Program coordinator for the Sam Bruce Chapter,
Tuskegee Airmen Inc. With over 40 years of aviation and space operations experience, introducing
youth to the aerospace industry is his ministry. He is married to Leah Hayes and has six children and
four grandchildren.


(Retired) Chief Warrant

Officer 4 Leroy Taylor

(Retired) Chief Warrant Officer 4 Leroy Taylor

Chief Warrant Officer 4 is a senior-level experts in their
chosen field. They primarily support battalion, brigade,
division, corps, and echelons above corps operations. CW4s
typically have special mentorship responsibilities for other
WOs and provide essential advice to commanders on WO
issues, says
(Retired) Chief Warrant Officer 4 Leroy Taylor, helicopter
pilot, was born in Manhattan to a truck driver and mother
from Manhattan. His fathers parents were from Barbados
and his mothers parents were from St. Kitts. (Retired)
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Leroy Taylors grandfather was a
chef for Horn & Hardartt, an automat. Flying planes
became his talent after he read an advertisement in the
local newspaper in Rockland County, New York, offering
flying lessons at Spring Valley Airport in New York when he
was only 16-years old. He is still flying!
The G.I. Bill provided (Retired) Chief Warrant Officer 4
Leroy Taylor with an Embry-Riddle University Associate
Degree. He served for the U.S. Army as a helicopter pilot all
around the earth including Germany, Panama, Egypt and
Key West, Florida.


By Stephanie G. Taylor
DesignworksUSA designs plane interiors for Boeing Business Jets, Embraer and Dassault Aviation,
DesignworksUSA decorates for the business traveler flying the Boeing 777-300ER on selected
between Singapore and London says DesignWorks USA in a written statement.
In First Class the topics are luxury, infotainment and the service quality that is expressed by design.
Efficiency and functionality have priority, says Laurenz Schaffer, President of DesignworksUSA.
Our studios in Los Angeles, Shanghai and Munich worked very closely together on these projects.
Our global locations and our long standing presence in Asia helped us to meet the demands of
Singapore Airlines, as well as the expectations of international flight passengers, Schaffer
indicated. Singapore Airlines seats designed by DesignworksUSA is 35 inches in width of bed
length from 80 to 82 inches in length. With clients including Coca Cola, Dassault Aviation,
Embraer, John Deere, HP, Microsoft, Sennheiser, Siemens, Singapore Airlines, Intermarine, and
Varian Medical Systems, Designworks is deeply immersed in a broad cross-section of industries,
Designworks shared with Intelligent Luxury in a press release.
Designworks will share future of mobility case studies during the transportation focused panels
along with other participants including Virgin, Uber, Boeing, and more, says Designworks on the
news section of their website. Designworks will be at the The Think Big Festival in Coeur d Alene,
Idaho at North Idaho College on August 20 -22, 2015.


Air Interior Design

Photo: BMW


Lamman Rucker & American Heart Association


Breitling for Bentley Bentley B06 S

The Bentley B06
A special S version with a 44 mm diameter timepiece case is for men who like Bentleys and watches.
The bezel resembles the famous Bentley radiator grills of the Bentley B06 S watch with a 30second chronograph patented by Breitling in 1926.


Bentley B06 S
The Bentley B06 S is in steel or red gold. It has strap in leather, crocodile or rubber, says


Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation

The BMW M3 in "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (03/2015). 2015 PARAMOUNT PICTURES. ALL

Movie spies drive BMW?


Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) on the BMW S 1000 RR in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation from Paramount
Pictures and Skydance Productions (07/2015). 2015 PARAMOUNT PICTURES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) with the BMW S 1000 RR in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation from
Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions (07/2015). 2015 PARAMOUNT PICTURES. ALL RIGHTS


Tom Cruise attends the world premiere of 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' at the Opera House (Wiener
Staatsoper) on July 23, 2015 in Vienna, Austria (07/2015). (Photo by Franziska Krug/Getty Images for BMW)


Simon Pegg and Tom Cruise arrive in the new BMW 7 Series at the world premiere of 'Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation' at the Opera House (Wiener Staatsoper) on July 23, 2015 in Vienna, Austria (07/2015). (Photo
by Franziska Krug/Getty Images for BMW)


HBCU China
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) today signed a three-year agreement with the China
Education Association for International exchange to form the HBCU Chinese Universities Collaboration
Alliance (the Alliance). The Alliance is formed from 100 universities in the U.S. and China committed to
providing opportunities for student and faculty exchanges between the two countries. The agreement was
signed as a part of activities for the 6th Annual U.S.-China High-Level Consultation on People-to-People
Exchange (CPE) held at the State Department. The signing was witnessed by China's Vice Minister Hao Ping
and U.S. Under Secretary Richard Stengel.
"For HBCUs, this important international education Alliance with Chinese universities offers opportunities for
America's diverse students to study abroad, and better learn how to prepare themselves to participate in our
highly competitive and evolving globalized world," said Dr. David Wilson, president of Morgan State University,
and Chairman of the HBCU Network. "Today's event is the culmination of much hard work and evolving
relationships, beginning in 2013 with high-level introductions in Beijing by the China-U.S. Exchange
The agreement and official formation of the Alliance solidifies the 1,000 scholarships awarded to HBCU
students by China's Vice Premier Madam Liu Yandong in November 2013. The financial commitment from the
Chinese government covers the cost of tuition, room and board for 1,000 students from HBCUs to study
inChina, effective fall 2014 and is valued at between $1.2 million USD to $5 million USD within four years.
The HBCU China Scholarship Network was formed in 2014 to facilitate implementation of the scholarships.
To date, there are 43 HBCUs in the Network, and it is managed by Wilson Global Communications.
Wilson Global Communications is one of the leading international public relations and communications
consulting firms specializing in strategic cross-cultural relationship building services between the United
Statesand various countries in Africa and Europe, China, and Brazil.


Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) today signed a three-year agreement with the China
Education Association for International exchange to form the HBCU Chinese Universities Collaboration
Alliance (the Alliance). The Alliance is formed from 100 universities in the U.S. and China committed to
providing opportunities for student and faculty exchanges between the two countries. The agreement was
signed as a part of activities for the 6th Annual U.S.-China High-Level Consultation on People-to-People
Exchange (CPE) held at the State Department. The signing was witnessed by China's Vice Minister Hao Ping
and U.S. Under Secretary Richard Stengel.
"For HBCUs, this important international education Alliance with Chinese universities offers opportunities for
America's diverse students to study abroad, and better learn how to prepare themselves to participate in our
highly competitive and evolving globalized world," said Dr. David Wilson, president of Morgan State University,
and Chairman of the HBCU Network. "Today's event is the culmination of much hard work and evolving
relationships, beginning in 2013 with high-level introductions in Beijing by the China-U.S. Exchange
The agreement and official formation of the Alliance solidifies the 1,000 scholarships awarded to HBCU
students by China's Vice Premier Madam Liu Yandong in November 2013. The financial commitment from the
Chinese government covers the cost of tuition, room and board for 1,000 students from HBCUs to study in
China, effective fall 2014 and is valued at between $1.2 million USD to $5 million USD within four years.
The HBCU China Scholarship Network was formed in 2014 to facilitate implementation of the scholarships.
To date, there are 43 HBCUs in the Network, and it is managed by Wilson Global Communications.
Wilson Global Communications is one of the leading international public relations and communications
consulting firms specializing in strategic cross-cultural relationship building services between the United
States and various countries in Africa and Europe, China, and Brazil.
Source: Wilson Global Communications


HBCUS in China Exchange

Harris-Stowe State University
Alabama Agricultural and
St. Louis, MO
Mechanical University
Huntsville, AL
Howard University
Washington, DC
Bennett College
Greensboro, NC
Huston-Tillotson University
Austin, TX
Bluefield State College
Bluefield, WV
Jackson State University
Jackson, MS
Bowie State University
Jarvis Christian College
Bowie, MD
Hawkins, TX
Claflin University
Kentucky State University
Orangeburg, SC
Frankfort, KY
Clark Atlanta University
Langston University
Atlanta, GA
Langston, OK
Clinton College
Livingstone College
Salisbury, NC
Rock Hill, SC
Morehouse College
Dillard University
Atlanta, GA
New Orleans, LA
Morgan State University
Fayetteville State University
Baltimore, MD
Fayettevile, NC
North Carolina Agricultural
Fisk University
and Technical University
Nashville, TN
Greensboro, NC
Florida Agricultural and MechanicalNorth Carolina Central
Durham, NC
Tallahasee, FL
Oakwood University
Florida Memorial University
Huntsville, AL
Miami Gardens, FL
Philander Smith College
Fort Valley State University
Little Rock, AR
Fort Valley, GA
Hampton University
Hampton, VA

