Using social media in the

classroom-the impact of online
tools upon interactive teaching
Ioana Mudure-Iacob



Twitter.Teaching in the edusocial space How have Google. learn and live? -social networking has increased productivity and the collaboration rate among students 2 . Youtube and Facebook changed the way we teach.

graphical. audio-visual.Social media and the quest for representations: how should we select tools?  Use of social media as strategic: textual.teach while entertaining  The mixed-media approach must fit the class content and encourage further self-learning 09/01/15 3 . interactive  The selection of social media tools must be inclusive and challenging.

How do media tools engage class participants? From self-learning to collective-learning 9/7/2014 4 .

E-learning-from tweet to sharing: ways to use Social Media in class Woo them with a tweet! •Manage Facebook groups and post updates for course content •Use Youtube to host podcasts and create educaitonal channels •Connect to other classrooms (Global Read Aloud. Twiducate) •Manage topical Twitter feeds •Organise book club meeting and manage polls and discussions •Debate training and mock elections •Share and develop filelists using Google Drive •Encourage wiki entry writing and TED talks watching 9/7/2014 5 .

while providing instant feedback on current work • Access to polls. group belonging build sense of mutual learning Challenge: obssession over profile visiting and following non-class-related posts Disruptive work and gaming addictions 09/01/15 6 . informational pages.Facebook trend in class • Post assignments and study materials.

reading comprehension and speaking • Carry out live Twitter lecture conferencing • Hashtag as organisers for content/class/topic 09/01/15 7 . following.Tweeting one’s way to education • Small steps in communication: need for accurate and focused content • Tweets. sharing as alternatives to writing.

Youtube and Hootsuite learning platforms • Provides possibility to create channels for different classes • Video messages may be designed for visual learners • Playlists may categorize units by content or topic • Gathering and sharing data collected with mobile devices 09/01/15 8 .

Trending in EdTech • MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) • Interactive presentations such as Prezi to allow for inclusive frameworks • M-learning • Gamification 09/01/15 9 .

Citizens in a global online village?  Behaviour of social media users: challenging and unfocused  Content teaching must come attached to the teaching of DOs and DONTs online  Extensive use of social media may sometimes occur in the detriment of actual learning  Proneness to shallow reading and plagiarism  Devalues traditional learning methods: tech as tool not as replacement  Authority of academic institutions is challenged by TED lectures. Youtube videos and Google Scholar library 9/7/2014 10 .

Conclusions 09/01/15 11 .

Thank you Questions? 09/01/15 12 .