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GSM Monitoring Of Tap

Changing Transformer

Dedicated To Our
Beloved Country
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Final Project Proposal

Group Members:
Hafiz Naseer Afzal


Syed Saqib Ali

Muhammad Ismail
Dawood Khan
Ehsan Ullah Khan

Sir Arif

Project Description
Flow Chart
Expected Components
Project scope
Planing Chart
Question Answer Session

In our country Pakistan, we are facing Electricity and Power
Problems. Often there is fluctuation of main supply that can
damage our home appliances and other electrical equipments.
Also the overloading of transformers is normal problem and
due to improper monitoring, they can get damaged. This result
in loss of supply of electricity and also loss of money spent on
these transformers.
We aimed to cover both of these problems and somehow we have
presented a solution. Our project entitled GSM monitoring of
Tap changing Transformer can monitor remote
transformers including their Voltage, Current and Power. It
can also act as a stabilizer for the load and changes taps of
transformer according to main supply and load demand.

Project Description
Monitoring of transformer is done through GSM and is displayed on
LCD and we have used TRIAC for switching of Taps of
Although this project can bring revolution in power transmission
and generation system of Pakistan but still there is a room of
improvement like installment of infrared sensor with transformers
for security, cooling and heating of transformers, better
monitoring transformers with a technology better than GSM, as
sometimes GSM signals can cause problem in hilly areas,
Monitoring of each individual load and much more. We have just
presented a concept and taken a step towards improvement of
monitoring of transformers and fulfilling load requirements. And
afterwards we have practically implemented this concept to
present a model. There can be much improvement in this as
improvement is nature.

Project Description
There are two Categories of Tap Changing as under
Machanical Tap Changing:
Tap changing of transformers can be done mechanically but this is
very uncommon as their switching speed is very slow because
they have to move their contacts physically proportional to voltage
correction per second. So if voltage correction is high, they will
take more time to correct voltage.
Modern Tap Changing:
As we have know that Mechanical tap changer has many
disadvantages like slow speed, heavy size etc. therefore modern
technique is to use electronic or solid state device for tap changing
of transformer.

Project Description
Tap changing in this project:
For the tap changing of transformer,
we have used TRIAC as a switching
device. TRIAC as a fast and robust
switching device as compared to
RELAY or other switching devices.

Flow Chart



Instrument Tranformer

Main Supply


Micro Controler


Components (Expected)
Opto Coupler
GSM Module
Capacitors Resistors etc

Project scope
Benefits of Tap Changing Part
Reduce Losses
Reduction of Manual Control
Increase efficiency
Better ON load technique
Low cost/ Economical
Benefits of GSM Part
Monitoring from mobile station
Fault Alert
Setting of Voltage
Reduce manpower
Low cost

Project Planing Chart

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