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MITEL Mobile

30/60/90 Day Action Plan
Prepared for: Tom Lennox
Wireless Sales Director
Prepared by: Patrick Gross
Your Next Sales Account Manager

Key Elements of the Action Plan          Mission Statement “Triple Threat” Approach 30-Day Action Plan Learning Plan 60-Day Action Plan 90 Day Action Plan Positioning Statement Objectives and Goals Overview Page 1 .

” Page 2 . all while maintaining personal values and extreme integrity.Mission Statement “To begin being effective on Day-1 in my new roll as Sales Account Manger with Mitel Mobile. I will do this by driving growth and penetration across the Denver Market by providing a singlenumber solution to both new and existing business customers and through solution and data expertise.

“Triple-Threat” Approach  FOCUS   Lead   Provide a focus to Single-Number Solutions and Business Data needs. Patton Page 3 . Execute  Having a plan is important. in addition to driving my own activity level. "A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week." ~ General George S. Executing on the plan is vital. I will be accountable for my own actions and behaviors. Using all the resources to clear hurdles for success.

learn processes and have complete understanding of product and services. Hospitality. Healthcare. email and supporting roles. Identify Top Vertical Markets and Identify Top Prospects in each Vertical Market. Create a Mentor who is currently successful in this role and can pass on valuable suggestions and best practices. Financial Services and Automotive. Meet with Mitel Landline Account Managers in Denver Market. such as paperwork.30-Day Action Plan  Attend and complete Mitel sponsored training. Visit as many “Top Account” as possible with Landline Account Managers. Identify top new opportunities within Denver Market Identify top 10 accounts currently with Mitel. Page 4 . (More details on my plan to learn the products and services are on the following page)       Discuss Activities with top Mitel Mobile Account Managers. reports. Government. Learn corporate systems. Report on Progress to Wireless Sales Director and obtain feedback. Vertical Markets may include:    Manufacturing.

Discuss Best Practices during Ride-a-Longs. Product Lists. Data Sticks and Tablets and use products as a customer would use the products. Hands on Training. Availability. Discuss with Current Account Managers during Ride-a-Longs. Benefits. Obtain Handsets. Product Future. Study information on website. Speak with Current Account Mangers.Learning Plan  Product Knowledge        Company Policies and Procedures     Participate in Company Sponsored Training. Sales Training    Participate in Company Sponsored Training Speak with Current Account Managers for Best Practices. Reliability. Discuss and obtain information from Wireless Sales Director. Obtain Information from HR when needed. Study literature and brochures. Perform “Ride-a-Longs” with successful Account Mangers. Page 5 . Features. Learn Product History. Discuss what features and benefits they use to build their success. and who is the TRUE competition.

referral groups and organizations. Create “100-Point Plan” to help decide on number of Cold Calls.  Understand their wants and needs  Eliminate the question “What keeps you up at night?” and provide solid solutions on what keeps them up at night. Begin EXECUTING on Vertical Market Plan. (See next page for example) Report on Progress to Wireless Sales Director and obtain feedback.  Local Chambers  BNI Continue to study and improve my product and industry knowledge.  Who are the Top Prospects in each of the Verticals. Page 6 .60-Day Action Plan       Create solid Vertical Market Plan. Join appropriate associations. Appt Ran and any other activities will be needed to assure success.  Cold Call and Visit Top Prospects in Each of the Top 3 Verticals. Phone Calls.  What are the Top 3 Vertical Markets. Appt Set.

What is a “100-Point Plan”? Page 7 .

Work efficiency and effectively to ensure optimum time and territory management. Page 8 . Continue to perform Ride-a-Longs with Current Landline Account Managers.90-Day Action Plan         Continue calling on Top Accounts in Top Vertical Markets. Begin to establish a Long-Term Sales Plan. Focus on High-Priority Accounts and build relationships. Continue with Feet-on-the-Streets activities with Top Prospects. Continue to study and improve my industry knowledge. develop strategies designed to increase sales and obtain ultimate success. Based on information obtained from management. Review 1st 90-Days with Wireless Sales Director and discuss performance and Status of Territory. in addition to current customers.

Mitel brings simplification and provides a single point of accountability. This means if you have any questions regarding your Wireline Services with Mitel’s business communications platform. you have one point of contact.Positioning Statement My name is Pat Gross from Mitel Mobile. Tablets or Mobile Broadband Devices. . Blackberry’s. As a result. or with your Wireless Smartphones. We are a Global Provider of Business Communications for Businesses who want to simplify their communications by bringing together their wireline and wireless services on 1 invoice and 1 provider.

Page 9 .Objectives and Goals    Exceed performance expectations Develop a self focus on success Institute Self-Accountability for Performance.

vision and enthusiasm needed to inspire and garner impressive results.Overview I am a Sales Professional with 20 years of sales experience with the insight. • Your best candidate to join Mitel Mobile! . My qualifications include: • Presentation skills • Product positioning • Highly self-motivated • Value-Based Selling • Enthusiastic Can-Do Attitude • Detailed Oriented • Ability to Grow Market Share • Ability to Retain Current Customer Base • Strong Communication Skills • Strong Organizational and Prioritization Skills.