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Caf P is an Italian Coffee Chain now operates in :

Europe Hong Kong
P headquarters in Monte Cerignone, Italy & in the
coffee business since 1883 .
Caf P was first started in the year 1975 with Single
branded outlets since 2000.
Now the premium coffee caf P has considerable
presence in Europe, Hong Kong, Korea, UAE and now
in India.

Worlds best cappuccinos, espresso and more unique
premium coffees
Runs an espresso school to experiment, invent new
tastes and new flavors and new aromas
Fastest growing brand
Caf P also serves its customers Italian Pastas,
Deserts & Pastries with world best premium
cappuccinos & espressos.
It is not an ordinary coffee shop; but a full- fledged
fine dining restaurant and a wine bar.

Cafe P in India
Caf P, the international
Italian coffee brand
announced its foray in India
with the launch of its first
Cafe P Shop, a coffee retail
outlet at M G Road,
Bangalore, in alliance with M
Beverages India Private Ltd,
the master franchisee for
So now Caf P has the ambitious
plans to start up
more outlets in India.
M Beverages India Private Limited the Master
franchisee for India is starting up its own cafes in
Bangalore and desires to franchise other locations in

Cafe P in Chennai
Caf P in Chennai is our now opportunity to explore.
Chennai city has more potential with more foreign
tourists visiting and more multi- national companies
setting up their factories around the city.
Chennai has enormous potential and the opportunity
for retail markets and particularly for the international
Caf P in Chennai will be an exciting venture to start
and a step forward to extend our horizon.

Why Coffee?
Coffee shops are the new growing trend and a
gathering place for the youth and elite crowd to
spend their good time in a pleasant atmosphere.
It is a place to hang out, to share your joy, and to
build a relationship with a sip of coffee.
Indian coffee consumption is growing at a fast phase
and it has doubled from 50,000MT to 94,400 MT from
1995-2008 and it is expected to continue for next 510 years.
Now many international players are prying the Indian
market and there is a huge demand and potential for
premium coffee.

Why Coffee?
For most people in India, the day starts with a sip of
Coffee machines are installed in work places to keep
employees stay active.
Indians are getting addicted to caffeine and the trend
is growing now...So starting up a coffee shop finds a
lucrative business.
Starting up with Caf P will be more of a boom.
Coffee shops will be more profitable when started in a
right place where people gather in huge numbers.

Express Avenue

Express Avenue The Chennais New Landmark thats what The

Hindu has quoted in its sneak peek report.
Express Avenue, located on the Club House Road and off Mount
Road, is Chennais biggest ever mall and boasts a good mix of
commercial, hospitality and entertainment spaces.
The 10-acre project that's coming up inside the historic Indian
Express Estate will have four floors of retail space, a building for
corporate offices and a hotel. The retail complex will be ready by
March this year.

Express Avenue
Nine lakh sq. ft. of retail space is ready for tenants and half
are already in the process of decorating the interiors.
Besides the variety in terms of retail (featuring premium
national and international brands), the mall has plenty of
drive-in space and ample car parking that extends to 5,
00,000 sq.ft. There are three basement parking lots that
can easily accommodate 1,600 cars.
Built at a cost of Rs. 750 crores, the 17.5 lakh-sq.ft. Mall
will have 10 anchor tenants and 150 vanilla tenants. (So
far, EA has tied up with five anchor tenants and 60 vanilla
tenants). On the day of inauguration, about 60 to 70 per
cent of floor space will be occupied. The mall will be fully
operational by the mid end of this year.

Express Avenue
It will certainly cater the affluent and premium segments.
Besides stand-alone stores by leading labels, Express
Avenue will have an expansive 80,000-sq.ft; Lifestyle and a
swanky 65,000-sq.ft Pantaloon Big Bazaar; The anchor
tenants will take 3, 00,000 to 4, 00,000 sq.ft., while the
vanilla tenants would occupy up to 4,00,000 sq.ft.
A classy food court and a multiplex are the other
attractions. The 50,000-sq.ft. Food court will have 25
counters with several food and beverage options.
Besides local fare, world food chains such as McDonalds,
KFC and Pizza Hut will open shops here. For those who
simply like to have fun, the Dubai-based Fun City will
launch an entertainment centre. That's not all on the
entertainment front. Satyam Cinemas' eight-screen
multiplex with a total of 1,300 seats in a sprawling 50,000sq.ft. space will be Chennai's biggest Cineplex. It has tied

Express Avenue
So our Plans are now to start up the premium brand
Caf P in the Prime Location.
The prime location and next expected lavish crowd
will only be in Express Avenue, the Mega Mall and the
newly found landmark of Chennai.
It has been expected that footfalls around 25,000
during weekdays and more than 1, 00,000 footfalls on
weekends and employing more than 5000 workers,
and there will be more than 5200 people to walk in 8
cinema halls inside the mall per day.

Business Model
Now to start-up the business, we have worked with a
model to float a new special purpose vehicle (SPV) it
will be a private limited company where investors will
be shareholders and directors of the firm.
The Newly formed company will occupy the space in
the mall and also will sign an exclusive franchise
agreement with Madura Beverages India Private
limited for Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry.
The SPV will open up cafes in prime locations in and
around Chennai, and in other parts of Tamil Nadu and

Investment Required
Initial investment required to start up Caf P in EA
Mall is 100 Lakhs.
That is contributed equally by five investors of the
Each investor will be the shareholder and the director
of the company and shares will be divided according
to the investments infused into the company.

Investment Return &

The Break Even Period
is 2 years. But we have
worked out a plan to reduce the time to less than a
year and half or in a year.
The Return of Investments is expected to be around
25% to 35% initially and would increase to a
maximum of 45% in the year once the mall becomes
fully functional.
And we are also planning to open multiple outlets in
the stipulated time.
Caf P will be a successful investment and the profits
are high on margins.

This Proposal is only made for a brief
presentation purpose and the detail one
will be forwarded to the active
participants in the group.
The prospect of our company is to join
hands with the Master Franchise to start
up Caf P Outlets in South East Asian
countries including Sri Lanka, Malaysia,
So it is a stepping
us to start and build a
business empire and hope you join hands with us
very soon.