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An Introduction to


We Are Diversey
Diversey is a world leader in cleaning and hygiene
solutions for business. A position weve gained by
acting as a partner to our customers, rather than
as a supplier.
We listen to your needs, take time to understand
them, and strive to address them in a way that
meets, and often exceeds, expectations.

A History of Success
Our company has a long and successful history with
its foundation dating back to 1886. We are always
aiming to improve and better address the needs of
the global cleaning and hygiene industry. While our
legacy companies did well, we are collectively
moving forward as Diversey to do even better.
Through generations of leadership, we have
steadfastly maintained a commitment to innovation
shaped by extensive expertise in our industry. We
maintain an unwavering focus on delivering longterm, sustainable results to you.

A Global Partner
Our local knowledge is unrivalled, yet our operations span the globe.
Diversey has the size and expertise to provide world-class solutions.
With more than a century of heritage, we have a proven track record
in delivering success for our customers.

Over 10,000 employees worldwide

Annual sales of more than $3 billion

Operating in more than 65 countries

Solutions delivered in more that 175 countries

Leading position in every major market

A Broad Range of Expertise

Whatever sector you work in, so does Diverseyfrom
Health Care, Retail, and Lodging to Food Service, Food
and Beverage, and Building Service Contracting.
Our application expertise ranges from kitchen hygiene
and laundry to building care.
This allows us to offer unique solutions that fully
integrate product systems, floor care machinery,
cleaning tools and services.
Our level of expertise and the results we deliver have
convinced many world-class companies to work with
us. Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Hilton, WalMart, PepsiCo,
Compass, Marks & Spencer, ISS, and Accor are just
some of the household names with which we have
forged lasting and partnerships.

Continuously Innovating
Our commitment to innovation is total. We are
constantly searching for better ways to address your
cleaning and hygiene needs and consistently
introduce new innovations to the market.

The Sustainable Solution

At Diversey, we believe that sustainability and a
healthy bottom line can go hand-in-hand, because
solutions that protect the environment are more
profitable and good business practice. At the same
time, they allow us to deliver on our responsibility
to the wider community, a key component of the
Diversey ethos.
Our objectives have always extended beyond
financial growth to include promoting the health and
well being of our planet and the people who share
S. Curtis Johnson, Chairman

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our customers count on us to deliver excellent cleaning and sanitation results while
optimizing their labor, water and energy use and cutting pollution emissions. This is
enabled by our deep understanding of our industry and our customers operations.
Our product innovations and expert consulting services help our customers use water more
efficiently. But we know much more needs to be done to address the worlds most critical
conservancy issue. Thats why we made a four-year, $1 million grant to the World Wildlife
Fund to establish the Global Water Roundtable. This group will take a pragmatic approach
to addressing water stress, river pollution and declines in freshwater wildlife species.
Our company carries on a legacy in to understand and reduce our collective impact on the
environment. Through our commitments to initiatives such as our Climate Savers
covenant we signed, we agreed not only to reduce our own emission of greenhouse gases
(GHC), but to be a catalyst toward change in the broader business community.


8 manufacturing sites
2 R&D Centers
100 people focused on F&B business
More than 2,000 F&B customers
Microbiological Laboratory
Customer Training Institute
Field Engineers


Dedicated to leadership in environmental, health and

safety since the company was founded in 1886

Our commitment to environment is reflected throughout

our product development and manufacturing processes

Environmental Partnerships


Full service engineering capabilities

based in Racine, WI

9 field engineers

Complete systems design-CIP

Project team members available for

auditing, trouble shooting,
and optimization

There are a variety of tools available to assist the Diversey customer with
sanitation troubleshooting, including:
Microbiological Services Lab

Soil Analysis Lab

Water Quality Analysis
Material Compatibility testing
Pilot scale CIP system