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Rise and Fall of the

By Aaron Kravitz


and society. politics. law.History of Ancient Rome  Ancient Rome began on the Italian Peninsula as early as 8 th century B. art.. engineering.C. religion.  And it contributed some great stories as Rome turned from a monarchy to republic and empire and finally declined….  Ancient Roman society contributed to modern government. warfare. architecture. literature. .  Expanded to become one of largest empires in the ancient world. technology.

C. . • Tanaquil intepreted an eagle swooping down on Tarquin’s head as the gods’ selection of her husband as king. • After Ancus died. were unhappy with social status and moved to Rome.) • Tarquin and his wife. Tarquin. Tanaquil. • His wealth won him friends including King Ancus who appointeded Tarquin the guardian of his children. acting as guardian.The Roman Monarchy: Tarquin Tarquinius Priscus/Tarquin: 5th Roman King (616-579B. sent Ancus’ sons on a hunting trip. while he persuaded Romans that he was best choice for king.

 He was referred to as Second Founder of Rome because he did many things to improve city:  Build monuments  Take 1st Census  Reorder Military  Develop Servian Constitution  Add People Eligible for Voting .The Roman Kings Servius Tullius  Servius Tullius: 6th Roman King (578-534 B. and married his daughter.C.)  Legend is the he was born a slave in Tarquin’s household.  He succeeded Tarquin as 6th King of Rome.

 Tarquin not interested in working with senators and put many to death.C.The Roman Kings  Tarquinius Superbus (Tarquin the Proud): 534-510 B. and her husband and Brutus Family raised a rebellion.  Tarquin and his family were expelled from Rome.C.  Also legend has it that Tarquin’s son raped Lucretia.  Tarquin the Proud was last of kings Rome would tolerate. . and the monarchy was abolished and republic set up in 509 B.

C. Julia. • Strong alliance because combined Caesar’s popularity with Crassus’ wealth and Pompey’s wealth and military reputation.C. Crassus)-60-53 B. in marriage.The Roman Republic: The First Triumvirate (Caesar. . • Caesar gave Pompey his daughter. Pompey. • Combined together to have Caesar elected consul in 5 B. • Allowed The Triumvirate to dominate Roman politics until fell apart due to ambitions and jealousy.

The Roman Republic: Murder of Caesar The Murder of Caesar (15 March 44 B. other motives of jealousy as well. and stabbed him to death.C.  Conspiracy formed by Cassius and Brutus to murder Caesar to protect republic. .)  Senators suspected that Caesar would choose to rule as dictator. senators gathered around him on pretext of urging a petition.  At meeting of Senate.

who allied with Queen Cleopatra.C.The Roman Republic: The Second Triumvirate The Second Triumvirate (43-33 B.  Octavian and Antony did defeat them. and Antony.  Alliance ended with Lepidus forced into exile.)  Alliance between Octavian.  Octavian (Augustus) became sole ruler of Rome. but tensions began to rise. Mark Antony. committing suicide. . and Lepidus formed after assassination of Caesar to defeat armies of Brutus and Cassius.

. • Senate took oath of allegiance to August as emperor. and was granted authority for life. • His reforms stabilized economy and showed Romans they were chosen people who could bring peace. • Reduced size of army and made cash payments to soldiers who served 20+ years • Created Praetorian Guard.The Roman Empire: Rise of Augustus Augustus and the Pax Romana • Augustus made many reforms which helped bring about a period of peace.

)  Nero’s Reign is known for his instability and abuse of power. some suggest he had an illness.The Roman Empire: Nero’s Abuse of Power Nero and Abuse of Power (54-68 A.  Nero is famed for watching Rome burn. like lead poisoning.D.  Some of his infamous acts include:  Sexual perversions  Marauding and Murdering Romans  Charging citizens with treason to confiscate their property  Murder of his mother and aunt . then blaming Christians and using the area for his palace.

when he was 10-14 years old.D.The Roman Empire: The Finale Romulus Augustulus(475-476 A.  Was deposed Romulus the following year. didn’t bother to assassinate him and sent him to live in Campania with a stipend. .  Crowned in 476 A.)  Significant because was last Roman emperor of West.D.

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