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Observe the following sentences

1. Makato never idled and never complained.
2. He did every kind of work, yet he remained
3. Makato had no sister or a brother to take care of
4. He tried his luck in a far-off land, so he became
5. Makato was an orphan, but he was able to
achieve his goals.

Process Questions:
1. What words are connected by and in sentence 1?
2. What are the two clauses that are joined by yet in
sentence 2?
3. What are the phrases that are connected by or in
sentence 3?
4. What are the clauses that are joined by so in sentence
5. What are the clauses that are joined by but in
sentence 5?

Coordinating conjunctions join words,
phrases and clauses of equal rank.
• And is used to connect words, phrases and
clauses of which are equal.
• Or/ Nor implies a consequence or choice.
• But / Yet is used to express contrast of idea. It
joins an affirmative and negative sentence
• So is used to show a result.

Activity: WORK WITH
Directions: Read the sentence
carefully and encircle the
conjunction. Underline the words,
phrases and clauses it joins.

1. Philippines and Thailand are both Asian
2. Thailand shifted from agriculture to
manufacturing, so she gained a thirty percent
economic growth.
3. Philippines, like Thailand, enjoys a tropical
climate, so both are tourist destinations in

4. The tourism sector is Thailand’s highest
income generator and largest foreign exchange
5. Thailand focused on food processing, but she
developed heavily in export promotion.
6. Much of Thailand’s success was attributed to
the growing independence of countries in the
Asia –Pacific Region and the shift to the area of
manufacturing and tourism.

Directions: Combine the following
sentences below using the coordinate
conjunctions. Write your sentences in
the blanks provided.

• Most cars are now equipped with radial tires. The
chances for common blowouts are reduced.
• The magazine contained only six articles .They
were all about politics or sports.
• The meat was spoiled by the time I returned
home .I had forgotten to put it in the refrigerator
when I left.
• Philippines and Thailand are members of the
ASEAN. They work for unity, peace and progress in
the region.
• Both countries have diversity of culture. Their
traditions and beliefs bring harmony and unity.

Activity: GUESS
Directions: Read each sentence
carefully and choose from the word
pool the character traits are inferred
in the following lines. Write your
answer at the end of the statements.


1) Makato had no brother or sister to take
care of him. His father and mother died.
2) He never idled, fed the pigs, and
cleaned the forests.
3) He never complained and was satisfied.
4) He did every kind of work, like carrying
heavy things.
5) He tried his luck in a far-off land.

6) Makato thought about what he
liked to do in the future.
7) He picked up the shell and
handed it to the king.
8) He planted the ground with more
9) He knelt down and gave the king

The selection which you are about
to read is a Thai folktale. Its
theme is centered on the
Buddhist principle of suppressing
one’s earthly desire to achieve

Draw out the Filipino values and
traits of the character which enable
him to become successful and
better person. Find out the author’s
purpose of writing this selection.

Discover also Thai’s traditions
and beliefs, as well as its
diversity of culture which
shaped you as a Filipino.