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•The BE, DO, HAVE principle
•The Brain’s processing channels – mind consciousness
•Beliefs shape thoughts, which shape behavior
•The Brain’s Reticular Activating System or “Antenna”
•The means to do anything you want to do, already exist.
You just need to tune in to it

•Quantum Physics & Universal Laws
•Cognitive Dissonance

•Parent – Adult – Child model, including “I’m OK, You’re OK”
•Relieving Stress
Intro Song
The BE , DO , HAVE principle

The Staircase to HAVE

reach your
dreams DO

The BE , DO , HAVE principle
This is a most important principle, which, if it is grasped,
will become life transforming – to “BE” is the first cause
– and to be is a STATE, which has its origin in our MIND –
it has NO LIMITS and is not subject to the “rules” of time
& matter – you can BE anything, immediately!!
“Being” is state, for example “being happy”. You cannot
explain state, nor can you do a state – It is really as
difficult as to explain the colour red to a blind person,
who has never seen colour and has nothing to compare with.
You can only BE a state. We cannot talk or do happiness; we
can only be happiness or be happy.
Being causes thinking, which causes speaking and doing,
which causes receiving and experiencing what you “created”
in your mind and hence in your being.
We receive according to what we focus on – not
according to what we want
The Brain ’ s processing channels
Mind consciousness
Information enters the brain through the 5 sensory
processing channels or "modalities“, i.e. Vision, Hearing,
Feeling, Taste & Smell in the %-ratio shown below:
The Brain ’ s processing channels
Mind consciousness
Research suggests that the two most important processing
areas are found in the two sides or "hemispheres" of the

Conscious Mind Sub - Conscious Mind

Sets Goals Monitors Body Functions (Heart,
Judges Results indigestion, etc.)
Perceives Literally Perceives Abstractly
Time Bound - Now Time no relevance – past to future
Limited Processing Capacity Expanded Processing Capacity
Short Term Memory Long Term Memory
(approximately 20 seconds) (All past experiences recorded)
1-3 Events at a Time 1000’s of Events at a Time
2,000 Bits of Info/Sec 4 Billion Bits of Info/Sec

imple ” recall ” exercises to demonstrate the “ memory ” ability of the t

The Brain ’ s processing channels
Mind consciousness
“ Connection ” between the 2 hemispheres –
Subconscious Portal
At the portal, the subconscious mind tends to allow through
the “doorway” only those Conscious thoughts that agree with
the basic beliefs & judgments of the subconscious. When
such basic agreement is absent the conscious thoughts are
rejected and thus the "immutable truths" stored in the
subconscious mind “protects” the conscious mind from any
supposedly “invalid” experiences. Only when the sub-
conscious mind is continuously “bombarded” with “new”
thoughts and experiences repetitively for a sufficient
period of time will such thoughts be allowed through and
become embedded as valid and acceptable – this is how
beliefs and habits are formed: 
àRepetitive thoughts , feelings , words , actions
and sensory inputs
à( leave ) impressions stored in your subconscious
Beliefs shape thoughts, which shape behavior
From the previous slide it is obvious that our CONSCIOUS thoughts
are like seeds sown into the “field” of our sub-conscious mind. The
seed-life is what’s contained in our thoughts (these both shape our
BELIEFS and true inner BEING... our “Heart and Soul”... And are shaped
by it).
So what then is the yield of our field... the “fruit” or harvest? It
is ALWAYS reflected in our WORDS and ACTIONS. Are we happy with what
we say and do... With how we ACT and REACT to the various situations
in life? If not, we have to change our beliefs, our Being! How?? By
Our brain has another part that fulfils a most wonderful function
– it is a part that has a way of bringing to our awareness only
that which we deem important. We have countless sensory inputs
that are constantly intruding on us. All kinds of sights and
sounds and internal body sensations are continually knocking on
the door of our senses – some psychologists estimate it as being
2 million inputs per second. If our brain had to pay attention
to 2 million bits of input every second, we'd go bananas. So our
brain has a way of saying, “That stuff isn't important, I'm going
to zero in on what is important and leave the rest alone”. The
piece of our brain that does this is called the Reticular
Formation or the so-called Antenna.
The Antenna FINDS FOR US THE WAY to reach our new goal - this is
critically important for those who won't pursue a goal unless
they have first figured out "HOW" to do it. This is doing it
backwards, because creating the reality in your mind by
EXERCISING YOUR CONSCIOUS THOUGHTS (through affirmations & other
“mind-exercises ”) automatically invokes the Antenna and this in
turn finds the "how" for you. The way to put is:

