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Galahs on the cliff top at Soldiers Beach, New South Wales

Soldier’s Beach
Norah Head
New South Wales

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How important is it to include maps when helping children locate places around the
Oyster Catchers on the beach in Northumberland
Embleton Bay,
Northumberland, UK

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How important is it to include maps when helping children locate places around the
Taking the thinking further
• Our perception of place is clearly influenced by our
personal experience of the world. I know what it feels
like to walk along a sea-shore – I have experienced the
sounds, know what the wind feels like on my skin, I can
see the pattern of the waves along the beach and know
from the dunes that this sea must carry sand that is
being deposited on the beach and then blown by the
wind to form these dunes. I have visited coastlines in a
variety of places round the world where sand dunes are
found, so my personal expectations are that this image
could have been taken in any one of a number of
different locations.
• This will not be true for the majority of children
who bring much more limited experiences of the
world with them. By presenting images in the
form of a puzzle to be solved, we create an
opportunity to hook children in, to compare what
they think they see when part of the image is
hidden, with what they actually see when all is
revealed. Challenging their perceptions of place
in this way actively engages at both the
emotional and intellectual level, widens
perceptions of the world in which they live and
leads to a growing `sense of place’.
• For further practical ideas about exploring
`A sense of place’ – see Fran Martin
(2006), Teaching Geography in Primary
Schools, Chapter 2, Knowledge &
understanding of places, Chris Kington
Publishing ISBN 1 8998 857 83 4
Taking it further
• Additional images of part of the New South Wales
coastline can be found at:

NSW/index.htm These images were all taken within a
few miles of Norah Head – search for The Entrance on
Multi-map (Australia & Central Coast, NSW).

• Explore the Uluru Research frame:
• To develop these ideas and to explore how you can
customise these `frames’ for use with you own class go to
`Taking it Further’ on the Geography Teaching Today