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Tutorial 4:

The Implications of Compulsory

Education in Malaysia
Prepared by:
Chai Xiao Ling
Ng Pin Ting
Ong Pei Shan

Compulsory Education
Education Act, 1996
Compulsory Education
means primary education
which is prescribed to be
compulsory education
under subsection 29A(1).

Tutorial 4

Compulsory Primary
29A. (1) The Minister may, by order published in the Gazette,
prescribe primary education to be compulsory education.

(2) Every parent who is a Malaysian citizen residing in Malaysia

shall ensure that if his child has attained the age of six
years on the first day of January of the current school year
that child is enrolled as a pupil in a primary school in that
year and remains a pupil in a primary school for the
duration of the compulsory education.
(3) The Minister may, if he considers it desirable and in the
interest of the pupils or the public to do so, by order published in
the Gazette, exempt any pupil or any class of pupils from
the requirement to attend compulsory education, either
absolutely or subject to such conditions as he may think fit to
impose, and may at any time in his discretion revoke the
exemption or revoke or alter or add to such conditions.
Tutorial 4

Compulsory Primary
(4) A parent who contravenes
subsection (2) shall be guilty of an
offence and shall, on conviction, be
liable to a fine not exceeding five
thousand ringgit or to imprisonment
for a term not exceeding six months
or to both.

(5) The Minister may make regulations

for the carrying into effect of the
provisions of this section.

Tutorial 4

The Importance of
Compulsory Education

Tutorial 4

1. Democratization of
Education can be
implemented in accordance
to the aims
n of education
provides equal
to everyone to
obtain the
success and
quality of life.
( Education
for all )

Tutorial 4

2. Rights of children are

Developmental Rights

Survival Rights

Protection Rights
Participation Right
UNICEF (2014)

Education is one of the ways that enables a child

to develop.
Tutorial 4

3. Reduce the number of

dropout students and illiteracy
Every child
who is
in future
elder enough to go
to school would
not miss out the
provided by
Ministry of
The life of children
becomes more
meaningful and
worthwhile .

Tutorial 4

4. The goal of producing a

knowledgeable generation can
be achieved according the
Educational Policy

Serves as a
foundation to provide
early preparation for
children in pursuing
higher education.

Tutorial 4

5. The country will be develop and is

able to compete with other countries
in various fields such as technology ,
economy and so on .
Make sure everyone can receive perfect
education , in order to become useful
citizens and able to look after the
welfare of themselves and their
families and contribute to the
development and progress of the

Tutorial 4

6. Equity of educational opportunities

among the various races

This educational
opportunity is
compulsory for all

No reason for
informal education
to exist.

Tutorial 4

7. Reduces rate of crime

By having an
access to
education, it
nt rates leads
will be easier
to low crime
for Malaysians
to get a job.

Tutorial 4



in Malaysia




Tutorial 4

Implication of compulsory education:

Childrens right is reserved.

Receives good quality of education and leads to a

better quality of life.

Prevent discrimination.

Able to prevent the children being exploited by

certain parties.

Tutorial 4

Implication of compulsory education:

Increase the awareness of parents towards the
responsibility about their childrens education.

Increase the standard of living for a better future.

Cooperation between the parents and the teachers

in school.

Bridge the gap between the poor and rich.

Tutorial 4

Implication of compulsory education:

Raise the prestige of the school.

Provide sufficient facilities and infrastructures.

Provide a healthy competition among the

Prepare more programmes for the students
according to their needs.

Tutorial 4

Implication of compulsory education:

Provide equal educational opportunities among the
various races.

Develop a knowledgeable and competitive society.

Foster a learning culture from the young age.

Tutorial 4

Implication of compulsory education:

Become a more developed country.

Able to compete with the other countries around the

world in various fields.

Optimize the quality of workforce in contributing the

improvement of the country.

Tutorial 4

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