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A school with a difference!
Sumati Balwan, located at Gujar-Nimbalkarwadi near
Katraj, a benevolent initiative of like minded
individuals is an example of a noble idea turning into
a successfully working model.

This school was started in June 2001 on a no-grant
basis and is a hope for more than 100
underprivileged and/or orphaned students coming
from the economically backward strata of society.
Our Mission
• Every child is entitled to
primary education.

And coming from an
background does not
always warrant it.

Our goal is to impart
meaningful education to
every child irrespective
of his/her background.
Our Mission
• The school attempts to turn
children into true pursuers of
knowledge, not just students
bent on passing examinations.
• We mould them for a bigger role
in society, of being responsible
and resourceful individuals who
can stand on their feet, make a
living and live a respectable life.
Our Mission
• Nestled in the arms of
nature we at SB make
sure the children frolic
without fear in a pollution-
free environment, receive
basic education while
playing and enjoying.
• We believe in transforming
children into responsible
citizens, bringing forth
their potential and hidden
How we do this?


At Sumati Balwan, we adhere to
the “playway” method of
teaching. This includes education
through games, charts, visuals
and toys.

Our teachers selflessly strive to
bring about an all round
development of each child
physically, emotionally and
intellectually. Self dependence
and dignity of labour are few
amongst many other things we
impart the children with.
How we do this?

Sumati Balwan houses around 20
orphaned children on a permanent
basis. These children live in the
school premises and attend school
during the day.

Two in-house matrons, take care
of the children 24/7. Right from
monitoring their health to
imparting moral education, the
“maushis” help the children grow
in a cheerful haven.
How we do this?

Apart from what the curriculum
demands , we also conduct
meditation & yoga sessions,
physical education and

We encourage the children to
draw, paint, sing and play. Few
hours every day are dedicated to
these extra-curricular activities.
How we do this?


We also celebrate cultural events
such as Palkhi, Pustak Handi (a
different version of Dahi Handi),
Jaldindi etc.
How we do this?

Students are taught bread-winning
skills like making of Soap, Phenol,
Shampoo, Solar Cooker, Greeting
Cards and Paper Bags.

After SSC, if a student shows
interest in pursuing further
education, we guide him/her
appropriately in steering his
career in the right direction.

Alternatively, if a student is eager
to make a living due to monetary
constraints, we impart vocational
skills such as driving, mechanics,
sewing and provide basic
infrastructure as needed.
How we do this?

At Sumati Balwan, we also invite
veterans in various fields as
guests to speak to the older
children and counsel them.

This uplifts their self-esteem and
also helps them face the world
with confidence.
Be A Friend
We believe that, sharing our time and resources with
those who need them the most, is the least we can do.

• Volunteer:
– Speak to the children, guide them suitably, tell stories or teach songs.
– Spread a word, your contacts and relations might change the future of our children.
– Get involved. Spread cheer.

• Donate:
– Give away books, games or toys.

– Help monetarily on a regular/periodic basis or as a one-time donation.

– Sponsor a child.
Know More
• Plan a visit. We would
love to have you come
over and take a look at
the school and its
functioning. What you
see is what you believe.
Do pay us a visit soon!

• Send an email to this
blogger if you wish to
support the cause
Contact us
Radhabai Hardikar Pranijat
Mangal Sanstha
• President: Dr. Sharayu
020 24373507

• Vice President (and
Principal of Sumati Balwan)
Mrs. Manasi Deshpande