Saint Augustines University
Raleigh, NC
Savannah State University
Savannah, GA
Shaw University
Raleigh, NC
Spelman College
Atlanta, GA
Tennessee State University
Nashville, TN
Texas Southern University
Houston, TX
The Lincoln University (PA)
Lincoln University, PA
Tougaloo College
Tougaloo, MS
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluf
Pine Bluf, AR
University of the District of
Washington, DC
University of Maryland Eastern
Princess Anne, MD
University of the Virgin Islands
St. Thomas and St. Croix, US Virgin
Virginia State University
Petersburg, VA
Virginia Union University
Richmond, VA
Xavier University of Louisiana
New Orleans, LA


Intelligent Luxury News

Lestor Holt is the new host of NBC Nightly News.
Mr. Bradford Williams is the new chair of Weber Shandwicks , Global Technology. "Brad's
talents are unmatched when it comes to helping the world's leading brands tell their stories and
navigate an incredibly dynamic and ever-changing technology landscape," said Gail Heimann,
president, Weber Shandwick. "He has made a significant impact on the Technology practice and
our firm as a whole since taking the helm as North America leader. I'm certain that his
extraordinary leadership will deliver high value to us and our clients as he steps into this global
"I'm deeply committed to making Weber Shandwick the preeminent communications partner
for technology companies worldwide," Williams said. "I'm very proud to be leading an
incredibly talented and diverse global team that continually challenges itself to deliver
breakthrough strategic and creative thinking for our clients. I'm excited to continue our
agency's strong growth while enabling our clients to tell their stories more effectively at a time
when the technology landscape is more dynamic and unpredictable than ever."
Weber Shandwick is part of the Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG). For more information, visit

The American Business Awards awarded 5W Public Relations with a Silver Stevie Award in the
Agency of the Year category in The 13th Annual American Business Awards in Chicago this
summer. 5WPR is a n independent company who is the recipient of this award for the last three
years. The gives awards to businesses who solve issues in companies.
"We are very excited to have been honored with a Silver Stevie Award as Agency of the Year,"
said Ronn Torossian, 5W Public Relations CEO. "As an agency, we have remained committed to
growing our service offerings to match clients' changing business needs as the marketing and
communications landscape evolves. This award is a testament to our success in achieving that
goal and remaining a best in class partner for our clients agency-wide."

Nordstrom, Inc. (NYSE: JWN) told us Tanya Domier, chief executive officer of Advantage
Sales & Marketing LLC (ASM) was elected to the company's Board of Directors for a 1 year
term. "Tanya brings a successful track record leading a customer-driven business and we are
delighted to add her experience to our talented and diverse Board of Directors," said
Enrique Hernandez, Jr., Chairman of the Board of Directors for Nordstrom. "We are
confident Tanya's focus on the customer makes her a terrific addition to our team and her
contributions will help us achieve our long-term goals and optimize shareholder returns."


HKTDC Hong Kong

Fashion Week for

HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer Collections

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council hosted the 22nd HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week that
showed Spring/Summer Collections from July 6th through July 9th, 2015 at the Hong Kong Convention
and Exhibition Centre. 1,200 exhibitors who work for businesses in 20 countries and regions showed
their apparel to 74 countries 16,000 buyers. The theme was Tribal Safari Into the Wild. The zones
included the largest, the Fashion Gallery, the International Fashion Designers Showcase showed avant
garde , the Men In Style zone and Infant & Children's Wear, Active & Swim Wear were shown by
exhibitors. At the 22nd HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week designers are for stylish, intelligent clothing
collectors from the United States and beyond. Fashionally and the Brand Collection runway shows were
watched by attendees..
The Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer events discussed trends with Fashion Snoop and
WGSN Group. The WGSN Group tells us on their website, Never miss a trend. As you begin your new
season, WGSN guides you through the top trends, silhouettes, materials, and colours specific to your
market. Ensure that you and your team have the inspiration and clear direction you need to create
leading edge, market-right product. Global and local trends were discussed at the Buyers Forum and
Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA) discussed technology for an entire day
In recent years, many young and budding fashion designers around the world have made it their goal
to launch their own labels. This edition of Fashion Week welcomed more than 100 designers to present
their creations and products and, at the same time, explore different sales channels at the fair such as
online retailing, said HKTDC Acting Executive Director Benjamin Chau. Many e-tailers were attracted
to source at the Fashion Week. This trend is expected to remain prevalent.
Designers at HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion week, like Derek Chang s DEMO collection are there to
introduce themselves to international buyers. If you need clothing for your apparel retail store, you
should attend Hong Kong Fashion week.


HKTDC Hong Kong International Win

e & Spirits Fair
Short Film



Intelligent Luxury Symposium 2015

featuring Sports, Music, Fashion, Travel, Cuisine, Literature, Design, Film &
Media Intellectuals. Tentative Dates: Tuesday, August 18th,
2015 & Wednesday, August 19th, 2015
New York /New Jersey Tri-State Area

Pay for sponsorship on

All events will be filmed for Intelligent Luxury TV.

Luxury Sports
Luxury Music
Luxury Fashion
Luxury Travel
Luxury Cuisine
Luxury Literature
Luxury Design
Luxury Film
Luxury Media

Diamond Title Sponsorship $4,000,000 (Maximum: 1)

1 brand name printed on the cover of the special event brochure.

10 signs at entrance and 1 banner on stage.
1 brand name on the exterior of luxury gift bags.
A limit of 10 products and promotional items in gift bags.
2 booths dedicated for product display in the boutiques pavilion.
20 tickets to private events, dinners, lunches and panels.
Name on potential media advertisements, radio, local television, internet,
newspapers and magazines.
All sponsors
names will be
included in press
Pearl Sponsorship $2,000,000 (Maximum: 20 )
releases about
5 signs inside the event.
1 page advertisement in printed event magazine.
A limit of 5 products and promotional items in gift bags.
1 booth dedicated to product display in boutiques pavilion.
5 tickets to private events, dinners, lunches and panels.

Full Symposium Ticket Package

$4,000 per ticket.

Turquoise Sponsorship $100,000

(Maximum: 20)
1 sign inside the event.
Exhibitor name and website listing in
special event brochure.
1 booth dedicated to product display in
boutiques pavilion.
2 tickets to dinners, lunches and panels.

CDMX-Mexico Baloon
By Stephanie G. Taylor
The Mexico City Tourism Promotion Fund (Fondo Mixto de Promocion Turistica del Distrito Federal) says the
first hot air balloon with the CDMX-Mexico City Brand "Altar a la Patria" was launched this summer on the
Bosque deChapultepec (forest), in Mexico's capital city. CDMX s balloon will travel the world for balloon
lovers to see.
Lorraine, France - July 24 to August 2
Bristol, England August 6 to 9
Berneveld, Netherlands August 19 to 22
Reno, Nevada, USA September 11 to 13
Albuquerque, New Mexico - October 3 to 11
Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico - November 13 to 16
Pilot Mariel Merino, a Mexican pilot with expansive experience in balloon flight and who holds certifications
from the DGAC Mexico and the Federal Aviation Administration.
For more information on travel to Mexico City, visit or
Seven centures of history to learn about at more than 150 museums and more than 180 galleries, 30 distinct
archaeological and historic sites, says The Mexico City Tourism Promotion Fund(Fondo Mixto de Promocion
Turistica del Distrito Federal).


Several science fiction stories start at the bottom of the sea. NASA
will sent an international crew to the Atlantic Oceans floor on about
July 20 for the 14-day NASA Extreme Environment Mission
Operations (NEEMO) 20 NEEMO 20 is an oceanic expedition to
prepare for to practice for space missions.


"The NEEMO team is particularly excited about this mission as it is a

huge milestone to have achieved 20 missions at Aquarius over the
past 15 years," NEEMO Project Lead Bill Todd said. "Living and
working in the highly operational, isolated and extreme environment
of the aquatic realm has provided significant science and engineering
for the benefit of human spaceflight. It has also clearly proven to be
as close to spaceflight as is possible here on Earth."
The mission will test time delays in communications due to the
distance of potential mission destinations. The crew also will assess
hardware sponsored by the European Space Agency (ESA) that allows
crew members to read the next step in a procedure without taking
their hands or eyes away from the task using a tablet, a smartphone
and a head-mounted interface.

ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano

commands the NEEMO 20 mission
aboard the Aquarius laboratory and
NASA astronaut Serena Aunon, NASA
EVA Management Office engineer
David Coan and Japan Aerospace
Exploration Agency astronaut
Norishige Kanai are members of this
team aboard the Aquarius laboratory.
NEEMOs crew and two professional
habitat technicians live 62 feet (19
meters) in the Atlantic Ocean in
Florida International University's
Aquarius Reef Base located 6.2 miles
(5.4 nautical miles) from the coast of
Key Largo, Florida.
Discover more about NEEMO, the
crews and links visit: for more information o
r watch the under water NASA FIU expe
detion live at


Richard Waycott, CEO,

Almond Board of California
Bob Curtis, Director,
Agricultural Affairs, Almond
Board of California

33% reduction in water use

by almond growers in
California planned by
Almond Board of California.


Intelligent Luxury News

PR Lions
"Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger YES, YES, YES"
Wendy's with VML and Ketchum
"The Dancing Traffic Light"

Ketchum won a Bronze Cannes Lion award

for Fashion Revolution "The 2-Euro T-Shirt A
Social Experiment" in the Charity and Not-forProfit category at the 62nd annual
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativi
in Cannes, France. "The Cannes Lion
represents the very best in creative marketing

Daimler AG with BBDO Group Germany and Ketchum

from across the globe, and it's thrilling to see


the names of our client's campaign engraved


on that trophy," said Rob Flaherty, senior

"Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger YES, YES, YES"

Wendy's with VML and Ketchum

partner, CEO and president of Ketchum. "I am

proud that Ketchum was not only one of the
first PR firms to win a Cannes Lion award in
2009, but six years later we continue to be
recognized not just among other PR firms

"Unpaid Spokesperson"

but among firms across the entire marketing

truth campaign with Ketchum, 72andSunny and Assembly

communications spectrum."


Promo & Activation Lions

"The 2-Euro T-Shirt A Social Experiment"


Fashion Revolution with Ketchum Pleon and BBDO Group

"The 2-Euro T-Shirt A Social Experiment"


Fashion Revolution with BBDO Group Germany,


Ketchum and UNIT9

"The Dancing Traffic Light"

Creative Effectiveness Lions

Daimler AG with BBDO Group Germany and Ketchum Pleon

"Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger YES, YES, YES"


Wendy's with VML, Ketchum, Starcom Mediavest


Group and Liquid 9

Frito-Lay with Ketchum

Outdoor Lions



Samsung Electronics Belgium with Ketchum and Content

"The 2-Euro T-Shirt A Social Experiment"

Fashion Revolution with BBDO Group Germany,
Ketchum and UNIT9 (Source: Ketchum)


The Luxury Explorer

Travelers find luxury in
camping to fine dining.
TripAdvisor gave
Courtyard Philadelphia South at The N
avy Yard
a 2015 Certificate of Excellence
award. "It gives us great pleasure to
receive this award from TripAdvisor,"
said Derek Beckman, general manager
The Roots is a band from Philadelphia

Courtyard Philadelphia South at The

Navy Yard

of Courtyard Philadelphia South at

The Navy Yard. "As a fairly new hotel,
it feels great to read reviews and
know we've made such a positive,
lasting impression on our guests. We
look forward to continuing to exceed
their expectations with the best

This hotel features a business center with Mac computers and The Bistro at Courtyard Philadelphia
South at The Navy Yard restaurant is where you can also purchase Starbucks coffee. The Galley Cafe,
Jahroka sells Steven Smith Teas and vegetarian entrees; and Urban Shop 343 menu states gluten free
cuisine, sushi and stir fry.
Stay at the Courtyard Philadelphia South at The Navy Yard when you are in Philadelphia for an event
at the Wells Fargo Arena, Lincoln Financial Field and Citizens Bank Park. A short trip north brings
you to Independence Hall and other historical landmarks like the Liberty Bell. Center City and its
convention centers are a short ride North too. The Navy Yards restaurants and waterfront views are
nearby. The Courtyard Philadelphia South at The Navy Yard at 1001 Intrepid Ave. in Philadelphia, PA.
is 5 floors with 164 rooms, 8 suites, 3 meeting rooms with 1,838 square feet of total event space, a
bistro and fitness center. Visit
Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia

Photos: The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (PHLCVB)

Courtyard Philadelphia
South at The Navy Yard

Courtyard Philadelphia South at The Navy Yard has received TripAdvisor's 2015 Certificate of Excellence award for earning rave guest reviews and maintaining an
overall rating of at least four out of five over the last 12 months. For information, or call 1-215-644-9200.
(PRNewsFoto/Courtyard Philadelphia South at The Navy Yard)


Simon Launch
By Stephanie G Taylor
Simon Property Group started the 'Simon Launch' retail startup competition. Simon says LimeSpot
Solutions, Rank & Style, and SKU IQ won the competition. Winners of the 'Simon Launch' competition have
received a co-investment from Simon Venture Group and Plug and Play, a global investor and technology
accelerator, and have been accepted into Plug and Play's Retail Accelerator Program in Silicon Valley, Simon
Property Group explained to Intelligent Luxury in a press release. "Simon Venture Group is unique to the
industry and underscores our commitment to investing in retail innovation," added Mikael Thygesen, Chief
Marketing Officer of Simon. Simon Venture Group is part of Simon Property Group, the largest retail real
estate firm in America and invests in brick and mortar, online and mobile companies who stir the interest of
shoppers with technology. Companies can
"The high levels of interest and participation in this competition illustrate the excitement around nextgeneration retail technologies," said J. Skyler Fernandes, Managing Director of Simon Venture Group. "We
are particularly excited to be working with our 'Simon Launch' winners and are committed to helping them
grow and become even more successful." is Simon Venture Groups website. Companies should visit Simon Venture Groups
website to find out if they are able to enter the next Simon Launch contest.


Simon Venture Group invested

in these companies.

Augmate, a platform for building enterprise applications for wearable devices,

focused on deskless workers, including those in the retail, warehouse, and
logistics space.
Deliv, a same-day and on-demand delivery platform for retail.
Fashion Project, an online clothing donation platform and a marketplace for
buying clothes for up to 90% off.
Fuhu, creator of the nabi tablet, the world's first Android tablet built for kids.
Jifiti, an app and platform for simplifying the gifting process.
Le Tote, an online clothing rental platform.
Miner, the "everywhere store," aggregating brands and locations to create a
localized e-commerce shopping experience.
Sensity, an Internet of Things Network that is connected over lighting
infrastructure where multiple sensors and apps can be deployed.
ShopKick, a geo-targeted offers and rewards app.
Union Station, bridesmaid dresses for rent and groomsmen accessories.
Ziploop, a mobile smart wallet.
Source: Simon Property Group


Spice, Stir & Eat

Photo: PDO Manchego Cheese

By Stephanie Taylor
The "Queso tipo Manchego" Mexican Cheese is in boutique grocers in the
United States "Manchego" and is the Mexican cheese thats different from
the original Spanish PDO Manchego Cheese. "You can taste the difference
and recognize it by its appearance," the President of the Regulating Council,
Ignacio Barco told Intelligent Luxury in a written statement.


If the cheese is not made in La Mancha, Spain, it's not real Manchego. La Mancha, a region located in
the heart of Spain, is where Manchega sheep chew Spanish grass. Manchego cheese can only be
produced with milk from this exclusive sheep, a breed which has remained the same throughout the
centuries and which gives a very unique taste to its milk.If it doesn't meet the following criteria, it's
not real Manchego, Manchego tells us.
Manchego says cheese eaters should eat a piece of cheese and taste if its spongy, creamy, curdy,
crumbly, grainy, or even crystallized, said Manchego. Aged from 2 months to up to 2 years,
Manchego cheeses taste fluctuates.


