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The substation
equipments are
directly under the
control of the
operational staffs in
that particular shift.
Sh. George Denny
DGM (Hyd)

FFPH Building etc. • Observe change in the status of equipments if any since left the shift last.ON TAKING OVER THE SHIFT OBSERVE THE CONDITION OF STATION IN DETAIL • Check the operations carried out in the previous shifts. • Check for any communication on the control panel. • Check the pending PTWs • Check the equipments which are under S/D. DG set room. • Inspect the control room. AC plant. . battery room.

GO ROUND THE SWITCHYARD FOR VISUAL INSPECTION VISUAL INSPECTION Observe for any abnormality Unusual sound Smell Change of color Vibration Oil leak High temperature In case of any abnormality Inform the concerned. .

. During normalization. Before issue of PTW Ensure that the area is isolated from all sources.DURING SHIFT PERIOD Strictly follow the instructions approved in the manual while isolating the equipment for issue of PTW.

NORMALISATION AFTER MAINTENANCE WORKS • On return of PTW by the maintenance staff. inspect the equipment locally. . before charging the equipment again.

• Do not get perturbed during emergencies. • Do not carry-out operations hurriedly.DON’TS • • • • Do not take things for granted. Do not manipulate the readings. • . Do not leave noting the readings. Do not allow entry of unauthorized persons.

.OPERATION &MAINTENANCE • Two sides of coin • Proper coordination shall be maintained between operation and maintenance staff for• Better and safe results.

STRESS FREE MIND • Stress-free mind • a must for a person in every walk of life. .

STRESS • Eight hour duty in a substation connecting important generating stations • Watching the meters and relays • Attending to many phone calls. • Skeleton staff to assist .

.RELAXATION – HOW ? • Have a walk to the Switchyard and SPEAK to the various equipments • They have signals to communicate with you.

.STRESS FREE MIND • Leave the family worries at home and enter the control room as a new man to a new area.

OBEDIENCE • Obey the instruction of superiors .

IN CASE OF EMERGENCIES • Do not get perturbed • Think calmly and quietly • Your education. experience and knowledge about the system will come for your help .

.• Do not try to hide anything even if you have done mistakes.