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DCR- analysis, dcr_32a


(a.tch_radio_fail + a.tch_rf_old_ho
RF Reasons
+(a.tch_abis_fail_call - d.FACCH_CALL_SETUP_FAIL_PAGING) ;Ref 1 + a.tch_abis_fail_old Abis -interface
+a.tch_a_if_fail_call + a.tch_a_if_fail_old
A -interface
+a.tch_tr_fail + a.tch_tr_fail_old
+a.tch_lapd_fail + a.tch_bts_fail + a.tch_user_act + a.tch_bcsu_reset
Other reasons
+a.tch_netw_act + a.tch_act_fail_call)
Other reasons
– sum(b.tch_re_est_assign)
Call re-establishments
100 * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sum
Calls started directly in the cell
+sum(c.msc_i_sdcch_tch + c.bsc_i_sdcch_tch + c.cell_sdcch_tch)
DR calls
- sum(a.tch_succ_seiz_for_dir_acc) ;ref.2 + sum(a.tch_seiz_due_sdcch_con) FACCH call setup calls
- sum(b.tch_re_est_assign)
Call re-establishments

•Counters from table(s): a = p_nbsc_traffic b = p_nbsc_service c = p_nbsc_ho d = p_nbsc_res_avail
•Ref 1; The counter002072 FACCH_SETUP_FAIL_DUR_PAGING used to compensate the counter
001084 TCH_ABIS_FAIL_CALL that is updated faultily after activation of FACCH
•Ref.2; Compensation needed since in case of Direct Access to super reuse TRX the
tch_norm_seiz is triggered in parallel with cell_sdcch_tch.

Segment related problems: There might be some problems with tch_norm_size if used on
BTS level and the BTS is part of the multisegment.

Soc Classification level
© Nokia Siemens Networks

DCR >2% and DCR_count > 10# DCR > 2% & DCR_num >10 Yes Drops due to RF reasons Yes No RF No Drops due to Abis No Yes Abis Case Closed Soc Classification level 2 © Nokia Siemens Networks No Drops due to A-interface Yes A Drops due to Transcoder Yes TR No No Drops due to Other reasons Yes Other .

for example only quality 4 samples) No YES Change the TRX / combiner TRX / combiner is broken. may be some neighbor cells are missing ND 232 YES Add neighbors No No Yes Yes No No 2* Check HOs to adjacent cells. If blocking. UL/DL level distribution. for example only <-100dBm level samples Change new frequency based on interference matrix Coverage problems. Improve coverage Add LNA or new sites 3* No Check cell parameters. If bad values. UL/DL quality/level distribution.RF reasons (p_nbsc_traffic_tch_radio_fail. If lots of long distance samples and only nearest cells are neighbors. Area ND optimizing? 150 TRX / combiner is broken . hfr_59 hfr_58. any corrections HOC parameter problems? HOC No Capacity added Check blocking in target cells. discrepancies? ND_parameters DCR still too high Make parameter corrections Neighbors are missing No 1* P_nbsc_rx_statistics 2* P_nbsc_ho_adj 3* P_nbsc_power Check all HO YES make parameters. add capacity to blocked cells 2* blck_19. check borders. hfr_59 Yes YES is broken Change TRX (sample the TRX distribution is Check RX Statistic table or ND report 204. blck_20 No blocking Soc Classification level 3 © Nokia Siemens Networks Check all the alarms yes Yes Check TA statistics and Check all Neighbors. Any bad HO problems to any adjacent cells? hfr_58. Any Bad Level problems = Lots of samples in bad signal level? Check if HO fails are due to MSC/ BSC border. Any Bad Quality problems = Lots of samples in good signal level and bad quality? No 1* somehow strange. p_nbsc_traffic_tch_rf_old_ho) Case closed RF 1* Check RX Statistic table or ND report 204.

These are seen as abis drops. BSC parameters yes activate If not long enough. Investigate alarms. p_nbsc_traffic_tch_abis_fail_old.These are not real drop  not real abis problems • Abis reason can check p_nbsc _CC table where drops happens • Can check the 3109 timer (not real abis problem) Still high drops in Abis interface Yes 1* P_nbsc_CC . Make corrections Soc Classification level 4 © Nokia Siemens Networks Trace has been measured long enough. activate abis trace Investigate log files. which phase drops are happening Drops are happening in the release phase no Alarms are solved Yes No Any improvements.Abis reasons (p_nbsc_traffic_tch_abis_fail_call.1 3109 expires in a BSC while waiting for the Release indication. activate another trace 1* no No Yes check the BTS release and the timer 3109 expired values. If problems are not solved. p_nbsc_res_avail_spare002072 = p_nbsc_res_avail_facch_call_setup_fail_paging(S12)) Drops are checked and are not real abis problems Abis Case closed no All Alarms are checked and abis trace is done yes 1* Check CC table. Any problems found Check the parameters related to abis. >BTS version 6.

Check if there are errors. Any problems no no Alarms solved Yes No Any improvements Investigate alarms.A.reasons (p_nbsc_traffic_tch_a_if_fail_call. Make corrections Still A drops or problems yes .If problems are not solved. Yes no Checked Are parameters and timers checked Check that sccp counter values are correct ZOCI:1. when MSC assign some pools Any protocol error unspecified? Check bug possibility No Make corrections Soc Classification level 5 © Nokia Siemens Networks Any problems found. ZNNI:1. Alarms are checked and A interface trace is done yes No problems Check ET lines in the BSC and transcoders /TCSM. p_nbsc_traffic_tch_a_if_fail_old) Case closed A A interface problems. yes Repair ET lines Check that A parameter values are correct ZNRI:NA0. Check that A timer values are correct ZNMI:C. activate A trace activate Investigate log files.C.

not real drops activate Investigate log files. If not. correct these Not done If there some problems with TCSM  investigate. how many fails are ignored no Still TR drops or problems yes 1* P_nbsc_CC . activate abis trace (remote TR failures) No Any improvements Release phase If release phase.If problems are not solved. run ND report 247. in which phase TR drops are happening yes 1* no Alarms solved Yes Investigate alarms. Alarms are checked Check CC table. ICTF. No Make corrections Soc Classification level 6 © Nokia Siemens Networks Any problems found Yes done Check TR codec specific fails. run done ND 523.transcoder failure report Not done If drops are happening in some specific codec HR/FR issue  investigate or is it more like individual TR problem Check TCSM statistics. Before Implementing HR in the BSC & cells it is must to reconfigure the A interfacelinks to support Dual Rate.Check if failures are following some PCM either in Abis or A and fix accordingly. Otherwise it will give rise to high call failures mainly TCH_TR_fail due to mismatch of coding between TCH in Radio & "A" interface. Check also ICTF parameter Check that TR parameters are correct. p_nbsc_traffic_tch_tr_fail_old) Case closed TR Not release phase TR problems.Transcoder reasons (p_nbsc_traffic_tch_tr_fail.

p_nbsc_traffic_tch_netw_act. Check that BTS/ TRX are working properly Yes Configuration problems.Other reasons (p_nbsc_traffic_tch_lapd_fail. p_nbsc_traffic_tch_bts_fail. p_nbsc_traffic_tch_user_act. check configurations Yes Resets or act fail  channel failures . p_nbsc_traffic_tch_bscu_act. No bscu. p_nbsc_traffic_tch_act_fail_call) Case closed No Other Check all the alarms Lapd fails No bts fails No Netw act No User act. act fail Still lots of other drops Yes Yes signalling fails or PCM fails. Check transmissio / parameters Soc Classification level 7 © Nokia Siemens Networks Yes TRX or BTS fails.