“ The means to do whatever you want to do already exists .

You just need to tune into it ”
What is an Illusion

A deceptive appearance or false show, by which a person is

or may be deceived, or his expectations disappointed;

An image or perspective which, when studied carefully, may

have more than one interpretation.

Quantum Physics

Quantum physics is the study of matter vsenergy and according to

quantum physics, thoughts are (also) energy – and it is this energy that
“CREATES” our reality. It is proven that negative thoughts “emit”
negative energy, which “create” or bring about negative results –
likewise positive thoughts bring about positive results.
The subconscious mind “functions” on this thought energy (or mind
energy) and it CANNOT differentiate between “dreams” and reality.
Every thought that we've ever had, every thing we’ve ever seen or heard,
and every experience we’ve ever had is stored as “raw information” in
our memory – It is only once we remove the ILLUSION that our new
perspective becomes “real” to the sub-conscious mind.
One of the benefits of understanding the very basics of quantum physics
is that we finally see clearly how powerful concepts such as faith,
attitude and right thinking work (and we understand its impact on BE, DO,
HAVE and how BELIEFS, THOUGHTS and ACTIONS iter-relate). This
understanding enables us to have full confidence, eliminate doubt, and
to create our reality consciously, powerfully and beautifully.
Quantum Physics ( Continued )

It is important to know and accept that all of the “imperceptible

forces” such as thought, desire, faith, intention, etc. fall within the
domain of Quantum Physics. As stated, the “first cause” of all creations
originate in the imperceptible world, the spiritual world – you create
in this world – then you receive your creations through action, then you
experience them. It hence becomes clear that the “Laws”, which govern
our lives are as subtle as the metaphysical energy centers that create
our world.

These Laws may be called the “Laws of Life”, but in modern Psychology
the are called Universal Laws. There are many such Laws, but we will
focus here on the main seven:
1. Law of Control
2. Law of Accident
3. Law of Cause & Effect
4. Law of Belief
5. Law of Expectation
6. Law of Correspondence
7. Law of Attraction
The primary seven Universal Laws :
Law of Control simply states that if we have high self-esteem and
feel good about ourselves we will realize and feel that we are in
control of our lives.
Law of Accident states that if we feel badly about ourselves and
have low self-esteem we will believe and feel that events and
circumstances control our lives.
Law of Cause & Effect states that for every effect in one’s life,
there is a specific cause. All actions have consequences as do
Law of Belief states that whatever you believe with feeling and
conviction becomes your reality.
Law of Expectation states that whatever one expects, with
confidence, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Law of Correspondence statesthat what happens on the outside is a
reflection of what’s happening on the inside. Your outer world is a
reflection of your inner world.
Law of Attraction states that we attract into our lives, those
Cognitive Dissonance may be described as the “fight”
between our conscious mind and our subconscious mind to
“balance out” our new belief system, telling us that our
new-found positivity (which is the result of our increased
awareness) is “unreal”.

Be very careful, because if there is a discrepancy between

attitudes and behaviour, attitude tends to change (back) to
accommodate the behaviour – change is more likely in the
direction of less incentive since this results in lower

The biggest threat is that, no matter how strong your

belief in these new principles that were introduced to you
has grown by now, Cognitive Dissonance will “attack” your
conscious mind saying “It’s too good to be true”, and soon
your belief in these principles will start to wane – be
vigilant and stand up (in your conscious mind) to protect
this new-found companion in your journey to be your best.

