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Friday, August 14, 2015


Nazrul Islam ID No: 103200029 Major in HRM . 2015 2 . August 14. Dhaka Md.“ Performance Evaluation of Foreign Exchange (Export) Department of Prime Bank ltd. ” Prepared By: Prepared For Abu Md. Abdullah Assistant Professor Faculty of Business Administration Eastern University. 23rd Batch Bachelor of Business Administration Eastern University Friday.

Presentation at a Glance         Introduction Overview of the Company Objectives Methodology Foreign Exchange operation analysis Findings Recommendation Conclusion Friday. August 14. 2015 3 .

it means all kinds of transaction related to foreign currency.INTRODUCTION Foreign exchange is an important and integral part of commercial banking. In other words. If the “Foreign Exchange” is considered as a subject.” . August 14. if it is conducted systematically and methodically per norms.Donal. “The Exchanges of the currency of one country for that of another country. It is very much lucrative and remunerative operation for the bank. foreign exchange deals with foreign financial transactions.A. 2015 4 .BAll Friday. Foreign Exchange means exchange of foreign currency between two countries.

dynamic private commercial bank & plays a constructive role in the economic development of the country. Its a modern. •Prime bank Limited is the first private bank to introduce lease finance. which was incorporated on 17th April 1995 with Tk. August 14. 100 million of paid up capital by a group of successful entrepreneurs. 2015 “A Bank with a Difference” 5 . Corporate Slogan Friday. 1000 million of authorized capital & Tk.OVERVIEW OF THE COMPANY •Prime Bank Limited (PBL) is one of the Bangladeshi private banks. •It is not only a conventional Bank. Hire purchase & customer credit schemes along with Islamic banking services in the banking sector in order to bring about qualitative changes in the lives of people of Bangladesh.

2015 6 . of Prime Bank Ltd. Specific objectives:    To analyze the export procedure maintained by Prime Bank Ltd. To get an overall idea about the Foreign exchange Business. August 14. Friday.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY Board Objective:  The board objective is To Evaluate the Performance of Foreign Exchange (Export) Dept. To find out whether the actual guideline is provided to complete the export procedure.

•Website of the bank •Bangladesh Bank web site.METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY In order to meet the data requirement and collect information following sources have been used: Primary Data Sources: Primary data have been collected from the individual employee those who are working in the Prime Bank at Gulshan Branch by structured questionnaire which is attached in the appendix section. August 14. 2015 7 . Secondary Data Sources: •Different reports and journals of PBL. Friday.

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August 14. 2015 Question No : 04 9 .Result and Analysis of Foreign Exchange performance Friday.

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 Maximum respond neutrally those respondents feel more relaxed with the export procedure of prime Bank. Government new regulations like as L/C margin reduce the Foreign Exchange transaction. Friday.  Maximum respondents agree that Steps and sub steps of export procedure are well explained.D (Authorized Dealer) Branches for enhancing Foreign Business. Strict controlling of Central Bank in foreign currency endorsement is a major problem.  Some of respondents agree that Bank should introduce more A. August 14.  Most of the respondents of prime Bank respondents neither happy not dissatisfied that they provide actual guideline to complete the export procedure.FINDINGS  Most of the respondents strongly agree regarding the export procedure of prime bank is better than other renowned commercial banks. 2015 15 .

2015 16 . Friday. August 14.D.Recommendation  Prime Bank may make it more flexible and efficient regarding documentation process.  Majority of the respondents strongly agree but most respond neutral that prime bank should monitor the performance of its foreign trade and export procedure system. Foreign exchange activities. may take helps the Bangladesh bank to stop the money laundering issue in a banking system. branches for enhancing Foreign Exchange Business. so that they can easily complete their task but some time it cannot possible.  Most of the respondents positively answered that prime Bank may introduce more A. Because most of the respondents positively.  Some of the respondents disagree that export Procedure may evaluate and improved step by step for customer can easy way export goods on time.  Prime Bank foreign dept.  Steps and sub steps of Export procedure may be explained appropriately to the customers.

CONCLUSION  The foreign exchange department is one of the most important departments in a bank. 2015 17 .  These foreign exchange activities have an equal significant role to the economic growth of a country. So through this division banks are contributing to the economic empowerment of the country. August 14. Friday.  Though this branch has showed excellent performance always but yet has some limitations. A bank’s performance and profit largely depends on this division. Every bank tries to cope with the newer trends of foreign exchange as soon as possible.

Friday. 2015 18 . August 14.