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Louela Romero Segaya
Jeshemel Villoso
Rose Ann Olaco DeSotto
Erika A. Manlutac
Professor Jocel San Juan

companies. and schools are using computers to communicate to other people. . society and the environment. The proposed system aims to design . Offices. Grading is the way of the professors to evaluate the performance of the students on academic semester or entire college year. In the modern era.Introduction Technology is the branch of knowledge that deals with creation and use of technical means their interrelation with life. Computer helps a lot in many ways such as organizing storing and manipulating data though programs. Computer helps people to make the work easier especially on the workplace. technology has become useful and important to people for making life easier. such as computers. Everything that the proposed system covers can be accessed by simply using a computer which has the program that supports the system. One of the basic technology that people need is computer. develop and implement an online grading system. The increasing usage of computers in the mid and late 90’s gave way for the new technologies that had assisted teachers and professors to easily compute and record the grades of the students. The proposed system will make it easier to the releases it.

The proposed system will also reduce lots of papers used in listing the on class cards. The researchers aim to develop an Online Grading System that will improve the manual process of getting the grades. ACCESS Computer and Technical College. Pasig. . aided by high-tech audio –video devices and supplemented by schedule On-The-Training. The admin encode the grades of the student once the professor submitted their report card. access computer and technical college have eleven campuses located Novaliches Zabarte. Monumento. Monumento branch are manually distributed their grades to Students.Background of the study ACCESS Computer and Technical College is a degree-awarding tertiary educational institution that specializes in computer and vocational course. It was founded in 1981. continuous mission to offer the most in demand today. newly open campuses Marikina. The registrar office will release the grades of the student after they encode it on their system and the students can view their grades from the registrar office and get their own copy. The country recognized leader and pioneer and a high-tech education since 1981. Based in the Philippines. The School Admin directly to the system and the students may view their grades using it. Camarin. Effective training and achieved through a personalized method of teaching in smallsized classes with actual laboratory exercises and extensive hands on practice. and Marilao. Cubao 1 (EDSA) Cubao 2 (ANONAS). Manila. Lagro.

How to create a module that Admin can update the information of the student and instructor? 3. Monumento branch that will help the Admin to manage the encoding and releasing of grades by developing an Online Grading System. Specifically this study aims to: 1. instructors and also to the students? . How to create a module that Instructor can input the grades of the students? 2.Statement of the problem The study aims to design. How to make a program that will be beneficial to the admin. develop and implement an Online Grading System for ACCESS Computer and Technical Colleges. How to create a module that Student can view their grades? 4.

Objective of the study: General objective The general objective of this proposal is to design. .  To create a module that Students can view their grades.  To make a program that will be beneficial to admin. develop and implement an Online Grading System for ACCESS Computer and Technical College.  To create a module that Admin can update the information of the student and instructor. instructors and students . Specific Objective  To create a module that Instructor can input the grades of the students. Monumento Branch.

. Instructor and Student. The Instructor can edit the grades of the students. Instructor and the Students. meaning they have data on the database.. The system provide different module for Admin.SCOPE AND LIMITATION SCOPE The system is intended to be used by the Admin. In addition the system is accessible online. This system is capable of giving essential information regarding the grades of the students. The system cannot print grades. And the System cannot determine who is a leading student. The Admin can update. and can be accessed by all students who have been enrolled and having a valid account. and will lessen the task in encoding of grades. The system can update process of viewing and encoding of grades stored. The system is secured by different log-in in every user. The system can only give readable and reliable information in every single of concern. Limitation The Admin cannot edit and delete the grades of the students without the permission of the instructor. The students can view all previous grades if they have permission from the instructor. information and account of the students. The authorized personnel will only be allowed to use the system only to maintain the privacy of the records. view and delete (with the permission of Instructors) the grades.

Significance of the Study The researcher intended to develop an Online Grading System for ACCESS Computer and Technical Colleges. To ACCESS Computer and Technical Colleges. To the Future Researchers The proposed study will benefits and help the future researchers as their guide in conducting their own research study that related to this topic. Monumento branch and would be a great help to the following. To the School Administrators School administrators have no longer to re-compute the grades of each student to check their accuracy. . Reports such as sheet and class records can be submitted on time. To researchers The researchers are also a beneficiary since it would value the importance of enhancing the skills and working performance throughout the study. Monumento branch The proposed study will benefits the school to lessen the school works To the Instructors Instructors would be able to record and compute for the grades of their students faster thereby lessening their workload and providing tm with added time to attend to other functions. To the students The proposed study will benefit the students to easily see their grades by viewing online.

Teacher Admin Info etc. . Grades And Comments TEACHER Fixes GRADING SYSTEM Work STUDENT Grade Work Compliant Info etc.

Write Syllabus etc STUDENT Grading Syllabus etc. Info etc. Info etc. Grades And Comments Grade Work Work Grade Work Return Graded Work Grade Work Grades TEACHER Read Grades Fixes Compliant Fix errors Info etc.Grading System Grade Work Work Work Work Submit work Syllabus etc. Study .


2 Verify CreateAccounts and update Instructor account D2 Grades DB 1 Verify 2.4 1 Delete Verify Instructors Accounts and Student Accounts 2.3 Accounts Student Grades 2.5 1 Verify Student Grades Accounts Accounts Information INSTRUCTOR .LEVEL 1 STUDENT 11 Verify Verify Accounts Accounts 1 2.1 Verify CreateAccounts and update ADMIN Student account D1 Accounts DB 1 2.

Delete and Update Instructor and Student Account Online Grading System Log-in Log-out Viewing of Grades Student Database .System Architecture Log-in Log-out Encoding Grades of Instructor Admin Internet student Log-in Log-out Create.

System Development Life Cycle Requirement Gathering Analyze System Design Implementation Testing Maintenance .

Context Diagram Student Grades Student Grades Encode Student Grades View Grades ADMIN Student Information 1 Verify Online Grading Accounts System INSTRUCTOR View Student Information Encode Student Information ADMIN Encode Instructor Information Instructor Information Fairfield University Student Information .