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Summer Internship at

Savegenie E-marketing
Private Limited
Minu Pandey

Table of contents
• Sector / Organization overview
• Project Objectives and Scope of the Project:
• Significance of the Project
• Research Methodology
• Observations, Results and
• Managerial Implications and Learning
• Value contribution from summer intern to the

expanding at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15 per cent. ‘Food and Grocery’ accounted for nearly 60 per cent of total revenues in the retail sector .Sector Overview India’s retail market is expected to touch a whopping Rs 47 trillion (US$ 782. according to a study by a leading industrial body.23 billion) by 2016–17.

SWOT Strengths • Features of the website • Reusable Lists • Swap • Switch stores • Split store • Interactiv e Menu • Low fixed cost Weakness • Association with less number of retail outlet • Database maintenance • Differentiation Opportunities • Mobile App • Data analytics • Line Extension • Expansion into newer areas • Venturing into home maintenence Threats • Easy to replicate idea • Training to storekeepers • Privacy Concerns  • Future Legislation .

range of sectors that people visit for grocery buying. monthly spending on grocery and preference of branded or Kirana store. • To understand what withholds consumers from opting for online grocery buying. • Preparing a strategy for lead generation. • To determine the online shopping patern. • The research involves studying the consumer behaviour of Gurgaon. Scope of the study: • Finding out the pattern of grocery buying – bulk/need basis. • To understand the impact of competition in the area.Project Objectives and Scope of the Project • Savegenie is planning to create an online grocery marketplace. .

• Secondary data has been gathered for understanding the retail industry and the online grocery industry. .Research Methodology • The sources of data used in this project report are both primary and secondary data. •  • A survey using questionnaire has been done to collect primary data from people residing in Gurgaon. • SPSS has been used to analyze the primary data collected through questionnaire.

.45. • It was difficult to find out people who already use online grocery shopping platform.1379 • Sampling Frame.sector 30.46.47 and 50 • Sampling Method.Sample Design • Sample Size. • The research is for generating the strategy for Business to Consumer sales and not for Business to Business (Savegenie to retail stores) sales.Simple Random sampling • Data Collection Method • Pilot survey with 10 respondents • Primary data collected • Limitation Of the Study • Only 5 sectors have been considered for the survey as per the allocation done by the Industry Mentor.

Data Analysis Grocery spending per month .

Gender based comparison for online shopping shopping Sectorwise Online .

Online shopping and Age .

• Internet Access Sectorwise .

Genderwise Pick up preference: .

• Buying pattern sectorwise: .

Sales Pitch Sales Pitch for Men and Woman 60% 51% 50% 40% 37% 42% 45% 43% 35% 35% 35% 30% 20% 10% 0% Time Variety Female Convenience Male Price .

80% S e c to r 3 0 26.60% 31.80% 27.50% 18.90% 30.00% 18.00% 19.70% 22.70% 15.40% 35.90% 22.80% S e c to r 5 0 .00% 23.80% S e c to r 4 6 21.60% 19.10% 20.50% 25.00% S e c to r 4 5 28.50% S e c to r 4 7 22.• Sales Pitch Sales Pitch Sector Wise Time Saving Convenience Wide Variety Price 38.50% 35.

Preference of Brandswapping Preference of brand Preference of store comparison .

• Brand Swapping is also an attractive feature for the customer and is useful for sales pitch.This should be employed in the sales pitch. • People prefer variety in all the sectors and this is in favor of Savegenie as it offers a wide range of products. • Time Saving is important feature for sales pitch. Thus there should be more focus on these two sectors compared to the rest three. It should be used during the sales pitch. . • Younger people are more inclined towards online shopping and they should be targeted. • People prefer Store switch as an exciting feature.Recommendations • Sector 30 and 50 have highest internet penetration .Women should also be informed about the price saving possible through shoppers and grocery spending.

