Reengineering Restructuring business functions for making it more efficient.

It can be done at individual process level / organization level. The various stages of Reengineering – Realization – The first task is to identify the requirements & threats that an organisation faces. Also detail understanding of various factors like economic,social,cultural&political factors is required. The organisation has to realisethat to sustain itself it should have incremental business improvement. The

E sse n ti l as –B e fo re sta rti g n R e e n g i e e ri g n n o rg a n i ti n h a s to sa o i e n ti d fy i ts m i o n , vi o n . th e ssi si re q u i m e n ts o f i te rn a l & exte rn a l re n cu sto m e rs m u st b e g i n i p o rta n ce . ve m R e th i k – H e re a l n lexi n g p ro ce ss a re sti re -exa m i e d . O u td a te d p ro ce d u re s a re n re e va l a te d . u W e h a ve to se e w h e th e r cu rre n t p ro ce ss i ca p a b l to p ro d u ce co m p e ti ve s e ti p ro d u cts o r n o t? R e d e si n – H e re e a ch e l m e n t, ta sk , j b g e o m u st b e a n a l yze d to se e h o w i ca n b e t b e st re d e si n e d . g

Retool –The various competitive system like tech, m/c are evaluated & adapted.The various parameter like mean time to recovery, mean time to dismantle are evaluated. Evaluation again – A final evaluation off all the process is done. Various forms of Re engineering – System, Infrastructure, Business Process reengineering

S yste m R e e n g i e e ri g – n n I h e l s i u ti i n g h / w , s/ w , sto ra g e t p n l zi d e vi s re so u rce s e ffe cti l . ce ve y I i cl ssi e d i to h / w & s/ w t s a fi n re e n g i e e ri g . n n h / w re - e n g i e e ri g – i i su i b l w h e n n n t s ta e n e w te ch . e a si y a va i a b l & a ffo rd a b l . l l e e b u t so m e ti e s o rg . w a n ts to re ta i o l m n d h / w i m s b u t i l n g ru n i p ro ve s te n o t co stl . y s/ w re e n g i e e ri g – T h e m a n u fa ctu ri g n n n o rg . a re a d o p ti g C A D , C A M , C I to n M o p ti i th e i m a n u fa ctu ri g p ro ce ss. m ze r n S o q u a l ty i p ro ve s, co st e ffe cti i m ve

CAD – It is used to design product in system. It adds computer graphics to display physical attributes of products & helps in computer aided engg. Systems. The benefits are productivity, quality improves. CAM –here computers are used to control the processing equipment to support manufacturing operation. Advantage of using CAM- Quality product,labour cost reduction, Reliable information input, more control of equipment & materials

CIM – It combines all the engg functions of CAD / CAM & business function of org . Infrastructure Re engineering – Infrastructure includes tech , resource , people , process etc .. . Ex – An organisation using old tech . & it is forced to make decision to revamp the same . So restructuring of the org . is needed . But organisational changes are required to take full advantage of re engineering effort like decentralization in decision making , skill upgradation of

Business process re engineering – It is also known as Business Process Improvement or development . It is a methodical progressive move for critical exam , redesign & implementation of the redesigned process of an organization . Features of BPR – The main aim is improvement in those areas which r important to customers , stake holders .

Process Orientation – it allows the most of the employees to view business as series of connected process . Most employees know how they work if the process are defined clearly . Here unnecessary activities , outdated process

Project Goal – since implementing BPR is costly so BPR project goal must justify high cost & risk involved . All the members must be aware of assignment , responsibility , schedule & their contribution . The mile stone should be monitored regularly & schedule , plan adjustment must be made . There are various effects of BPR – . Jobs may become multi dimensional . . Role may change from controlled to empowered . . value may change from protective to productive . . Etc …..

Rule Breaking – It entails learning . So we should learn rules existing & reason for its existence & how to break , improve it for meeting business goals . Creative use of technology - tech is a major force in re engineering . It is used to streamline business operation . it must be used creatively to deliver customer service .
Combination of Several jobs –

redundant function should be eliminated & jobs involving routine tasks are combined .

BPR advocates simple version for simple & complex version for complex cases.So org. is able to cope with various situations.
Multiple version of Process

Controls , Checks reduced , single point of Contact for customers are also required.

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