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CEO Pearl Uppal is an internet industry veteran and has extensive
experience at companies such as Yahoo, Rediff and GE. She Graduated
from IIT Delhi and is also a gold medalist from Delhi College of

Harish Bahl is the Indian Investor, Co-Founder and Chariman of FNY.
Harish is the founder CEO of Smile Interactive and has incubated and
grown several successful leading online businesses like Quasar (WPP
Digital & Smile JV), Tyroo (Smile & Yahoo JV), Zoomtra and Zumtra. He is
also the chairman of the Digital Agencies Committee of the Internet and
Mobile Association of India.

Rahul Narverkar is Fashion and You’s Director of Sourcing who prior to
joining Fashion and You, was the Senior General Manager, DLF Retail
Developers. Narverkar has over 15 years of experience in retail and
media. The website company is owned by Gold square Sales India Private


Fashion and You is a is a pure click company formed in early 2010. FNY
partners with high fashion and luxury brands across fashion apparel, designer
wear, accessories, footwear, watches, jewelry, fragrances, kids, home décor,
and holds private sales events for these brands on
at prices up to 80% off.

Currently Fashion and You have associations with more than 1500 brands and
supplier partners nationally and more than 100 international brands &
exclusive tie-ups globally. boasts of a strong member base of 5.7 million
people servicing 8,000 pin codes of India.

Fashion and You has over 2.7 million registered users and are the country’s
most well funded e-commerce website. was the first website to cross 1 million fan base on

All these products are offered to customers as heavy discount on MRP. to customers so It is Sales revenue model. It is a Business to Customer (B to C) Business model. .com is an aggregator of many brands. derives revenue by selling goods. Its business model is based on procuring current season merchandise from various brands and making them available on the portal at the same time as in respective retail brand outlets.Business and Revenue Model • • Fashionandyoy.

E-business Model… turnover is Rs 200 cr. Calvin Klein. Dior.  Brands – Reebok. Diesel etc…. Versace. Lacoste.Business to Consumer (B2C). Gucci.Men. 20 New Mega "Sale Events" start at 9:00 AM .  Everyday. Women & Children. Polo.  E-COMMERCE Mode.continue for 35 days .  Fashion and You orders products straight from supplier & delivers them to its members in a limited-time. The company is aiming to become a profitable entity with a turnover of Rs 500 crore in the next two years .  Target segment .Discounts up to 80 % available.  Fashionandyou.

 100+ international brands & exclusive tie-ups globally.  No physical stores.E-business Model…. Virtual Merchant:  Completely e-business. Affiliate Model:  Associations with1500+ brands & supplier partners nationally. .

Range of products WOMENS • Ethnic wear. Men’s closet . skin care. Fragrances. Footwear. MENS • Western wear. Table ware. Western wear. Sports wear. Personal accessories KIDS • Apparel. Fragrance. Men’s closet accessorize FASHION GARAGE • Women’s wardrobe. Kitchen ware. Ethnic wear. swim wear. Footwear. Skin care. Footwear. Inner wear. Bath. and handbags. makeup. Furniture LOUNGE • Women’s wardrobe. Linen bar. hair care. Grooming. Eye wear. Winter wear ACCESORIES • Watches and bags. lingerie. night wear. Fashion jewelry. Accessories HOME AND LIVING • Decor and Utility.


. The wide array of brands across fashion and lifestyle categories offers a plethora of products that are available at irresistible • Every day sale Everyday 20 New Mega "Sale Events" start at 9:00 AM and lasts for 3-5 days.Features of fashion and you.


Press room .

FNY signs an agreement with the supplier – the brand for sale of its product – After this. – The supplier then sends the products ordered and these are delivered directly to FNY’s processing unit where they are . – Then. • FNY’s Supply Chain is an 7 step process : – In its first step. If the catalogue is approved by the reviewers. promotions to all members via Email/SMS and social media are delivered about the sales event. the company tallies up all orders and a purchase order is issued and sent to the supplier.Supply Chain…. the sales event is launched at 11AM and lasts for 3 straight days. an e-catalogue is produced in FNY’s in house studio. – At the end of the sales event.

Supply Chain…. .

2. Select product & add to shopping cart. 4. Placing Order: 1. 3. Debit/Credit card. Sign-In for existing users or Sign up for new members.Supply Chain…. Enter the shipping address. . Wallet or Cash On Delivery (COD). Choose a payment option from Net banking.

user receives an automated confirmation call. .  For Cash On Delivery (COD) order. Once an Order is placed:  Pre-paid order is auto-confirmed. Updating at various stages of order by:  Registered email ID with company.Supply Chain….  SMS on users registered mobile number.

• During special events- products shipped within .Supply Chain…. Delivery: 1. For EXPRESS Product/s -  • Order is shipped directly from 24/48 warehouse hours within of order confirmation.

Delivery… 2.  Deliver within 7-14 days business days. For NON-EXPRESS Product/s -   Products are sourced from different locations across India. depending upon your location. .Supply Chain….

