Film Analysis

Media Language- Point of view shot- Unsteady cam immediately understand it’s one persons viewpoint on a crime taking place. Part of the gangs viewpoint on what is being done. -Natural light used- audience understand it’s at night, keeps mysterious characters which are the villains. Only able to identify villains full face. -The use of costume establishes the characters intent to stay hidden not to give away their identity. -Associations can be made to them being violent, dangerous people being in a big gathering of a gang and the use of drugs and violence in the first few moments. -Gun can be icon of danger to come- the threat these characters established first can hold on others with the weapon seen as a source of protection and superiority. -Can establish setting by the vandalism of the walls to associate it with a lower class area. Also when the two boys are on the motorbike they drive through a block of ‘rough’ flats which gives an indication of the living area. -- Beginning of Harry Brown diegetic sound of a dirt bike is present to a high volume this suggests danger to come as its pacifically to a high volume which engages the audience full attention as it builds up to a climatic ending. -- Sharp cuts in editing this shows the harsh

• Social realism in films is representative of real life, with all it’s difficulties. The stories and people portrayed are everyday characters, usually from working class backgrounds. Typically, films within the social realist canon are gritty, urban dramas about the struggle to survive the daily grind.
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• Aimed directly at teens who feel they can relate to the problems which are being caused in local communities and in their areas. Deals with big issues which many British people can relate to who may live in similar areas. • People who can compare their lives to the film- can create a comparison to what they’re going through and what the characters are going through • Aimed purposely towards the male lower/working class population relatable in some ways to their lives, the daily struggle for which they are going through.

• Pessimistic outlook on Britain’s lower/working class population. Represents a dangerous and violent Britain trying to inflict violence to gain power in communities. • Violence gives a negative viewpoint on England. • Focuses solely on lower/working class Britain therefore a bias viewpoint on Britain as a whole.

A boy is being initiated into a gang by being instructed to consume a high amount of a certain drug in order to prove his worth. Then the boy is being informed of stage two of his initiated and told of his loyalty to the gang for life. Cuts to two boys on a dirt bike with one wielding a gun on a mission to seek blood. This film intrigues the audience by the gritty, pessimistic outlook of this particular area of London. By this it engages the audiences who may not of experienced the danger which exists in this area. This therefore engages there attention into exploring a different area to their own. Also, this engages a particular audience of the population inhabited in London as they’re may be interested on the authenticity of the film. The narrative of this piece defines its audience because it targets a certain part of the population who are interested in the overall perception of London perceived in movies.

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Harry Brown was directed by Daniel Barber. It was produced by Matthew Vaughn, KrisThykier, Matthew Brown, Keith Bell. Written by Gary Young. Distributed by Lionsgate Release date(s) November 13, 2009 Running time 103 Minutes Country United Kingdom Language English

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