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Political and

Objectives Resolution
Basic Principle Committee
The constitution of 1956
The Constitution of 1962
The Constitution of 1973

Back Ground
Pakistan was established as the fifth
most populous and biggest Muslim
State on 14th August.
The Quaid has been elected as the first
President of the first constituent
Assembly of Pakistan on 11th April,1947.
Mr. Muhammad Sharif was assigned the
task of modifying the Act of 1935.
While India was successful in framing a
constitution in 1950-51.

Objectives Resolution
The Constituent Assembly passed
a resolution on 12 March
1949,known as the objectives
It provided the guiding
principles on which future
constitution was to be planted.

The Salient Features

Sovereignty belonged to Allah.

The authority is a sacred trust.
Federal System of Government
Principles of Democracy ,Equality, freedom,
and Social Justice shall b observed.
Lives according with Islamic requirements.
The Rights and Interest of minorities will be
safe guarded.
Efforts to developed under developed areas.
Fundamental Rights of the citizens
Judiciary shall be independent.

Basic Principles

BPC consisted of 25 members.

Assigned the job of determining principles
for future constitution.
The draft pesented in Constituent Assembly
on 28th Sep,1950 by Liaqat Ali.
Resulted in protest in East Pakistan, did not
bear Islamic Character, resentment against
urdu .
Assassination of PM in RWP in 16TH
Khwaja Nazim ud Din, the 2nd PM, presented
the second draft on 22nd Dec,1952.

Head of State will be Muslims.
Elected by the both houses.
Tenure will be five years.
The seats of two Houses shall be
equally distributed.
Tenure of each House was five years.
Amended with the agreement of both
central & provincial legislation.

After maths

Differences known as Bangali-Punjabi Crisis

Political intrigues
Removal of Khwaja Nazim ud Din on 16 April,1953.
Mohammad Ali Bogra as new PM
Bogra Formula to overcome dead lock
The 2nd Constituent Assembly,Muslim League as
majority party.
Chaudhry Muhammad Ali as a leader
Creation of one unit.(30th Sep.1955)
Presented the draft on 8th Jn,56.approved on 29th
Enforced on 23rd Mch 1056.

The Constitution of 1956

Islamic Provisions

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Sovereignty of Allah
Head of state shall be Muslim
Islamic Advisory Council
Law, in accordance with Islam
Commission for making law in
conformity with the Islamic Principles
President shall be a Muslim

President as Head of the state
PM as the head of the majority party,
leader of the house and head of cabinet.
NA consisted of 300 members
Each province had a governor.
Each provincial assembly had 80
members. ten for women.
The Supreme Court headed by chief
justice, appointed by the President.
Each province had a High Court.

Invited criticism
Failed to satisfy different sections of
Martial Law on 27th Oct,1958 by
General Muhammad Ayub Khan.
Appointed Justice Shahab uddin to
draft a new Constitution
Submitted its report on 6th

The Constitution of 1962

Islamic Provision
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
An Islamic Advisory Council
consisting of 12 members
Sovereignty of Allah
Islamic Advisory Council
Law, in accordance with Islam

Head of the state shall be
Equally divided bw two wings
Each province had a governor


Disillusioned by Ayub regime

Marcial Law was imposed in March 1969.
Yahya Khan took over
Disbaned one unit
NA consisted of 313.169 from eastand 144
from the West
General Electios Dec,1970.
Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman won 167.
Zulfiqar Ali Bhotto won in West
Abdul Hafiz Perzada,head of committee on
2nd Feb.1973.

The Constitution of 1973

Islamic Provision
Islam would be the state religion
President and PM to be a Muslims by
faith and belief and to profess faith in
the finality of Prophet hood.
Clear and concise definition of a
Muslim was laid down.

Impart education of Ialamiyat and
Holy Quran.
Islamic Advisory Council
Laws in the conformity with the
injunctions of Islam.
Interest free banking system

Parliamentary form of Government.
President so-called head of the state.
Federal government is composed of PM and
his cabinet and both were responsible to the
NA has 342 seats and 100 seats in the senate.
Province has been provided with a provincial
Province is headed by Governor.

Province shall have a High Court,
headed by Chief Justice of High
Supreme Court in the center, headed
by Chief Justice of Pakistan.

Remained in force for four years.
Chief of Staff Pakistan Army
,General Zia ul Haq imposed Martial
Law on 5th July,1979.
He did not abrogate the Constitution
of 1973 in all and ran the country
with the Constitution and Martial