Debit/Credit card transactions are processed using a secure encrypted connection to keep transactional details confidential. Thus all Net Banking.Payment • • • • • • • Safe & Secure Payment Options:  Fashion And You offer highest standards of security to ensure that our customers shopping experience is safe and secure.available on select pin codes with a minimum shipping charge . Pay for your shopping by choosing from following options: NET BANKING CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS WALLET Cash on Delivery (COD) .

 Cash on Delivery (COD): Charges Rs. Maestro.Shipping charges:  Credit Card-Free delivery. . Mobikwik.99 – For products valued up to Rs.999. American Express. Accepted cards:  Visa. MasterCard.

• • • • • • • • . Jewelry Handbags & Wallets Sunglasses Watches Electronics Home Décor Home does not deliver outside India.Terms & Conditions • fashionandyou. Fragrances & Cosmetics. • Following product categories fall under "No Return/Exchange". unless there is an inherent damage/quality issue at the time of delivery due to amiss from our vendor's side.

Once your return has been authorized. 3. unwashed. 4. 5. unworn.PROCESSING CUSTOMER RETURNS: 1. Please mention Order number in subject line to help us quickly process your returns and ensure that the returned merchandize is unused. undamaged and in saleable condition. 2. Please ensure that all the returned items are packed securely and safely to prevent any loss or damage during transit. . please refer to the link in our email for the return shipping label which is mandatory and should be pasted on every single return packet.  Request you to cooperate and maintain the original packaging of return items including original FashionAndYou tags. shoeboxes and dust-bags. You can call us or e-mail us within 7 days from date of delivery .

Gurgaon – 122016 . UdyogVihar Phase – 1. as given below: Plot # 241. • Self-ship to our Return Cell: In case your pin code is not serviced by our courier partner. Near SP Infocity (Nokia).CUSTOMER RETURNS CONTD… Returns can be made in the following ways: • Reverse pick up from your shipping address: Our reverse pick-up facility is currently available only in select locations. which falls under the service network of our courier partners. Airway Bill. For all self-shipped returns. you will be reimbursed Rs. 100 towards your shipping costs • All returned products need to clearly bear the consignee address on the return Return Cell. you will have to self-ship the product(s) back to us. to reach our Return Cell within 10 days.

else you will not be eligible for refunds. along with photographs and our customer care team will assist you accordingly. Your returns must reach our Return Cell with original tags.Refunds are made as follows: • • • If on a rare chance you receive any damaged/defective product please send an email at support@fashionandyou. and if your payment is made through credit/ debit card or any net banking then the amount is credited back to your account from which the payment was made. .com within 24 hours of delivery.  Your refund will be done as NEFT for payments made through ‘cash on delivery' mode.

Advertise on Facebook and twitter page Facebook Twitter Page .

4% 59.098 Seconds).com? Bounce Rate .384 How fast does fashionandyou.Website Ratings  How popular is fashionandyou.25. 62% of sites are faster.6:59  Who visits fashionandyou.16  Daily Time on Site .com? Country   India   United Stat es Percent of Visitors Global Rank – 3595 Rank in India – 288  How engaged are visitors to load? Slow (2.3% Rank in Country 288 1. .6.40% Daily Page views per Visitor .

The fact . This leaves the customer angry and he loses faith in the company. In FNY’s case this is hazardous. there is a shortfall in supply. FNY cannot deliver the product to the customer and will have to cancel that order. Incase. This way they have complete track of how many products have been ordered and how many remain. store them in their warehouses and then set up a sales event. • What FNY needs to do is to buy products from suppliers in bulk. Purchase orders are issued only after the sales events are over.Recommendation From my analysis. A lot of recommendations come in mind for FNY • The area that FNY should be most concerned about is their supply chain.

Delivery of the products should be quicker. Because every person read newspaper and watch TV. Fashionandyou follow this thing. he/she can see all brands denim according to his/her needs. Feedback should be taken by fashionandyou with the help of phone-call or messages or e-mail. but not for all . Price should be more competitive. • • • • • Fashionandyou should be advertise in print media and television.Recommendation contd.. not only by brands like any person want to see denim. Website should be more user friendly. products should be arranged according to their type also.

• Amongst the 48% male shoppers. FNY shoppers are also found in tier 2 & tier 3 cities. 23% between ages 18-25 and 1% of them is below 18 years of age. 42% of the shoppers are above 35 years of age. 6% from . 48% are male. 32% between ages 18-25. 14% are above 35 years and 1% are below 18.CUSTOMER DEMOGRAPHICS • 52% of FNY’s shoppers are female. However. 34% lie between ages 25-35. 39% of the shoppers are from Delhi/NCR. • Apart from big cities. 53% are between the ages 25-35. • Amongst the 52% female. 13% from Bangalore. 19% from Mumbai.

