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Why do we need religion?

Mans need for religion
primarily from the desire:
To know himself.
To know the world that
surrounds him

Human has been plagued by


Where did I come from?

What willl be my end?
why am I here?
where did this universe come from?
did I come into existence on my own?
or is there a creator who created me?
what is this creator?
what is my connection to It?
what is there after life?
why we have the intellect?
why is it that all things in the heavens
and earth have been made subservient
to man's needs?

How to answer all the


Religion makes man realize that

he did not come to existence by
chance and he is not alone in
this world.
religion informs that man is a
creation of an All-powerful

Religion also informs man that this

Universe is neither indifferent to him,
nor is it his rival.
Universe is also God's creation, it does
not go on its course, nor does it follow
its cosmic course arbitrarily, everything
is fixed and precise.
This is a bounty from Allah given to
man, so man can enjoy His blessings,
benefit from it, reflect over His signs and
most importantly, he may infer from all
these signs that he surely has a
(87:2-3), (3:190)

Religion tells man what his fate shall

be after death.
Death is a transitional phase to
another stage of existence, the
barzakh, resurrection, wherein every
person will be recompensed for all his
No deeds will be in vain (99:6-8)
One who lives with no religion is like an

- Inborn or natural human need for religion
- Man is made up of mind, soul, heart and
- The nature of man is such that science
and knowledge alone does not convince
him nor does art and literature alone
satisfy his appetite for inquiry.
- Our souls is empty until we find faith in

The Greek historian Plutarch

"History has shown us cities
without castles, cities without
palaces, cities without schools,
but never has it shown us cities
without places of worship.."

This is the reason why the Quran

has said religion is part of human
nature itself. (30:30)

Man search for Allah to find support and
assistance especially in the time of
hardships and difficulties.
He needs strong pillar to rely on
whenever he faces hardship
losing ones belongings
facing difficult circumstances
losing what one loves etc

This is why man need

It provides one with:
strength in times of weakness
hope in the hour of despair
inspiration in moments of fear
patience in times of suffering
endurance in times of anguish

Belief in Allah, in His mercy and

justice endowed man with a
psychological wellbeing
Why? because every good acts that
we do will be compensated in the
With this knowledge, man will have
the sense of joy and optimism.
The hardships which he faces in this
short life are made easy and he finds
solace and tranquility throughout the
whole life.

Umar ibn al-Khattab said:

"Never did a trial befall me except
that Allah accompanied it with
four blessings:
1. It was never a trial which impacted
my faith in anyway;
2.It was never as bad as it seemed;
3.When it arrived, I was never
deprived of contentment.
4.I knew that Allah would reward me
as a result of enduring it.

The one who lives without

religion or faith always return
to religion in difficult times,
lives in a life full of anxiety.


Society needs motives and controls that
motivates them to do their duties and
other good deeds even in the absence of
Society needs controls that govern their
So, every members will remain in their
No one will violate the rights of others
and society as a whole when pursuing
ones own desires.

It cannot be said that the law is

enough to make people follow all
the rules.
Everyone can break the law
It is for this reason that true
moral regulation which man
fosters within himself.
This is what we call "conscience"
or "heart"

Religion strengthens the bonds

among people.
We are all the same, coming from
the One God (cooperation and
All human are brothers based on
belief and faith (49:10)
One desires for ones brother what
one desires for oneself
Indeed, he puts his brother before
himself even though by this he
may impoverish himself.