Team Oppenheimer
By Stephanie G. Taylor
Investing for wealth with guidance from an advisor is good for success. Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs)
at OppeheimerFunds manages client's investment portfolio.
"RIAs represent a growing and extremely important client segment for OppenheimerFunds," said Matt Straut,
the firm's Head of the RIA Channel. "We've assembled a talented team that has the deep industry experience
and client-centric approach to provide RIAs with investment and thought leadership content. This allows
OppenheimerFunds to assist RIAs in growing or running a more efficient practice."
OppenheimerFunds, including its subsidiaries, manages more than $240 billion in assets for over 13 million
shareholder accounts, including sub-accounts, as of May 31, 2015, states OppenheimerFunds in a written press
release. Founded in 1959, OppenheimerFunds started in 1959 and now has 14 teams to control your portfolio
and its mutual funds. OFI Global Asset Management assist institutions investment portfolio. Visit to read more about their teams for financial investing leadership.

Director of Custodial Platforms Mike Sussman
Senior Advisor Consultants: James Concepcion, Mid-Atlantic; Mike Dennehy, Northeast; Dan Jarema, Midwest;
Brian McGinty, Mountain West; Kyle Najerian, West; and Keith Watts, Southeast
Regional Advisor Consultants: Rico Castelda, Southeast and Midwest; Seth Guenther, West and Mountain West;
and Matt Trimble, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic
Client Service Manager Izaak Mendelson

"Matt and his team have the extensive knowledge of the business that enables them to deliver the full range of
our resources and capabilities to the RIA community," said John McDonough, Head of Distribution at
OppenheimerFunds about the registered investor advisor team.


"This is a very unique situation where we

have a national television show producing
unique, special segments for the in-theater







Bloom. "We are offering fans an entirely

new way to connect with the show and
interact with its hosts, and giving brands
more innovative ways to connect with
audiences. We look forward to working









theater entertainment with digital and

By Stephanie G. Taylor

television content."

Front & Center movie theater pre-show puts

Name that Flick is a movie theater trivia

companies in front of luxury consumers

show telling audiences about soon to be

who attend the movies.

40 Foot Solutions

released summer movies produced with

creates entertaining programs for movie

partner @hollywood and sponsored by


State Farm.





A Day in the Life

Developed in alliance

"Coming on the heels of a very successful

with @hollywood, A Day in the Life gives

upfront event, and the backdrop of a very

moviegoers an inside look at Hollywood

robust second quarter, 40 Foot Solutions

through the lens of someone who regularly

group continues to be a major accelerant to

covers it, @hollywood's Charlie Berens.

help our sales team drive incremental

The program debuts in June 2015 and will

revenue," said John McCauley, EVP, CMO &

feature one of the hottest smartphones

Strategic Alliances, Screenvision. "Given the


value of our audience, difficulty in finding

high impact scale, and desire to tap into
content marketing, we are not surprised by
the demand for 40 Foot Solutions. The focus
of augmenting the unrivaled impact of





integrations is proving to be very powerful."






Screenvision for the past couple of years

on branded content and programming. The
in-cinema environment is ripe for a variety
of creative formats, and through our
@hollywood programming we continue to
explore all opportunities where we can use

Shows Hollywood Today Live, The Gifting

our access to Hollywood to develop new

Suite is created by BiteSizeTV, the company's

ways to connect brands with the in-theater

nationally syndicated TV program, is hosted


Amanda Salas and Kristen Brockman.







Technically Speaking with Andy Riesmeyer

shows the newest technology available to
tech consumers at the movies


sponsored content featuring the cuttingedge tech features of the new Ford Edge.








advertising, in-lobby promotions and








40 Foot solutions SVP and Executive

advertisers on 14,300 screens at 2,300+

Creative Director is Matt Arden.

theater locations across all 50 states.


has been a significant catalyst and game

changer for our business," said McCauley.
"I have had the opportunity to work with




throughout my career, and I would place

Matt right at the top. In addition to his





understanding of our business and our









including our very talented Rochester






capabilities to our arsenal. He is driving

our 40 Foot Solutions group to new

Screenvisions promotional video says

85% of movie audiences view cinema
advertisements and that the movies is




This summer Screenvision renewed

contracts with 328 screens with five
exhibitor partners: Flagship Cinemas,
Paragon Theaters, UltraStar Cinemas,
Empire Cinemas and The Birmingham
Theatre, Screenvision applauded in a



continues to strengthen its network

and offer advertisers a stable and
secure platform that has a truly




"The 40 foot movie screen creates the

Schaffer, Executive Vice President,

biggest impact a brand can have in

Operations and Exhibitor Relations,

media," said Arden. "This is an exciting

Screenvision. Were very pleased that

time as brands continue to seek content

our exhibitor partners continue to

solutions that complement their ad buys


and provide a greater share of voice. 40

cinema advertising, and Screenvision

Foot Solutions is poised to maximize that

in particular, especially following the


excitement that our upfront event








Bob Schieffer
A Nations News King Leaves the Throne

Bob Schieffer is a 6 time Emmy Award winning

Schieffer, a moderator of several presidential



debates, including those in 2004, 2008 and 2012,

Washington, D.C. from CBS on the news show

said, "I've been a fan of Poynter for many years

"Face the Nation" .

The 40th Anniversary

and am well aware of the important services it

Bowtie Ball for the Poynter Institute on October

provides our profession, so it is truly an honor

9, 2015 in St. Petersburg, Florida will honor Mr.

to be the first recipient of this award."





Schieffer with the first Poynter Medal for

Lifetime Achievement in Journalism.


Schiefffer hosted the Saturday CBS Evening

News, 1973 to 1996 and the Evening News
during the week for approximately a year
starting in 2005. Mr. Schieffer retired in May

Speaking, engaging with students and faculty at

Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and
Public Policy at Harvard University about the






retirement activity for three semesters

after he worked for CBS for 46 years. He was

The Poynter Medal for Lifetime Achievement

the chief Washington correspondent since 1982.

will be an annual award recognizing the

Poynter's National Advisory Board from 2007 to

outstanding career achievements of a journalist

2010 was honored to have Mr. Schieffer serve.

whose work made a lasting impact serving

The Leadership Academy students in 2003 and

citizens in our democracy, Poynter Institute

2006 were taught by Bob Schieffer


"As the first recipient, Bob Schieffer sets a very

high standard for the Poynter Medal for

Lifetime Achievement in Journalism that serves





"It's fitting that Bob would receive this honor on

Bob Schieffer's

the year of his retirement, after an incredible

Face the Nation: My Favorite Stories from

46-year run at CBS News as one of the most

the First 50 Years of the Award-Winning

trusted and distinguished broadcast journalists

News Broadcast

of this or any other era. He's literally done it all,

This Just In: What I Couldn't Tell You on TV,

and he's done it with humility, grace,

professionalism and even a sense of humor.

Bob Schieffer's America.

He's an American and journalism original."

The Acting President, Bob Schieffer with

Gary Paul Gates


National Car Rental

PGA Pro-Am Series
National Car Rental, the Official Rental Car of the

Series and winners of each tournament will be

PGA of America and Golf Channel's Matt Ginella

entered to win a grand prize VIP golf outing with

tell golfers about the best golf courses in America

three members of the Bradley family Keegan,

on Stories about golf courses

Mark, and for the first time this year, Pat Bradley,

beautiful details and videos about golf are also on

winner of six LPGA major golf championships,

the website.

writes National Car Rental.

"Golf is the unofficial game of business, and we've

heard from our 'road warrior' customers that they
often bring their clubs along when they travel," said
Rob Connors, vice president of brand marketing for
National Car Rental. "We're excited to partner with
Matt Ginella to offer travelers an exclusive look at
great golf destinations they may want to explore on
their next trip."





National Car Rental PGA Pro-Am Series,


started in March and ends in October.The amateur

tournaments are held in different cities in America.