2010 in New Delhi.Achievements • Company Achievements Star Retailer Debutant Award 2010 in the award ceremony held by Franchise India on December 12. . WAT Awards: Fashion And You got a Silver in the Ecommerce site of the year recognized by Dataquest amongst the top 20 Hottest Ecommerce Startups From India. Fashionandyou. Facebook Page : https ://www.Visit us • • Official website: /275437532654104 .facebook.

set up the shelves.According to retail brand Advantages disadvantages my experience physically outlet  advantages and Disadvantages are: (1. the neighbourhood can go into pretty straight forward. .) Retailing is a cash business. That means all customers pay cash or credit card to purchase your products or services. The high capital outlay also means the business is in higher risk. he/she can askdecline. (3) The sales process in retailing is much shorter and easier compared to other business. You have to purchase the inventories.) It is not flexible to some changes that shop. Customer comes to (3.  (2. parking restrictions might be (4. you basically stay in the shop waiting for customers. renovate the shop etc.) Retailing belongs to a much more passive kind of business. (2. your staff serve them. customer may take place in the market. If he/she has any doubt .) Setting up a retail outlet requires high capital cost. pay up.) Customer can touch and feel the immediately. The process is example.) Having a retail outlet means you have a physical presence in that area.  (1. For decide to buy. Instead of going out to get business.

Comparison between .

Much shorter and easier Feel the product and check the product by hand at the time of purchasing Delivery No It will take several weeks (cod) It has fix timings for business.and selects product moving around outlet. Running Cost Lesser than retail outlet (no infrastructure cost) It has fix timings for business.  Comparison points   Business time 24X7 hours. (10am: 11pm) Higher (includes infrastructure cost) Convenience Sales process More.   Longer Lesser . (10am: 10pm)) Yes Higher (includesinfrastructure cost) Lesser . business can be done at any time. Much shorter and easier Yes Immediately Immediately . Customers can easily select products without moving around physically. customer has to go to the outlet. customer has to go to the outlet.and selects product moving around outlet.

refund will be done as NEFT for (cash return only In the form of payments made through ‘cash reward point in membership card on delivery' mode. casuals. guns n roses line. it can be returned within 7 working days of the original purchase/delivery date. With some points. Kids wear: for girls: Gypsy. In the form ofCash Refunds Credit / Debit Card Refunds Cheque Refunds yes. ) credit/ debit card or any net banking then the amount is credited back to your account from which the payment was made. women wear: western formals. sporty. it provide membership card for every new user. current no membership offer Membership offer Product range yes.    Comparison points Debit card/credit card. casuals and ethnic wear.. guns n roses line. cash payment and Payment mode by Cheque Returning policy send an email at support@fashionandyou. and if your which is valid in the time period of payment is made through 03 months only. casuals. casuals and ethnic wear. days. ethnic For any reason if customer is not satisfied with a product and product remains in good condition. Westside provide membership card . sporty. Men: Formals. Men: Exchange within 30 within 24 hours of delivery. Kids wear: for girls: Gypsy. Debit card/credit cash payment card. . women wear: western formals.

  Comarison points   Sales offers Offers everyday sales Offers occasional sales + seasonal sales Offers occasional sales + seasonal sales Targeted customer  targeted toward the upper middle class of Indian population targeted toward the middle class of Indian population targeted toward the middle class and upper middle class of Indian population User interaction   by mail by messages and call by messages and call CRM Best Good Good .

Comparison between .

Sizes.  Refund will be done as NEFT for payments made through ‘cash on delivery' mode.  Comarison points PRODUCT SHORT BY PAYMENT MODE   price range. brand .types of silloute and offers . colors . Not provided All mode provided .. and if your payment is made through credit/ debit card or any net banking then the amount is credited back to your account from which the payment was made. . discounts. send an email at support@fashionandyou. colors . brand.sizes. within 24 hours of offers its customers ‘15 DAYS FREE RETURN / EXCHANGE SERVICE ’ REFUND MODE FEEDBACK FACLITIES Provided price range. along with photographs and our customer care team will assist you accordingly. Brand.categories discounts.

In a day.  Comarison points   REVENUE MODEL sales revenue model Sales revenue model Sales and advertisement revenue model Deal of the day. e-gift confused targeted toward the upper middle class and middle of Indian population Very good targeted toward the upper middle class and middle of Indian population .Quick delivery . cod Normal.cod express delivery.grab or gone SALES AVAILBLE Offers occasional sales + seasonal sales Daily sales (provide more sales) DELIVERY OPTION Express delivery/non.cod REWARD POINTS Yes(gift card) FOR PURCHASE NAVIGATION good TARGETED targeted toward CLIENT all types of Indian population no Yes.

  Comparison points   USER INTERFACE continue as guest user have to login/make new account to purchase EXTRA SERVICES newsletter. track of emi service. calls and messages INTERACTION messages ON TV .emi. track order by warp order services.newspaper.twitter. pressroom. and twitter. calls and by mail. Recently viewed may like item.twitter. No need to make account Blog.slash n. calls and messages ON TV . Only on Facebook ADVERTISING Facebook . Facebook . track order   USER by mail.flipkarte-book.pressroom. magazine. .newspaper.