• The country’s pharma industry accounts for about 1. India’s generics market has immense potential for growth .3 billion in 2011.1 billion by 2016 from current USD11.1 per cent during 2012–20 and reach USD45 billion • The generics market is expected to grow to USD26. • The Indian pharmaceutical industry is expected to expand at a CAGR of 12.4 per cent of the global pharma industry in value terms and 10 per cent in volume terms.

initiatives like Jan Aushadi to promote doctors to prescribe generic drugs. physicians. medical students. • All drug related information in an SMS or couple of clicks. nurses and other healthcare professionals • Leverages technology to deliver medicinal information to the consumer in the most usable form • Educating the consumer about how the prescription medicine works & the required precaution and contraindication • Helps the consumer save on cost by suggesting the right alternatives. .• Resource for the common man. • In line with Govt.

Competitor Analysis • Integrated online drug marketplace: These marketplaces do not have a supply chain system of their own. A few names from the list are: • • • • Mohan Medicos & General Store Jai Sheetla medical Rupa medical store Guru Kripa Medical Store . They integrate local drug stores in the area to offer online drug delivery. Appendix 4 bears the list of such   • Drug stores with their own website facilities: In these stores one can access the website and order online: • Globalhealthline • Medisca Pharmacy • BIG Chemist • Drug store offering on call delivery: There are various drug stores that offer on call delivery of • http://www.They keep inventory and deliver them themselves.healthonthego. • http://www. However they do not have a physical • • Online drug sellers : They have a supply chain system of their own. • • Mymedical.

• The drugs and Cosmetics Act 1948 bears no mention of online pharmacy Threats • Changing Legislation • Low entry barriers leading to high competition • Payment gateways for drug buying and selling are not available  .SWOT Strengths • Existing Infrastructure • The brand value of Savegenie Weakness • Maintaining the database • Creating a credibility in the eyes of the customers. Opportunities • Government has been favoring generic drugs sale.

• It has legal and ethical implications that need to be considered while doing the research. .The Research Problem • studying the feasibility of creating an online drug marketplace where drug equivalence is offered.

• The legal implication of creating an online drug marketplace. • The ethical issues surrounding the online drug marketplace and offering of equivalent medicine. . • Comparing the credibility of various sources that provide equivalence of medicine. • The laws around prescriptions.

• Identification of the pharmacy colleges and hospitals of Delhi and Gurgaon region was done for taking the appointments of doctors and professors. • Conclusions had been arrived at using the response of the concerned persons and not on questionnaire alone. lawyers. • Observation: ordering different types of drugs from different stores that offer online service and studying the online delivery pattern. • A questionnaire was prepared for the interview of the respondents for gathering information based on various parameters. . • The questions were presented in one to one interview with each of the respondents.Pharama students were taken for interview. B.Research Methodology • Secondary research has been done to understand the drug industry by going through various medical journals and articles. • Appointment from doctors. • Responses of the concerned persons had been thoroughly analyzed. pharmacists.

Students of pharmacy colleges of Delhi and Gurgaon Doctors at hospitals of Delhi and Gurgaon. pharmacists. • Sampling Frame • • • • • • Professors at pharmacy colleges of Delhi and Gurgaon.Sample Design • Sample Size :40 people have been interviewed. Stores offering online/on call order facility of medicine . This included doctors. Lawyers. B. professors.Pharma students. Drug distributors.

B.Data Collection Method • Primary Data • Taking appointment from doctors. lawyers.Pharama students. various . • Using a set of questions that help in gathering information based on various parameters. • Identification of the pharmacy colleges and hospitals of Delhi and Gurgaon region and taking the appointments of doctors and professors. pharmacists. • Identifying drug distributors and interviewing them • Observation: ordering different types of drugs from different stores that offer online service and studying the online delivery pattern. • Secondary Data: • Secondary research to understand the drug industry by going through medical journals and articles.

• Doctors (respondents) are reluctant for their feedbacks & opinions. and authenticity of their statements can’t be verified too. • All the observation and recommendation will be made on the feedback obtained from survey . Limitation Of the Study • The sample size has been limited due to time constraint..

Findings And Conclusion • Laws Surrounding Pharma Industry India • Online Payment transaction : Online payment transactions are not possible for medicine. • Prescription Laws • Allergy and medical history to be taken into account • Security and Privacy: • EMR • Equivalent Medicine Drug Database .