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Re - Vamping Brands To Woo Customers

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Why Brand Transition?
Vodafone Need • • Vodafone planned to expand into the Asian markets . India the 2nd largest market for mobile , growing at the rate of 6 six million subscribers per month

Hutch Wanted to sell • Hutch - Essar mutual distrust

Vodafone In India

Cellular Operator in India that covers 23 telecom circles in India.

 Official name being Vodafone Essar ,its products are branded as Vodafone.

It offers both prepaid and postpaid GSM cellular phone coverage throughout India with a good presence in the metros.
  2nd largest mobile phone operator in terms of revenue behind Bharti Airtel.

Third largest in terms of customers base.

Campaign Highlights

Change is Good … “Hutch is Now Vodafone”

• Use of the standard mnemonic pug to import brand values of Hutch into Vodafone.

• Network roadblock strategy on Star Network in 2007 when Hutch changed to Vodafone. • Spots buys on Sony.

Campaign Strategy
• O&M had created a mix of a 60 sec TVC , along with 10 sec and five-second films, which were interspersed and showed on various channels Advertising across 13 channels in five languages (Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi and English) from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. from 20th – 21st September. The exercise included TV commercials, transition bumpers and contest spots to promote brand Vodafone. Largest brand transition in India. Painted the town (Mumbai) red with huge hoardings at major locations.

• •

• • The launch was the most talked about event in Indian media, with over 450 articles. Ogilvy Action put up over 20,000 high-visibility outdoor sites overnight, using over 2 million square feet of vinyl. The campaign penetrated in social networking sites also. Retaining Celebrity Irfan Khan and Pug inherited from Hutch Vodafone's logo is a representation of that belief - The start of a new conversation a trigger, a catalyst, a mark of true pioneering

• • •

Key Strategies
• The campaign touch points included over 3,000 different elements. Since At every interaction point with the consumer, the brand required a new look in line with the new brand promise. The launch campaign, one-on-one communication with existing customers and customer touch-point elements were developed by Ogilvy and Ogilvy One. Best brand-launches the country has ever seen and has been the benchmark for all forth coming launches for Vodafone.

• Promotion with icons such as Zoo-zoos & Pug to communicate its brand values. • Purchased properties during IPL II season on Set Max. ATL • Advertising on TV, on billboards, in magazines and in other media outlets reaches large audiences and spreads the brand image and the message very effectively. BTL • Stores have special offers, promotions and point of sale posters to attract those inside the stores to buy. • Vodafone's stores, its products and its staff all project the brand image. • Vodafone actively develops good public relations by sending press releases to national newspapers and magazines to explain new products and ideas.

Key players in Telecom market in India
• • • • • • • • • BSNL Airtel Vodafone Idea Reliance Tata Indicom Aircel Spice MTNL

Brand Positioning
• “where you go our network follows you”

• Hutch , as a brand, always tried to connect with consumers in simple, honest and real manner, while Vodafone is more young and fun brand.

Targeting Strategy
• Vodafone adopts a multi-segment approach by offering a series of differentiated products to their respective markets.


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