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Riskier Place
Definition of risk
 Arthur Williams dan M.H Richard
A variation of outcomes that can be happen during specified period
 Abbas Salim
Uncertainty that probable produces loss
 Herman Darmawi
The probability of outcome different with expected result
 James S. Trieschmann et al
Uncertainty concerning loss
Uncertainty event at future
that not only influence the
income of a business entity
but also can determine the
alive or die it entity
Risk Characteristics

 Uncertainty
 Concerning loss

For specific talk :

Has the meaning problems and
Forming of risk
 Loss of Assets ; eq fire, robbery, etc
 A human suffering ; eq accident and
 Third party liability
 Loss as the resulted of economic
condition, change of consumer’s
preference, and etc
Some of cause that
increasing the
Time gap of planning and

Lack of Information

Lack of Skill
 Economic
 Nature uncertainty
 Human uncertainty
Risk Classification
 Pure risk  pure concerning loss
[eq: fire, disaster, robbery]
 Speculative risk concerning profit or
[eq: gambling, investment decision]
Risk Classification (2)
 Systemic Risk /Fundamental risk 
consequences to many
[eq: disaster]
 Unsystemic risk / Particular risk 
consequences to some people/party
[eq: fire]
Risk Classification (3)
 Static Risk  stable equilibirium
[eq: death, old day]
 Dynamic Risk  changed by technology
advance, sociology, and another reasons
[eq: computer tech]
Risk Classification (4)
 Transferable risk  transfer to
insurance company
[eq: pure risk]
 Untransferable risk  can not be
trasfered to insurance company
[eq: speculative risk]
Risk Classification (5)
 Internal risk  coming from inside
of corporation
 External risk  coming from
outside corporation
Risk Classification (6)
 Financial risk (unphysical) 
coming from financial transaction
 Operational risk (physical) 
coming from operational events
Important Terminologies
 Peril , events or incidents that concerning loss (directly)
[eq: fire, robbery, accident]
 Hazard, conditions that enlarge the probability of peril
Type of hazard …..
 Exposure, the object that probable hitted by peril
 Probality , the possibility of event that concerning loss
 The law of the large numbers, “bigger exposure
makes more accurate result “
Type of Hazard
 Physical Hazard
[eq: slippery road, blind turning,..]
 Moral Hazard
[eq: forgetfull, careless, ….]
 Legal Hazard,
[eq: workers not use the safety
equipment , …]
Risk Management
The implementation of management
functions in risk taking that faced by
organization/company, family,
individual and society
Risk Management Process
 Identify Risk
 Evaluate Risk (measure and judge)
 Select risk management techniques
 Implement and review decisions
The contribution of risk
management for...
 Individual / risk manager
 Company/corporation/institution
 Family
 Society
Tugas Kelompok
(Tugas Mingguan II)
 Tentukan ketua kelompok
 Kelompok Cari Nama (nama paling hebat akan
diberikan nilai tertinggi)
 Berikan alasan logis penamaan kelompok tersebut
 Menjawab 3 pertanyaan yang diberikan (cari
perusahaan yang MR baik, kemukakan alasan, 5
macam risiko, cara penanggulangan)
 Menyerahkan tugas kelompok dalam bentuk double