Championship, and his father, PGA Professional

Mark Bradley serve as ambassadors for the ProAm Series, and have created exclusive videos for covering topics from Keegan's
favorite courses to instructional golf tips.
The National Car Rental PGA Pro-Am Series was
created in 2014 by National and the PGA of
America to help further the PGA's mission to grow
interest and participation in the game of golf at the
grassroots level. More than 10,000 amateur golfers
are expected to participate in this year's Pro-Am


Jane Whitman, 1.800.721.1149 FREE,

Tea Forte Luxury Allure Steeps Global Growth (PRNewsFoto/Tea Forte)


National Society of Hispanic

Conference & Career Expo
presented by Lincoln Motor Company

The National Society of Hispanic MBAs

Lincoln Motor Company as their 2015
NSHMBA Conference & Career Expo
Automotive Partner
Chicago, IL on October 8 10, 2015
Test drive the all-new Lincoln MKX and
test drivers will receive a luxury gift.
"NSHMBA represents the essence of
Hispanic professional excellence in
Multicultural Marketing Manager, the
Lincoln Motor Company. "Lincoln's
partnership with the organization
illustrates our admiration

for uniqueness and achievement reflected

in our brand as well as our support for
Hispanic professionals."
"In order for Hispanic students and
professionals to build successful careers
in this ever-changing economy, they need
professional advice on how to leverage
the unique opportunities afforded to
them," said NSHMBA Interim CEO
Thomas Savino. "NSHMBA, alongside with
the Lincoln Motor Company and our
other sponsors, is here to provide
professional development and as many
opportunities as possible to succeed."


Art Deco

The Fisher Building, Detroit, Michigan (PRNewsFoto/HFZ

Capital Group)

HFZ Capital Group purchased the 28-story Fisher Building and the 11-story Albert Kahn Building designed
by deceased architect Albert Kahn for $12.2 million U.S. dollars.

It purchased the building with REDICO, a

HFZ Capital Group

real estate development firm located in Southfield, Michigan.

"HFZ has a long standing reputation and expertise in revitalizing historic properties, many of which have
been designed by the great architects of their time. Adding the Fisher Building and the Albert Kahn
Building to our portfolio is consistent with our strategy of renovating or repositioning some of the country's
greatest historic landmarks and architectural gems," Adam Feldman, manager of the transaction,
concluded. Ressurecting Detroits center district is the primary goal of this purchase and proposed
development plans. Office, retail and residential accompanied by Fisher Theater with 2,000 seats are
needed to attract professionals to live and work in Detroit.
Bronze trim is outside of the Fischer Building and gold-leaf is inside. An exterior of granite and metal work
makes the building stellar. Albert Kahns papers from 1896-2014 are available for researchers to read at the
Bentley Historical Library at the University of Michigan.


Spa in Summer

Spatium in Vidanta Riviera Maya (PRNewsFoto/Vida


Spatium in Vidanta Riviera Maya (PRNewsFoto/Vida Vacations)

Riviera Mayas spa is Spatium. 10 private cabanas give clients halotherapy in the private salt cave,
where visitors will breathe iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron for relief of breathing
problems, an enhanced immune system and improved physical performance, Vida Vacations explains.
A spa that gives guests hydrotherapy, cold plunge pools, Jacuzzis and Swiss showers is for you to relax
from stress as you wait for your massages, facials, in a Balinese decor
Manicures, pedicures, hair styling and waxing services will get you ready for night parties and dinner.


"When we created Spatium, we wanted it to be the ultimate destination for relaxation," said Michel
Beuffe, CEO for Grupo Vidanta. "Guests come to our resorts expecting a world class experience and
Spatium is a reflection of our mission to provide an unforgettable moment."
The Riviera Maya location is home to Mexico's first Cirque de Soleil show, "JOYA". JOYA is an intimate
theatrical and culinary experience only at Vidanta Riviera Maya; a thrilling, whimsical show in which
joy, courage and friendship conquer all. The specially designed Cirque du Soleil Theater features
landscaping and architecture befitting the awesome grandeur of the natural surroundings. Golf players
Vida at
can swing
Vidanta Golf's
Nicklaus Golf Courses eighteen holes surrounded by the Mayan Jungle
Daniel Chavez Moran constructed Grupo Vidanta in 1974.

Exterior Shot of Spatium in Vidanta Riviera Maya (PRNewsFoto/Vida Vacations)


Art Abilities
Visual artists tell

The Gordon Parks

Foundation Awards
Dinner & Auction

Intelligent Luxurys Stephanie G. Taylor briefly interviewed A.J. Calloway, model Liya
Kebede The Gordan Parks Board Member Jennifer Madric, Prime Minister Gaston Browne of
Antigua and Barbados, actress Sherry Bronfman, director and actor Frank Hill Harper and
Director and Academy Award Winning Actor Robert DeNiro and more attended the event to
honor Mr. Gordon Parks.
Liya Kebede. told us she owned a print of photographer Gordon Parks IIngrid Bergman at
Stromboli, Italy, 1949, by Gordon Parks. We are really seeing diversity now, the question is is
this a phase or is this something thats going to say, said Liya Kebe, designer of LemLem.
Jennifer Madrid serves on the Gordon Parks Foundation board and Laurent Claquin, Head of
Kering America, who was honored, also attended.
The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is exhibiting Gordon Parks work until September 13,
2015 at Robert and Jane Burke Gallery (Gallery 335).


Intelligent Luxury
Christian Louboutin at The Galleria in Houston

Christian Louboutin will open a boutique

at The Galleria in Houston's owned by
Simon (NYSE: SPG). "There is significant


consumer demand for additional luxury

retailers and The Galleria is pleased to be
the first to welcome this exclusive brand,"
said John Rulli, Chief Operating Officer of
Malls and Chief Administrative Officer of
Simon. "Our powerful leasing momentum





retailers many of which are first to






Perla,Tod's and Cline. We are extremely

committed to providing our shoppers with
an unrivaled shopping experience that
includes preeminent retail stores and

Christian Louboutin (portrait by Mary McCartney) (PRNewsFoto/Simon)

restaurants." Fall 2016 is the boutiques







shoppers in Galleria I towards Neiman

Marcus. Saks Fifth Avenue will open in






renovations to make the property a luxury



shopping mall.






Elizabeth Banks Love & Mercy, The Hunger
Choi Min-sik Lucy, Oldboy
Benedict Cumberbatch The Imitation Game, Star
Trek Into Darkness
Martin Freeman The Hobbit: An Unexpected
Journey, Hot Fuzz
Heather Graham The Hangover, Boogie Nights
Tom Hardy Mad Max: Fury Road, Inception
Kevin Hart The Wedding Ringer, Ride Along
Felicity Jones The Theory of Everything, Like
Stephen Lang Avatar, The Men Who Stare at
Jodi Long A Picture of You, Beginners
John Carroll Lynch Shutter Island, Zodiac
Gugu Mbatha-Raw Beyond the Lights, Belle
Denis OHare Milk, Michael Clayton
Michael ONeill Dallas Buyers Club, Transformers
David Oyelowo Selma, A Most Violent Year
Dev Patel The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,
Slumdog Millionaire
Rosamund Pike Gone Girl, Pride & Prejudice
Chris Pine Into the Woods, Star Trek
Daniel Radcliffe Kill Your Darlings, Harry Potter
and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
Eddie Redmayne The Theory of Everything, Les
Jason Segel The Five-Year Engagement, The
J.K. Simmons Whiplash, Juno
Sonny Skyhawk Geronimo: An American Legend,
Young Guns II
Song Kang-ho Snowpiercer, The Host
Emma Stone Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of
Ignorance), The Help
Casting Directors
Lucy Bevan Cinderella, The Hundred-Foot
Victoria Burrows The Hobbit: The Desolation of
Smaug, King Kong
Aisha Coley Selma, Beyond the Lights
Patricia DiCerto Blue Jasmine, Vicky Cristina
Mary Hidalgo The Lego Movie, The Incredibles
Roger Mussenden X-Men: Days of Future Past,
Get Smart
Lucie Robitaille Incendies, The Barbarian
Luis San Narciso The Skin I Live In, The Sea
April Webster Tomorrowland, Star Trek
Tricia Wood Woman in Gold, The Lincoln Lawyer
Christopher Blauvelt The Disappearance of Eleanor
Rigby, The Bling Ring
Adriano Goldman August: Osage County, Jane


one winner and one runner-up.

Exhibits of the YearAwarded to those exhibits that
are judged to be outstanding perhaps


undiscovered, rare and provenanced, and of beauty

- under the categories of: Object; Painting; Jewel;
Work by a Living Artist. There is one winner per
Masterpiece HighlightsOur specialist vetting
committees will each nominate the object that in
their field they feel reflect scholarship, rarity,

Masterpiece London 2015 was in June at

the Royal Hospital in Chelsea for the 6th
time in association with Principal Sponsor
Royal Bank of Canada. The next show will
be held June 30, 2016 to July 6, 2016.
40,000 people who love jewelry and art
visited the fair.
Mila Kunis, Liz Hurley, Sir Michael Caine,
Anjelica Huston, Eva Herzigova, Andrew
Lloyd Webber, Paul Smith, Lord and Lady
Camoys, Jeffrey Archer,Robbie Williams,
Joanna Lumley, Masako the Crown
Princess of Japan, HRH Princess Alexandra
and HRH Princess Michael of Kent visited
the Masterpiece London to view art,design
and antiques including jewelry

connoisseurship and is most representative of all

that is best in their category. There are 27
Outstanding Display of the Year
AwardWinner:Steinitz, Stand D10
Traditional objects displayed in such a seductive way
as to encourage interest from those less familiar
with this particular field.

