Prepared by:
Alisha Zubeidah binti Edward Abu Bakar
Fatin Aqilah binti Ishak
Misha Zahraa binti Rozhan
Tengku Kellysya binti Tengku Shah Marudin
Class: 3Jujur
Subject Teacher: Puan Halimatun

electrical energy. • For example. • This comes from generators in power stations. • Most of the energy we use is electricity. chemical energy and electrical energy. .INTRODUCTION • We use huge amounts of energy in our daily lives. some of the types of energy used are heat energy.

DEFINITION OF GENERATOR  Generator is a device used to change mechanical energy into electrical energy VARIOUS TYPES OF GENERATORS  The generation of electricity depends on the sources of energy available Type of electrical energy generator Source of energy used Thermal Fossil fuel Hydroelectric Water power Gas turbine Petroleum and natural gas Diesel Oil Nuclear Uranium .

) Vast amounts of water are needed for the condenser and this can be obtained from a nearby river or lake. ) The condenser changes the steam back to water.THE GENERATION OF ELECTRICAL ENERGY IN VARIOUS TYPES OF POWER STATIONS 1) Thermal Power Station ) Coal. Water is pumped back to the boiler. ) The water changes to high-pressure steam. . oil or gas is burnt in the furnace. ) The high-pressure steam is used to turn the turbines which are attached to generators. Then heat energy released is used to heat water in a boiler. ) Electricity is produced in a generator by spinning an electromagnet inside fixed coils of wire.

 The turbine is attached to generators to produce electricity.  Running water falls from the dam through a tunnel to spin the turbine.  No fuel is needed to supply energy to spin the generators. .THE GENERATION OF ELECTRICAL ENERGY IN VARIOUS TYPES OF POWER STATIONS 2) Hydroelectric Power Station  Water is held in a large reservoir.

 The gas expands and turns the turbine that is attached to the generators.  The mixture of compressed air and natural gas is forced into the combustion chamber and ignited by sparks.  Hot gas is produced from the combustion of compressed air and natural gas. .THE GENERATION OF ELECTRICAL ENERGY IN VARIOUS TYPES OF POWER STATIONS 3) Gas Turbine Power Station  Air is sucked into the compressor through an air filter.  The air is then compressed and mixed with natural gas.

which turns the steam turbine. 5) Nuclear Power Station  Fuel rods containing nuclear fuels such as uranium and plutonium are used in the reactor.  Fission reactions in the reactor produce energy that is used to produce high-pressure steam.  The generator is connected to the diesel engine by a shaft.  The running diesel engine turns the generator to produce electricity.THE GENERATION OF ELECTRICAL ENERGY IN VARIOUS TYPES OF POWER STATIONS 4) Diesel Engine Power Station  Diesel is used to run the power engine.  The steam turbine turns the generators to produce electricity. .

the flow of water due to high tide & low tide can be used to turn the generators Biomass Energy – fast-growing plants like sugar cane are used to make alcohol. The alcohol is used as fuel to generate electricity on a smaller scale. Alternative Sources of Energy Solar Energy – solar cells produce electricity when they absorb energy from sunlight Wind Energy – large wind turbines are used to turn electrical generators .ALTERNATIVE SOURCES OF ENERGY  There are many other alternative sources of energy that can be used to generate electricity. Tidal Energy.

THE SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES IN THE GENERATION OF ELECTRICAL ENERGY IN VARIOUS TYPES OF POWER STATIONS SIMILARITIES  All power stations use dynamos or alternators (generators) to deliver alternating current DIFFERENCES Various types of power stations Aspect Thermal Hydro Gas Diesel Type of turbine Steam turbine Water turbine Gas turbine No turbine Sources of energy used Fossil Fuel Water Natural gas Diesel .