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Charles Manson

Jake Schneider



Introduction to Manson
Charles Milles Manson (born Charles Milles Maddox), born November 12, 1934
in Cincinnati Ohio, is a serial killer, leading 7 confirmed murders, with more
Manson was born to a 16 year old alcoholic prostitute who disregarded
Manson, because the birth was not planned. His mother (Kathleen Maddox)
wanted nothing to do with Manson, and practically neglected him.
He was placed in the National Training School for Boys for a short period of
time, leading him to having little education growing up.

Introduction to Manson


After his mother left Charles at the boys school, never to be seen again,
Charles lived on the streets most of his childhood/adolescence, living off of
petty crimes (such as theft, muggings, etc.)
Mason was in and out of prison for theft. By the time of 1952, he spent more
than half of his life in prison, being considered a model prisoner.
In 1955, he was out of prison and insisted he was, turning over a new leaf. He
married a 17 year old girl, and moved with her to California (near Death Valley).

Introduction to Manson


His wife became pregnant shortly after marriage in 1955, but Manson continued
his life of crime stealing cars for profit.
Manson went back to prison in 1956 for his thefts of vehicles, and his wife and
son left Manson after a few months of Manson spending time in prison.
After getting out of prison on probation, he impregnated another woman
(believed to be a prostitute).

Murders of Manson
Manson did not upfront kidnap and kill people single handedly. Manson
gathered a group of people titled, The Manson Family to do his work for him.
The Manson Family consisted of 12 members, each different from each other.
Most were deprived of food, shelter, and love in general, and Manson took
these people under his wing in a sense. Manson assisted these people and
helped them survive, while Manson filled their heads with theory. This theory
was called Helter Skelter (titled after a song on the Beatles album, The
White Album, titled, Helter Skelter.)

Helter Skelter (Mansons Theory)

Helter Skelter was a theory made by Manson based off a Beatles song Helter
Skelter. It was a theory made by Manson and passed down to the Manson
Family that an apocalyptic, Holocaust-like, war would break out over racial
tensions between blacks and whites. (Manson called them blackies and
whities). Manson told the Manson Family this, and they believed it, creating a
motive to kill the white people they were convicted of killing.
They primarily targeted white people, to even out the war for the African
Americans, according to Mansons theory. He then took the white personnel's
wallets and disposed them in African American communities.

The Manson Family

-Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme
-Charles "Tex" Watson
-Susan "Sadie" Denise Atkins
-Patricia "Katie" Krenwinkel
-Linda Kasabian
-Sandra Good
-Steve "Clem" Grogan
-Bruce Davis
-Bobby Beausoleil

The Manson Family


Most of The Manson Family consisted of street hoodlums and lost people taken
under by Mansons promise for a more promising lifestyle. After a while, the
Manson Family became Charles Mansons personal murderers under the
influence of Helter Skelter and Mansons rewardings. They all followed
Charles Manson as if a cult, and were practically brainwashed to Mansons grip.

The Murders
All murders committed were based off of the Helter Skelter theory that
Manson created, and the Manson Family committed the murders to Mansons
will. The murders committed did not have a clear Modus Operandi, but the
majority were stabbed to death in some form of way. All murders were done in
the victims homes, and left little evidence of linking any of the murders to the
Manson Family or Charles Manson. Charles Manson wasnt at the crime
scenes for the majority of the times that the murders were in progression.

Tate Murders
The most publicized murders out of all, these murders consisted of the deaths
of Sharon Tate, her unborn son (Paul), her mother Doris Tate, and her sister
Patricia Tate. Sharon Tate was an American actress who was 2 weeks away
from giving birth to her child. She was brutally stabbed to death by 3-4
members of the Manson Family, along with her mother and sister. She was
most publicized due to her acting career and her close birth date of her son

Hinman Murder
Gary Hinman was a friend to The Manson Family, often letting members live in
his home as a kind hearted person. After a while, The Manson Family found
that he inherited $20,000. Manson wanted Hinman to join The Manson Family,
but he rejected due to his view of violence. Part of the Manson Family killed
Hinman, brutally stabbed twice in the chest, then afterward taking turns
stabbing him while holding a pillow over his face. He died praying, with his
religions chant of faith. This was publicized because of how well known he
was for his kindness.

LaBianca Murders
Leno and Rosemary LaBianca (a married couple) were brutally murdered by
The Manson Family. Their son came home to finding the boat out of place that
was normally on the driveway and the words Helter Skelter in blood on the
refrigerator. This murder was publicized because this is the case where one of
The Manson Family (Susan Sadie) was found, then put up against the Grand
Jury, then sentenced to jail.

Bernard Crowe Murder

Bernard Crowe was a drug dealer that Manson knew personally, but eventually
turned on Crowe for monetary reasonings. Manson shot Crowe, the only
murder that Manson actually committed himself personally. Manson left behind
his .22 Hi Standard Buntline Special revolver after shooting him. Eventually this
revolver was found and was the only piece of evidence ever left behind. The
revolver was found by a 8 year old boy who turned it to his father who turned it
in to authorities.

Mansons Apprehension
Manson was finally caught after Sadie bragged in prison of her role in the
murders cooperating with The Manson Family, which was overheard, which
authorities then found Mansons hiding location from this information. Manson
was found and apprehended on December 1st, 1969, and was sentenced to
death in 1971, after pleading guilty to all the murders along with his family.
However, this was reduced to abolition of death penalty to life in prison.
Manson attempted to get back on parole 13 times, but was rejected each time.

The X on Mansons Forehead

Manson received this, doing it to himself for attention, for primarily of the reason
that the courts did not allow Manson to represent himself as his own attorney
due to his spiteful rage in the courtroom. After his outburst, he insisted he did
for declaring that he seceded from the human race.
He then joined the aryan nation and declared it to be a marking of the superior
aryan nation.

Life in Prison (penalty): My Opinion

I believe life in prison is unjustified, for the reason that people pay taxes for
people like Charles Manson to stay in prison for life. People like Charles
Manson receive free food, shelter, protection, and entertainment when he
needs it, and innocent people pay taxes to fund prisons to keep these people to
stay in until the day they die. Its not just Charles Manson were paying for,
however, there are thousands of molesters and serial killers we pay for through
taxes to keep them in prison for their life without having to work. I believe death
penalty would be more right, for life is the ultimate price you can pay, and if
people knew death was the price for their harming actions, then most would not
commit as many crimes as people in America do today.

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