Nazy Vassegh, CEO of Masterpiece London

believed Masterpiece London that, It has
been an absolute privilege to oversee the
6th edition of Masterpiece London in
association with Royal Bank of Canada. All
our exhibitors, partners and sponsors
have contributed a huge amount of time
and energy to help make this the best
Masterpiece to date. London has a long
and rich heritage at the heart of the art
market and we are delighted to be at the
very epicentre of this busy summer

Runner Up:Charles Ede Ltd, Stand C9

For the stunning duality of materials as well as for its

Making a fresh way for displaying connoisseurial

objects in a remarkably tailored and enlightening
setting. The subtle colour and panelling invoking a
collectors cabinet.
Object of the Year Award:The Hanover Tompion
No 417 - Carter Marsh & Co, Stand D11

provenance. This award is also a tribute to the

display of an entire great collection.

Painting of the Year Award:Robert Delaunay,

Jewel of the Year Award:Lalique Pearl - Wartski Stand C1

For being a very unique object in its style, a sculptural jewel with its own narrative.
Work of the Year by a Living Artist:Yayoi Kusawa, Waves - Nukaga Gallery, Stand B12
For the importance of the piece in the artists production, for its impo
sing scale and for its provenance it is here shown for the first time in Europe.


Antiquities:A Fayum Portrait Panel of a Young Woman - Charles Ede Ltd, Stand C9
It is a Masterpiece of its type, with excellent provenance.
Arms & Armour:Italian 19th century bronze cannon-barrel - Peter Finer, Central site
This fabulous cast-and-chased bronze cannon barrel is a Tour-de-force of design, beauty and
craftsmanship, a superlative example of its era, altogether unique in terms of scale, quality and
artistry. It seems as an eloquent statement of Armour Art!
Chinese Ceramics, Furniture & Works of Art:Large Tomb Guardians - Vanderven Oriental Art,
Stand A21
Stands out from all other exhibit.
Clocks, Watches, Barometers & Scientific Instruments:Ormolu Mantle clock by Clay - Edward
Hurst Antiques, Stand A41
Earliest example of high Roccoco in England with a complex mechanism giving year calendar, and an
exceptionally fine & early example of full enamel dial, from the collection of the duke of Sussex. A
discovery, special but easily dismissed. Sound, solid research to back it. Truly exceptional.
Contemporary Art & Design 21st Century:Jeroen Verhoeven, Lectori Salutem, 2010 - Blain
Southern, Stand D27

Continental Furniture & Works of Art:Wardrobe by Giroux, 1866 - Didier Aaron, Stand A45

Craftmanship, design, condition, originality, combination of techniques, choice of material

Furniture, Applied Arts & Design 20th Century:Dioponti Table - Antichit Valerio Turchi
Stand A34
Best design furniture that is almost like a sculpture. Best representation of this style in furniture.
Garden Sculpture, Fireplaces & Natural History:Gorilla Prototype (life size) by Jerome
Auzoux - Peter Petrou Stand A38
Rarity, and educational.
Glass:A Blue Dinosaur , Lino Tagliapietra, Italy 2008 - Mallet Stand B6
Lino Tagliapietra is general acknowledges as the greatest living Venetian glassblower. In Blue
Dinosaur he has taken techniques dating back from Roman Glass which were revived in Murano in
the 16th century and again in the 1930s, and has created original modern masterpieces, with an
incredible technical mastery allied to an awe-inspiring aesthetic sensitivity.
Indian & Islamic Ceramics, Furniture & Works of Art:Ivory double pipe case, Ceylon, 1650 Jorge Welsh Oriental Porcelain & Works of Art, Stand C29
Rare with fabulous condition.
Japanese Ceramics, Furniture & Works of Art:Japanese lacquer chest - Steinitz, Stand D10
Good quality, a rarity.
JewelleryBoucher Ruby & Diamond Bangle - Symbolic & Chase, Stand C7

Paintings, Watercolours, Drawings & Sculpture 20th CenturyTree 1962, Oil, David Hockney
- Offer Waterman, Stand D1
Its rare, unusual, early date, fascinating!
Paintings, Waterclolours & Drawings pre 1900:Study of two children singing, by Peter Lely Philip Mould Stand A3
Peter Lely is a relatively prolific and easily recognized 17th century court painter but this oil, utterly
authentic but uncharacteristic in size and subject matter, is not only early but of transcendental
quality the sitters are portrayed with such sensitivity and tenderness that one could believe they
were of his own family.


The Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival presented by FOOD & WINE takes place October 15 - 18, 2015. (PRNewsFoto/Food
Network & Cooking Channel..)

October 15 18, 2015

100 events in New York City & 100% of the proceeds benefiting Food Bank For New York City and No
Kid Hungry.
walk-around tastings

intimate chef and winemaker-driven dinners

interactive classes

educational seminars

late-night parties

LOCAL presented by Delta Airlines. New events for 2015 include:

Sweet Masquerade hosted by Dominique Ansel and Pecko Zantilaveevan
Veg Out with Hungryroot hosted by Haylie Duff
Pigs n' Pints hosted by Robert Irvine part of LOCAL presented by Delta Air Lines
The Art of Tiki: A Cocktail Showdown presented by Cocktail Kingdom hosted by Emeril Lagasse
Celebrity Cruises Ramen Party hosted by Chrissy Teigen and J. Kenji Lopez-Alt presented by
Serious Eats
Midnight Jazz Breakfast hosted by Rev Run and Justine Simmons
For the committed palate: A series of renowned chefs highlighted in the Bank of America
Dinner Series, including Rainer Becker (ZUMA, United Kingdom), Jos Enrique (Jos Enrique, Puerto
Rico), Leonor Espinosa (Leo Cocina y Cava, Colombia), Sebastiano Lombardi (Hotel Il Pellicano, Italy),
Virgilio Martinez(Central, Peru), Enrique Olvera (Pujol, Mexico), Jordi Roca (El Celler de Can Roca,
Spain), Silvana Villegas (Masa, Colombia), and more!
Source: NYCWFF


Pier 94 remains the centerpiece for the

Festival's 135,000-sq.ft. tasting compound
Grand Tasting presented by ShopRite
featuring Samsung Culinary
Demonstrations presented by
MasterCard. The extraordinary line-up
of talent appearing on the Samsung
Culinary Demonstration Stages includes:
Anne Burrell
Bobby Deen & Jamie Deen
Giada De Laurentiis
Haylie Duff
Tyler Florence
Duff Goldman
Alex Guarnaschelli
Carla Hall
Robert Irvine
Emeril Lagasse

Katie Lee
Debi Mazar & Gabriele Corcos
Masaharu Morimoto
Marc Murphy & Ted Allen
Rachael Ray
Marcus Samuelsson
Aarn Snchez & John Besh
Michael Symon
Tiffani Thiessen
Geoffrey Zakarian
Andrew Zimmern



Paris Air Show "HOT 100" List Grows To 53 As U.S. Intern

Organizer Announces More VIP Attendees And Exhibitor S

PARIS and WALDWICK, N.J., June 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- As the Paris Air Show nears, the U.S. International Pavilion "HO

innovations at Le Bourget is growing as more U.S. VIPs and dignitaries announce their plans to attend the show, and exhibito
increase their share of the global aerospace and defense marketplace.

Among the 320-plus U.S. companies exhibiting at Paris in 2015, more than 230 can be found in the U.S. International Pavilio

year as the organizer of the Pavilion, launched the HOT 100 initiative this year to help promote American interests at the sho
exhibitors among show attendees.

"In the last weeks leading up to the opening of the Paris Air Show, the big news starts to emerge," said Kallman Worldwide P

U.S. Embassy in Paris has told us to expect at least 12 appointed senior U.S. government officials, including the Secretaries

NASA administrators, and as many as 20 elected officials, including six U.S. Senators, seven state governors and one U.S. R

the U.S. International Pavilion this year. That level of leadership attendance combined with the innovations being announced
attention and buyer traffic to the U.S. International Pavilion."

