Feng Shui

Mir Janaan

What is Feng Shui?     Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) means “wind and water” Ancient Chinese science and art of living in harmony with the environment. Originated from a cultural shorthand taken from the passage of the now-lost Classic of Burial recorded in Guo Pu's commentary . Many different approaches to Feng Shui and can be very complicated.

A Bagua is a map that overlays the house or office plan and divides the areas into 8 sections:     Career Helpful people and travel Creativity and children Love and marriage      Fame and reputation Wealth and prosperity Health and family Knowledge and selfcultivation. Also a Center section considered an “earth” or “grounding” section .

Career or Helpful People section.How to use the Bagua map    Imagine laying the map over the blueprint of your home or office with the front door in either the Knowledge. The 8 sections should correspond to different areas of the home or office Some areas of the home or office may be “missing” .

Five Essential elements      Wood Fire Earth Metal Water .

Wood enhancements      Anything wooden or depicting wood Plants and flowers The color green Floral fabric Rectangles .

purple. fiery orange.Fire enhancements     All types of lighting and candles Red. peach Hearts Triangles . rose. pink.

beige . tile. yellow. earthenware Pictures of earth or mountains Squares Brown. earth tones. ceramic.Earth enhancements      Rocks and crystals Anything made of stone.

silver. grey .Metal enhancements     Anything made of metal Electronics Round or rounded objects White. bronze. gold.

bluish purple . blue.Water enhancements      Any water feature including fountains. birdbaths Pictures depicting water Reflective surfaces like mirrors Wavy patterns Black. lavender. aquariums. ponds.

Furniture .


Kitchen .


Living room. .

Pattern .

Feng Shui band aides  Enhancements that can be used anywhere and especially where there are “missing” areas        Mirrors Crystals Water features Lucky bamboo Chinese coins Art – BE CAREFUL WHAT IT DEPICTS THOUGH! You probably have all you need in your home right now – it just needs to be re-arranged .

Tips for desk placement  FACE THE DOOR!!!!!!!       The single most important thing you can do No surprises The Command position Smokey quartz helps decrease negativity in the office. Keep telephone and computer wires untangled and out of site. Clear the Clutter ! .

More information  “The Western Guide to Feng Shui” by Terah Kathryn Collins    Easy to understand Western style for the beginner “Feng Shui for Dummies” or “KISS Feng Shui” Anything written by Lillian Too  Beautiful pictures. but can be confusing .

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