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Music In Our Daily Lives

What a Christian Must Look For In

The Question
•There is all sort of
music in the world
today. But the
question is what music
is appropriate for
Christians to listen to?

•Even though each of

us has styles of music
or taste that we prefer
the Bible gives us what
we need to figure out
what we should have
in our music collection.
What to look at…
• There are 3 things in music we
must look at
1.The Music Itself
2.The Message Proclaimed
3.The Messengers – The
Musicians and Singers
The Music Itself
• We must realize that music was
originally created by God for His
glory and honor.
• “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to
receive glory and honor and power, for you
created all things, and by your will they were
created and have their being.” (Revelation
4:11, NIV)
• But like every good gift from God,
Satan had perverted it for his
Principles and Warnings From the
• There is some music which is used
to exalt the world and themselves
• “Woe to those who rise early in the
morning to run after their drinks…but they
have no regard for the deeds of the LORD,
no respect for the work of his hands.”
(Isaiah 5: 11-12, NIV)
Principles and Warnings From the
• There is some music that is even
used in idol and demon worship.
• “Therefore, as soon as they heard the
sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp
and all kinds of music, all the peoples,
nations and men of every language fell
down and worshiped…” (Daniel 3:7, NIV)
Art Imitates Life
• Music reflects what we find
important and what we feel and
• But does the music glorify the
‘world’ separate from God?
• Why would we want to associate
with music that would glorify sinful
Two Taste In Music
• We sometimes have two sets of
music for our life.
– The music we sing and enjoy at church
but would not want anyone outside of
church to know we listen to.
– The music we sing and enjoy in the
‘world’ but would not want the pastor
or other Christians to hear.

• “It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink

wine, nor anything which cause your brother to
stumble, or cause offense or is made weak.”
(Romans 14:21, KJV)
Life Imitates Art
Name Age Date Cause of death
Proof 32 April 11, 2006Shot in the head
ODB 35 November 13, 2004Overdose on cocaine and painkillers in studio

Souljia Slim 25 November 26, 2003Shot in the face and chest

Jam Master Jay 37 October 30, 2002Shot in the head in his studio
Big Pun 28 February 7, 2000Heart attack due to obesity
Notorious B.I.G. 24 March 9, 1997Killed in Drive-by
Tupac 25 November 13, 1996Killed in Drive-by
Eazy-E 31 March 26, 1995A.I.D.S
Kurt Cobain 27 April 5, 1994Suicide with a shotgun
John Lennon 40 December 8, 1980Shot in Central Park
Sid Vicious 21 February 2, 1979Heroin overdose
Elvis Presley 42 August 16, 1977Heart attack on a toiliet
Jim Morrison 27 July 3, 1971Heart attack
Jimi Hendrix 27 November 18, 1970Choked on vomit while high
The Message of the Music
• If the music has lyrics or a
message what is it saying?
– If the song has lyrics is it promoting
Biblical values and situations
Christians can be apart of.
The Message of the Music
• Even if we are not going to do what
the message says we can become
excepting of what it says.
• If we accept evil then we lose the
ability to know what is evil and
avoid it…
The Messengers
• Are the singers/musicians the kind
of people a Christian should
associate with?
• Does the singer respect their
• Does the singer show respect when
it comes to God and those things
which are holy?
There Are No Evil Styles of Music

• Many Christians think that Rock or

Rap music is inherently evil… I do
• There are many who do not like a
style of music and will find the
worst who do that music to say its
• But we must be careful about the
message and musician because
that is how someone uses a style
of music and make it evil.
• Know yourself and how you
respond to certain types of music.
– “But solid food is for the mature, who
by constant use trained themselves to
distinguish good and evil.” (Hebrews
5:14, NIV)
– If you know that listening to certain
kinds of music make you do sinful
things then you should listen to softer
Do not Conform to the World
• The bible teaches us that we are to
be ‘light’ and ‘salt’ to the world
and not try and imitate or conform
to the it.
• The music we listen to is a direct
reflection on each of us.