The HOT 100 List is a user-generated preview of news that exhibitors plan to announce at the show, including product and s
program upgrades, patents and personnel moves.

Last month Kallman launched the HOT 100 List with 24 news summaries to help editors covering the show easily identify sto

bring the total to 53, further validating the U.S. International Pavilion as a primary destination for decision-makers and influen
time at the show.

25) Kallman Worldwide will launch the "Ask America First" campaign to promote the United States and it's aerospace leaders
during the show, and the theme will be prominently displayed in the Pavilion.


IBM Cloud's Bluemix and SoftLayer platforms, (NYSE: IBM)

European nations are buying more cloud space for new businesses. "In Central and Eastern Europe, spending on cloud
services, which includes public, private and hybrid cloud, is on the rise and is far exceeding the growth rates of traditional
technology delivery models. Cloud deliveryalong with other modern technologies and delivery models such as mobility,
big data/analytics and social mediais becoming a de-facto business model and requires a new sourcing approach and a
transformation of services management," said Vladimir Kroa, Associate Vice President, IT Services, IDC CEMA.
"Consequently, the integration of internal and external resources is becoming more frequent as end users are opting for a
hybrid cloud model that, on one hand, solves some of the legislative concerns about data privacy, and, at the same time,
enables more flexibility, price transparency and acceleration of go-to-market strategies," he added.
In Czech Republic, Kodarna relied on IBM Cloud to develop and host a mobile video app called "Silent Line" that enables
deaf people to communicate with a call center using sign language or plain text to request emergency services from any
mobile device. Based in part on its adoption of Bluemix and SoftLayer, Kodarna's business grew 30 percent over the past
IBM launched Bluemix with a $1 billion investment in 2014 for developers who construct networks and connect them to a



National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) & the Illinois

Black Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Chamber of
Commerce for an important public discussion on the
economic consequences of the Environmental Protection
Agency's (EPA) proposed ground level ozone rule on the state's
economy and jobs.
The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) proposes to make
the air cleaner in America, especially in Chicago. The EPA is
proposing to revise the primary standard to a level within the


range of 0.065 to 0.070 parts per million (ppm), and to revise

the secondary standard to within the range of 0.065 to 0.070
ppm, which air quality analyses indicate would provide air
quality, in terms of 3-year average W126 index values, at or
below a range of 13-17 ppm-hours, since
"Our nation is starting to regain its economic footing and the
EPA's proposed rule will knock us back on our heels. States,
cities and counties will be especially hard hit as they will
shoulder the brunt of the economic burden resulting from this
rule," NBCC president and CEO Harry Alford said. "Today's
forum was an opportunity for local leaders to sit down and
discuss how their communities and businesses will be
affected. And the resounding conclusion was - significantly."
"This ozone regulation would be the costliest in history,
stalling development in communities across the nation. And
arguably, those most at risk of losing out on future economic
growth and job opportunities are urban areas like Chicago
that will be disproportionately impacted." Alford continued.
The EPA's proposal would reduce Illinois' Gross State Product
by over $50 billion from 2017 to 2040 and jeopardize 35,000
jobs annually.
Alford concluded, "The administration should be working
with businesses to encourage them to expand and grow,
providing good-paying jobs to Americans. Instead, they
continue to pile on another expensive regulation at a time
when businesses, manufacturers and families are making a


Crater Lake National Park, National Park Foundation's Share
the Experience photo contest, photo by Robert Sappington.
(PRNewsFoto/National Park Foundation)

Parks are beautiful resorts for the public to enjoy during the day. Visit Facebook page
12 Stunning Parks

Plunge into the deepest lake in the U.S. at Crater Lake National Park (Oregon). After a steep and
strenuous 1.1-mile hike along Cleetwood Cove Trail, your efforts will be rewarded with a swim in the
cool piercing-blue waters of the 1,943-feet deep lake.

Explore the remote canyons of Dinosaur National Monument (Colorado, Utah) on a raft. The Green and
Yampa Rivers offer thrill-seekers class three and four rapids, and the latter includes the Maytag
hydraulic (known for flipping boats).

Glide across the deep turquoise waters of Lake Powell the largest man-made lake in North America
by boat at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (Arizona, Utah). You'll be sure to appreciate the stark
contrast of the water and the red rock canyons and mesas.


Navigate the waters of the Colorado River by taking a whitewater rafting trip through Grand Canyon

National Park (Arizona). From the raft, you'll be able to take in the riparian vegetation, the sandy beaches
as well as the desert flora and fauna that thrive along the river.4

Play in the waves of Lake Michigan along the 15 miles of sandy beach at Indiana Dunes Nationa

Lakeshore (Indiana). Located on the southern tip of the lake, you'll get an incredible view of the Chicago
skyline from the peaceful shores.5

Bask in the splendor of Kenai Fjords National Park's (Alaska) pristine scenery and unique wildlife as you

kayak through the remote fjords of the park. You'll get an up-close-and-personal view of the park's marine
mammals and environment.

Go diving from the shore of Tutuila Island at National Park of American Samoa (American Samoa) and

view some of the over 950 species of fish and the over 250 species of coral. The four volcanic islands of thi
remote park offer exceptional viewing of its diversity of species.

Try your hand at stand-up paddle boarding on Tomales Bay at Point Reyes National Seashore (California)

The 15-mile, 2,645-hectacre tidal body of water hugs the eastern border of the park and will give you an
exceptional glimpse at the park's biodiversity along the shore.8

Enjoy the dazzling views as you go sailing at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park (California

on a historic scow schooner. Aboard the Alma a wooden-hulled scow schooner built in 1891 you'll listen
to park ranger stories about California's rich history.

Wet a line and go fishing in any number of places within Shenandoah National Park (Virginia). Fishing

insiders share that streams such as the upper portion of Rose River and the Cedar Run streams offer
plentiful brook trout populations.


Get a remarkable view of marine life by snorkeling in Trunk Bay at Virgin Islands National Park (Virgin

Islands). The underwater trail is marked by plaques interpreting the underwater diversity of coral and fish

Take a relaxing stroll along the beach and trails of Cape Cod National Seashore (Massachusetts). With

44,600 acres to explore, you're bound to enjoy the variety of animal and plant life that thrive in the
different ecosystems protected within the park.12


Point Reyes National Seashore, National Park Foundation's Share the Experience photo contest, photo by Paul Powers. (PRNewsFoto/National Park Foundation)


Kelloggs New Cereal



PHoto Credit: Audemars Piguet


Womens Watch



PHoto Credit: Audemars Piguet

Photo Credit: Audemars Piguet


Photo Credit: Audemars Piguet

Mohegan Sun


Airport City
The Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority ("MTGA" or the "Authority") operator of Mohegan Sun, Mohegan
Sun Pocono and Resorts Casino Hotel, and Incheon International Airport Corporation ("IIAC") are
building a resort and airport in South Korea. Inspire Integrated Resort ("Inspire") is for shopping and
entertainment in a innovative building with a hotel. Cultural researchers are going to enjoy Native
American cultural arts experience. Paradise City" development located on IBC-1 site next to the
Incheon International Airport to construct an "Airport City". Bobby Soper, President of MTGA, said, "We
are pleased to progress to the next stage of our proposed partnership with IIAC by finalizing a
conceptual agreement on Inspire, a visionary, first of-its-kind resort that represents the next major
evolution in the global hospitality, tourism and gaming industries. We are excited to extend the unique
Mohegan Sun brand with the support and collaboration of IIAC as we work to develop a must-visit
destination. We also look forward to playing a meaningful role in contributing to Korea's dynamic
President and CEO of Incheon International Airport Corporation, Park Wan-su, said: "We have enjoyed
working with the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority and are pleased that we share the same vision for
enhancing Incheon Airport. We believe that when combined with our existing services and amenities,
Inspire will not only cement Incheon Airport's position as the best airport in the world but also as a top
leisure destination in Asia. MTGA's performance track record and ability to attract world-class
entertainers will help usher in an exciting new phase for Korea's flourishing tourism industry. We look
forward to benefiting from MTGA's expertise and collaborating with our existing partners and 40,000
employees to execute on this vision and deliver exceptional experiences for our guests."
Inspire is destined to be the first and only destination resort in the world with an adjacent private air
terminal (FBO), exclaimed Mohegan Sun.


