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B. Background
Based on KTSP Curriculum, English is one
of the compulsory subjects since third
grade in Elementary school to Senior High
school students in Indonesia. In school
based curriculum there are four skills which
have to be taught in the English. Those are
listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Learners must learn to listen, speak, read,
and write in English and they also need to
master the four skills to achieve

Speaking is also considered as the most difficult

and challenging skill to be mastered (Brown, 1994).
Therefore, students should be able to speak
fluently and understand oral communication.
In addition, Nunan (1995;40) suggests that oral
interaction can be characterized in terms of
routines, which are conventional ways of presenting
information that can either focus on communication
and interaction. Speaking should be mastered by
the student in order to be successful in terms of
communicative competence. The learning process
itself is repetitive course of actions.

Based on researcher PPL experiences, majority

students of senior high school still face the problem in
speaking. It caused by some factors. Those are: first,
most of students are too shy and afraid to take apart in
the conversation. In the other word, the students are
having problem with their confidence. Second, most of
them are worry too much about their grammar, it
makes them lack of confidence to speak in English.
Besides, as a language skill, speaking becomes an
important component to master by the students as the
main tool of verbal communication because it is a way
to express ideas and opinions directly what we have in
our minds.

Narrative is a text type contains the problematic

problems in order to amuse, entertain, or even
give a good lesson for readers or listeners. Knapp
and Watkins (2005) assume that the structure of
narrative is orientation, complication, and
resolution. Orientation is the starting point of the
narrative which deals with the introduction of the
character, location, and time conventionally. The
sequence of events or complication contain
problematic that leads to conflict. Then resolution
expresses the problem solving of the conflict

Research Question
How good is the speaking ability of
the second year students of MA Darel
Hikmah Pekanbaru in Spoken

The Objective of The Research

To know the ability of the second
year students at MA Darel Hikmah
Pekanbaru in spoken narrative.

The Needs of Research

The finding of this research is expected
to give valuable to the followings:
The Writer
For the writer is need to enrich the
writer knowledge about identifying
the Speaking ability of the second
year students of MA Darel Hikmah
pekanbaru in Spoken Narrative text

The Teacher
The result of this research would be
beneficial for English teacher in
developing teaching Speaking at the
second year students of MA Darel
Hikmah Pekanbaru.
The students
To improve their speaking skill
particularly in Narrative text

The Definition of the terms used

Speaking is an interactive process in constructing
meaning that involves producing, receiving, and
processing information orally (florez: 1999:115)
Problematic events which lead to crisis or turning point
of some kind (climax), which in turn finds a
resolution (Sundarwati and Grace,2007)
Spoken Narrative
Spoken narratives are accounts of events or a series of
events beyond the sentence level. Narrative skills
include the ability to describe things and events and
to tell stories in sequence with clear references to
people, places and things.

Theoretical Framwork