We CAN, by properly “disciplining” our thoughts, utilize this

dissonance to generate the necessary energy to achieve our “higher
order” goals. We find that the greater the dissonance (i.e. the
difference between reality and our vision or the desire of what we
want to manifest), the greater the energy to achieve the
manifestation. This explains the following phenomena:
• We come to a point where, come what may, we MUST make time to cut our
grass as it is just too long and no longer tolerable – our vision of a neatly
cut lawn is just too far from reality.
• We MUST take time out for that haircut, as our vision of neatly
trimmed hair is just too far from reality
• We MUST wash the car, as our vision of a neat, clean car is too far
from reality
• We MUST paint the house…
• We MUST NOW buy that new car…. We MUST…. MUST…. MUST….
See, the “MUST” in every instance is the point where our vision (what we
visualize) overpowers reality and our “energy” lets us bounce into
action. This is EXACTLY what exercising our conscious thoughts (through
affirmations & other “mind-exercises”) attempts to achieve – to propel
our “higher order” vision to a point where it is no longer congruent
with (our) reality and where we MUST make the change (Burn the curtains).
Adapted from the book by Thomas Harris – “I’m OK, You’re OK”

By the end of the first year the “ I ’ m OK ” would be a positive

I’m not OK I’m OK

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I’m not OK I’m OK

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with him during the first year that leads to the position “ I ’ m OK ”,

You’re not OK
because she had to , then this means
that his “ babying ” days are over and
You’re not OK
which will serve to our detriment .

You’re OK
the stroking ceases completely . Self
inflicted injuries come harder and
more often as his mobility sends him
tripping over
You’re OK
A child who is brutalized long enough
by his parents is believed to resort
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Even the OK
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l oving YOU ’ RE NOT
“ hold back the reigns ” simply in The first three are based on feelings;
order for the little one not to the fourth on thought, faith, desire
destroy himself . He perceives and purposeful action. The fourth
Adult s as being allowed to do position
I ’ M OKdevelops through
EVERYTHING , while he cannot do towards ALL people about the
ANYTHING . The inevitable conclusion ... circumstances leading to the adoption
of the first three positions ... The
In simplest terms, stress is the opposite of relaxation, so
if you find enough opportunities to relax, you will go a
long way to relieve your stress. Stress symptoms may be
in the form of mental, social, and physical manifestations
– these include exhaustion, crying, loss of or increased
appetite, headaches, sleeplessness, and oversleeping.
Feelings of alarm, frustration or apathy may accompany
stress. Escape through alcohol, drugs or other compulsive
behaviour are often indications – when these occur, it is
imperative to recognize that the situation is out of
control and urgent action is indeed required –
professional help may be the only way out.

We will not in this session go into ways to treat stress

ACTIVELY, but in the next slide some effective ways of
AVOIDING stress are listed.
Get enough sleep… Lack of rest just aggravates stress.
Remove yourself from the stressful situation… Give yourself a break
now and then.
Don’t sweat the small stuff… Prioritise truly important things and
let the rest slide.
Think of the future… Ask yourself how you will view your current
situation / problem tomorrow, one week / month / year from now.”
Avoid extreme reactions… Why hate when a little dislike will do?
Why generate anxiety when you can be nervous? Why rage when anger
will do the job?
Set realistic goals for yourself… Reduce the number of events going
on in your life and you may reduce the circuit overload
Do something for others… This will help get your mind off your self.
Work off stress… Physical activity, whether it’s jogging, tennis, or
gardening – it will help work off stress.
Develop a thick skin… The bottom line of stress avoidance is “I
upset myself”.
Be positive… Give yourself messages as to how well you can cope
rather than how horrible everything is going to be.
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then do their own presentations.
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