Group & Macklowe Properties. (PRNewsFoto/432

Park Avenue)
432 Park Avenue


Bathroom in the model residence at 432 Park Avenue.

Photo by Scott Frances for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties. (PRNewsFoto/432 Park Avenue)

432 Park Avenue

(C)Scott Frances 2015


Living room in the model residence at 432 Park Avenue. Photo by Scott Frances for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties. (PRNewsFoto/432 Park Avenue)
source:432 Park Avenue

By Scott_Frances
432 Park Avenue
CIM Group and Macklowe Properties built this luxury 96-story condominium tower with New York
architect and interior designer Deborah Berke that includes 10-foot-by-10-foot windows by architect
Rafael Vinoly's iconic tower. Luxury living with head space of 12'6" and a private elevator landing.
A 1,200-pound solid cubic Bianco Sivec marble countertop is for parties with views of Central Park and
the glass and steel New York City skyline landmarks.
"Our goal was to design a residence that reflects the atmosphere of modern luxury that characterizes the
nearly completed building," explained Deborah Berke, the interior architect of all the residences at 432
Park Avenue in addition to the model.


Kitchen in the model residence at 432 Park Avenue. Photo by Scott

Frances for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties. (PRNewsFoto/432 Park
432 Park Avenue
(C)Scott Frances 2015


Air Jordan in Europe








All Photos: Nike

Golf Style Club


Michelle Wie


Michelle Wie


Tennis Nets
Profits for

Serena Williams


Tiger Woods Nike




Stanford Universitys future student.


Early Champion


HERO4 Session

from GoPro, Inc. (NASDAQ:GPRO),

enabler of some of today's most engaging content, is proud to announce"With

HERO4 Session, we challenged ourselves to produce the smallest, lightest, most
convenient GoPro possible," said Nicholas Woodman, GoPro founder and CEO.
"HERO4 Session combines the best of our engineering and user-experience
know-how to deliver our most convenient life-capture solution, yet."
Woodman adds, "I'm so excited about the launch of HERO4 Session because
now I can finally use mine in public!"



Mission San Antonio de Valero (better known as The Alamo), is one of five San Antonio Missions just named to the UNESCO World Heritage list.
(PRNewsFoto/San Antonio Convention & Visitor)
(C) Tim Thompson, San Antonio Convention & Visitor


San Antonio Convention & Visitor

Mission San Jose is one of five San Antonio Missions just named to the UNESCO World Heritage list. (PRNewsFoto/San Antonio Convention & Visitor)


China Canals
Zhouzhuang is Chinas cultural living museum. The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Festival was
from June 20 to 22 o this year. Visitors drink realgar wine and make zongzi, Chinese tamales made of glutinous rice treat
stuffed with various choices of filling wrapped in wormwood leaves and cooked by steaming. Start planning your trip to
China and make sure you buy a boat for your yard in America.
"Dragon Boat rowing is a must-see event when visitors come to Zhouzhuang. It is an event that represents the spirit of
the Dragon Boat Festival. We believe that preserving and bringing such traditions to visitors is crucial in celebrating a
traditional Chinese festival," said Zou Lei from Jiangsu Water-town Zhouzhuang Tourism Co., Ltd.
"Zhouzhuang in Four Seasons" is a 60 minute show sharing details about Zhouzhuang in the times of the Ming Dynasty
(1368-1644) and there is a fee to see the show on water.
"Many of our residents have been living here for generations." Zou explained, "all of our cultural heritage has been
passed down from one generation to another. It is not only a historic and cultural treasure for research, but also an
opportunity for locals as well as urban inhabitants to rediscover their cultural roots."


Dragon boat rowers on the waterways in Zhouzhuang; Dragon Boat rowing is an ancient ritual and a vital piece of Chinese heritage that Zhouzhuang is
seeking to preserve (PRNewsFoto/Jiangsu Water Town Zhouzhuang...)


Platinum Guild International USA (PGIUSA) jewelry designer Alex Woo and
Lyn Paolo designed jewelry for the
Haagen Dazs Loves Honey Bees
program. Yellow diamonds make the
bee yellow and smooth grooves make
the hive of platinum and the Honey bee
attached to a platinum chain that retails
for $1898 on
Designer Lyn Paolo tells us, "Being an
avid gardener and loving nature as I do,
it is a natural link for me to also love
bees. I think the partnership to raise
monies for our wonderful tiny friends is
an organic one and it was such a
pleasure to work with Alex on this
amazing project. Making it in platinum
makes it a special keepsake."
"All my designs are symbolic so it was
such a pleasant surprise that Lyn and I
both shared the same interest in
helping save the Honeybees," says Alex
Woo. "This became our inspiration for
our Little Activist Beehive. My fine
jewelry collection is classic, personal,
and wearable everyday, so it was
exciting to be creating this new pendant
in platinum, as it still captures the
essence of all my trademark Little
Icons, but in a luxurious new way."


veteran American hoteliers Jeff Mahan andMark Ward. TRU will be overseeing management of the resort
that is expected to officially change hands this month.
Lough Erne Resort, built in 2007 at an estimated cost of $70 million, was brought to the world's attention

when it successfully hosted the last G8 Summit in 2013. Last year it won Northern Ireland Tourism Board's
"Hotel of the Year" award, and it was recently selected to host the 2017 Irish Open golf tournament.


"We are excited about the potential not only of the hotel and golf course, but also the entire region,"

saidMichael Saliba, CEO of Vine Avenue Advisors. "The residents of County Fermanagh have been warm an
extremely welcoming."
Set on a magnificent 600-acre peninsula between two lakes, the Resort comprises 120 luxury Rooms and

Suites, two Championship Golf Courses, a Thai-themed Spa, six Conference/Meeting Rooms, a state-of-the-a

Golf Academy and numerous dining experiences. "We are thrilled to be involved with the most prestigious
golf resort in Northern Ireland, the crown jewel of Northern Ireland tourism," said Ward. "Its location on
Lough Erne is one of the world's most beautiful resort settings, and the hotel complements it by blending
traditional country house style with modern amenities and facilities, not to mention a world-class golf

The Faldo Championship Golf Course, boasting stunning views of the waters of Lough Erne, was designed b

six-time Major Championship winner Nick Faldo. In 2010, the Ireland Golf Tour Operator Association nam
Lough Erne "Golf Resort of The Year." Best described as a "lakeland course," it incorporates the finest
characteristics of both a parkland and a links-style course.
Added Jeff Mahan, "The 2017 Irish Open presents a unique opportunity to showcase to the world not only
the beauty of the resort and surrounding area, but the extraordinary warmth and hospitality of the
Northern Irish people."
The Resort's award-winning Chef, Noel McMeel, creates menus that reflect his philosophy of modern Irish
cooking, using the best local produce in the Resort's dining venues: The Catalina, the Blaney Bar, and The
Loughside Bar & Grill.

The Spa features a dual treatment room for couples, friends or family and a variety of Full and Half Day Sp
Packages, designed specifically for couples, golfers, mothers-to-be, and ladies and gentlemen.
Destination wedding planners will find a venue licensed to hold civil partnerships and ceremonies and
offers such dramatic effects as arrival by helicopter and fireworks over the lake at dusk.

Other activities include fly-fishing, horseback-riding, heritage and culture, watersports, cycling and caving
The Resort maintains five Helipads and a Seaplane dock.
TRU Hotels & Resorts were advised locally by Jon Griffin and iCapital.


Lough Erne Resort, the five-star luxury hotel and

golf resort located near Enniskillen, gateway to
North West Ireland, has been completed by a U.S.
investment group led by Vine Avenue Advisors,
LLC, headed by Michael Saliba, and TRU Hotels
and Resorts, a hotel investment and management
company founded by veteran American hoteliers


Jeff Mahan and Mark Ward. TRU will be

overseeing management of the resort that is

Lough Erne Resort, built in 2007 at an estimated cost

expected to officially change hands this month.

of $70 million, was brought to the world's attention

when it successfully hosted the last G8 Summit in
2013. Last year it won Northern Ireland Tourism
Board's "Hotel of the Year" award, and it was recently
selected to host the 2017 Irish Open golf tournament.

TRU Hotels and Resorts




the debut
from Janet
first studio
album in



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