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Woody Allen

Presented by
Meghan Kiehne
And a friend of mine
• Acted in his own movies

• Has older-style movies

• Used different styles of movies

“I don't want to achieve
immortality through my
• Psychoanalysis work. I want to achieve it
by not dying.”
-Woody Allen
• He wanted full control
of films

• Generally plays
novelists or nerdy
• Been making films for decades

• Some black and white films “Eternal

nothingness is
fine if you
happen to be
• Always uses plain credits dressed for it.”
-Woody Allen

• Re-uses audio track for films

• started out with comedy
• Has done
– Musicals
– Documentaries
– Drama
– Humor
• Spent 30 years
• Strange films
• Fears include:
- insects
- sunshine
- dogs
- cancer
- death

• He admits to being terrified of hotel bathrooms.

“It is impossible to
travel faster than
the speed of light,
and certainly not
desirable, as
one's hat keeps
blowing off.”

• Won 136 nominations/awards

• Won’t let films be edited for airlines

and television

• Debut was an existing film; re-did

“If my film makes
one more person
miserable, I'll feel
I've done my job.”
• Speaks French
-Woody Allen

• Was a successful stand-up comedian before

film career

• "Seinfeld" character George Constanza was

planned to be a caricature of him

• Also a playwright and musician

• Take the Money and Run (1969)

• Bananas (1971)

• Love and Death (1975)

• Annie Hall (1977)

• Zelig (1983)