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Innovative Advertising

Message Strategies

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Dr. Urvashi Makkar Group -7
Chairperson Marketing Shivam
Shivani Gupta
Integrated Brotherhood
Campaign of ADIDAS
To publicize the launch of “Team
Signature” shoe line, ADIDAS ran an
integrated brotherhood
Campaign-”Basketball is a Brotherhood”
This campaign allows today greatest
players to interact and inspire the next
generation Athletes. In this campaign
biggest NBA stars teach young players.
Mobile Media- This was very successful in
this campaign. A subscriber can call and
leave the message for one of the NBA
player. They receive the voice mesages
from the players, they feel like that their
was conversation going on and it acted
to build relationship between ADIDAS
and the Customers.
this site feature on 11 part web series
which shows 12 players at summer
basket ball camp.They are taught by the
NBA players.
Core Advertising
• Media Vehicles

• Advertising Shop
Advertising Media
The reason that this media was selected was
because television, magazines and Internet were
the best way in which Adidas were able to show
there customers their products. Advertising media
can include wall paintings, billboards, street
furniture components, printed flyers and rack
cards, radio, cinema and television adverts, web
banners, shopping carts, web pop-ups, skywriting,
bus stop benches, human billboards, magazines,
newspapers etc.
News Paper Advertisement
Covert advertising

• Covert advertising is when a product

or brand is embedded in
entertainment and media. For
example, in a film, the main
character can use an item or other of
a definite brand,
Adidas Shoes in Star Wars
Television commercials

• The TV commercial is generally

considered the most effective mass-
market advertising format, as is
reflected by the high prices TV
networks charge for commercial
airtime during popular TV events.
The television commercials feature a
song or jingle that listeners soon
relate to the product.

This type of advertising focuses upon

using celebrity power, fame, money,
popularity to gain recognition for
their products and promote specific
stores or products. Advertisers often
advertise their products, for
example, when celebrities share their
favorite products or wear clothes by
specific brands or designers.
• each promo of the movie was unveiled in an
event attended by three people associated
with the movie
• This the star cast comprising Aamir Khan,
Kareena Kapoor, R Madhavan, Sharman
Joshi, Boman Irani and director Rajkumar
Hirani himself.
• Press conferences were beamed in seven
• Music launch of the movie was
broadcast on,
marked by the absence of media
• Users visiting the site on the day of
the launch had the option of chatting
with the stars present there.
• Future Group's Pantaloons India has
collaborated with Vinod Chopra Films to
launch the 3 Idiots apparel and accessories
• During the shooting of the film, Khan was in
the habit of scribbling. The designers at
Pantaloons were handed over the pages on
which Khan scribbled and the designs were
executed on T-shirts
• T shirts are available in 45 Pantaloons
stores across the country.
• Reliance Life Insurance has entered into a
tie up with the movie and is using the
thought 'All is well‘
• “Aal is Well” one of the mainstays of the
theme in the communication of the theme.
• The campaign, spanning television, radio
and outdoor, talks about Reliance Life
Insurance's assurance of taking care of its
consumer's financial worries and enabling
them to live life to the fullest.
• Innovations on hoardings, bus shelters,
bus backs, platform signage's and
mobile vans.
• The outdoor campaign was executed
by creating cut-outs of the star cast,
which have been put up across
Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and
500 towns across India. 
• Stickers reading Capacity: 3 Idiots were
pasted on the back of 10,000 auto
rickshaws that moved in the cities .
• Auto rickshaw is the most popular mode
for commuting and works as a
wonderful reminder medium.
• They used this sticker in all the cities
where rickshaw was one of the common
modes for commuting.
• Activation in multiplexes included messages on
the walls of washrooms, saying 'You are the
fourth idiot‘
• Chairs shaped like hips placed in the lounge area
of multiplexes caught many eyeballs and users.
• Chairs of the same design appear in the film and
have been used in posters of the film, with Khan,
Madhavan and Joshi sitting on them.
• During a media conference held in Mumbai on
Friday, disclosed that Khan would be on an
adventure trip throughout the country for two
• Earlier he had went to Varanasi, which is her
mother's ancestral hometown.
• Whoever successfully identifies Khan in his disguise
would be get free tickets for the movie and as a
bonus Khan would spend New Year's night with the
lucky winner and his family.
• n early December, Zapak, the online gaming
portal, created an alternate reality game on
• He will travel through India, leaving clues
about his whereabouts and participants of
the game got two weeks to track him down.
• Khan visited, disguised as an old man
locating the house where his mother grew
up in Varanasi.
• Accompanied by Kareen Kapoor, he visited the
weavers of the famous Chanderi sarees in Chanderi,
Madhya Pradesh.
• They shared meals with the weavers, bought saris
and discussed problems of the weavers.
• Khan landed up outside cricketer Saurav Ganguly's
house in Kolkata, again in disguise.
• he visited included a school in Gujarat, where he
spoke to kids on what they want to do in life, before
heading to his final destination, Mahabalipuram in
Tamil Nadu
• The idea for Khan's nationwide journey came from the story of the film,
where his friends go in search of him.
• . The difference here was that media and fans were trying to spot Khan.
• This journey was captured by many news and entertainment channels and
became free publicity for the film.
• Facebook, a profile called Pucca Idiot has been created that has more than
one lakh fans.
• The Movie Inspired on The Super Hit Novel
“FIVE POINT SOMEONE”…a Huge hit 4 years ago.
• Benefitted from the ready made Fan Following
the book had generated.
• The Movie Credits Controversy gave free
Publicity to the Movie and grabbed eyeballs.
• This allowed the movie to stay in news.
INDIA -3rd Largest Telecom Network In
Idea From Aditya Birla Group Is Having
58 Million Subscriber Base.
Use I.M.C. Method Of Promotion.
Operates In Over 25 Countries All Over.
Availability of recharge
coupons at retail counters
Congestion free network
Installation of PCO booths.
Safety initiatives.
Smooth traffic operations.
Mumbai Indians In 2009.
Delhi Daredevils In 2010.
Display Of Idea Logos
On Shirts Of Players.
11th February 2010 -11th March
What An Idea Sirji!!!
Created By Lowe
6 Ad’s In The Series
No Caste Barriers ; No
Disability To Communicate;
Education For All;
Participative Governance;
Walk When You Talk
Use Mobile ,Save Paper.
From 23rd January
2010 -17th April 2010.
Providing Tickets To
Their Subscribers.

From 8th - 23rdDecember

Idea Roaming
Promo Offer 2010
Trip To Idea Cup
Match In Dhaka.
Holiday Voucher
With 3 Days Stay In
4 Star Hotel In Goa.
Idea Goodies.
Till 28th January,
Huge Discounts On
Branded Items
Gitanjali Lucera Pearl

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