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Lessons from

Pallavi Sharma

ho is a
and the
of Real

Jos Mourinho

Mourinho started as a player but was

unable to forge a meaningful career in the
game and switched to management
He became an assistant to Sir Bobby
Robson and worked with him at Sporting
Clube de Portugal and Porto before
following him to Barcelona
He returned to Porto in 2002 as the head
coach and since then has led teams like
Chelsea and Inter-Milan to become

One of the greatest Football

Managers ever

Pillars to High Performance


Leading from the minds eye

Love your People
Cycle of Bonding
Handling Diversity
Stand like a Rock
Inspire and Lead
Nurture Leaders

Leading from the

minds eye

Percolate the Vision

Visionary Leader
Even in defeat he
refuses to let his team
feel like a loser
Its no fluke that after
a defeat, Inter gets
straight back on its
feet. Thats all thanks
to Mourinho, Diego

I love players who love to win.

They not only win in 90 minutes,
but every day, every training
session, in every moment of
their lives

Love your People

Mourinho was a coach, friend and secure

base to all his players wherever he went

Interactive Leader

There was such a spirit of camaraderie

in the Chelsea dressing room

He loved his players and his fans

You must create a positive atmosphere and make

everyone feel part of the group. In this club, if you
go to the barrier, the man at the door feels part of
the group and success

Cycle of Bonding

Motivate and Inspire

His training sessions
are spectacular. They
have great intensity
but we dont feel tired
because we are
extremely motivated.
- Cristiano Ronaldo
(Real Madrid)

I love him as a man and

as a manager

Handling Diversity

Portugal, England, Italy, Spain

People-Management Skills

Real Madrid Handling the All Stars



I studied Italian five

hours a day for many
months to ensure I
could communicate
with the players,
media and fans.

Stand like a Rock

Inspire and Lead

We had 45 minutes to
change things, and I asked
them are you scared of it
or are you going to enjoy

Nurture Leaders

Transformational Leader

Leaders in making:

John Terry (England)

Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast)
Peter Cech (Czech Republic)
Michael Ballack (Germany)
Andriy Shevchenko (Ukraine)

Learning for

Lessons for Organizations

Leadership is about
creating something
out of nothing. It is
about creating
somebody out of a
nobody. This is what
makes Jose , the
Special One